Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wanna Whack?

To err is human; but to whack the one who committed that error is in our hands!

- Me.

Was it too strong for a statement? Well, that’s my problem! I speak my mind aloud all the time that most of you don’t do.

It happens with so many of us. There are certain incidences when we feel like punching someone hard and break his/her nose! But fortunately for them; we do not do so. Many reasons – no guts, no strength, numb mind and what not. I have had quite the few encounters whereby I wanted to smack someone hard; but stopped at a push; that too only once!

During summer vacation in school, I had gone to Pune, my grandmother’s place for a stay. There I used to play with our servant’s daughters. The eldest one was 16 at that time. Through her sisters, I got to know that she had a boyfriend and they met every evening near a park. One such evening, this girl did not return from her date. Everyone tried to look for her, but in vain. Her mother spent fifteen days crying and looking for her. Somehow they got hold of the guy who was her boyfriend. The police interrogated him and he told them that he had mixed sedatives in her drink and sold her to a pimp. She was now in Mumbai in a brothel. I was too young to understand head or tail of it. All I knew was that this guy had hidden my friend somewhere and not getting her back. I felt like giving him a tight slap. Why slap? If you remember, our hindi movie actresses used to slap guys who did anything wrong! For me, that was the ultimate punishment then!

The girl was rescued; and now she is happily married with a kid. Of course her husband does not know anything about her past


One of the worst encounters that I have had was in my early college days. I was returning from my college to hostel in a BEST bus. Next to me was a dark guy in his early thirties. I was busy reading a newspaper when I felt his hand touching my knee. I thought it would be by mistake; but the same happened again in two minutes. I looked at him and his “hawas bhari nigaahe” stared me back. The slim me couldn’t whack him obviously; but I complained to the conductor about this. The conductor asked him to get up and sit somewhere else. While getting up, this despo told me, “you get down, and then let me see who saves you!” Oh my, that was scary. My stop was coming near and his eyes were fixed on me. But thanks to my stars of that day; some fight erupted outside and that despo out of curiosity looked out. Our bus halted at the signal near my stop and I got down and ran for my life


In school, my classmate left a love letter in my book. The whole class saw the letter. I went to that guy and pushed him to the wall and ran out of the classroom crying. I didn’t look left or right; just rushed to home and did not come out for five hours! Silly I was.


I loved playing cricket. Since I was a girl, I was never given batting or bowling ever. I was always made the fielder. The reason was not that I was a girl; but our team caption didn’t like me a bit! I so wanted to smack his face red-black-blue; but restrained as he was 6’1”. Sigh!


The tomboy me once went out with a very good friend. We were chitchatting when he gave me a compliment, “Neha, you are so elegant and feminine”. Do I need to say how I felt at that time?

The guy was very lucky as Murder was (and still is) illegal in our country! I would still have punched him; if he would not have been a body builder! 
get in action

get in action


  1. Hmm... whattay a Whacky post ;) ... and so many times you felt like whacking someone ...bapre!!!

  2. The first two deserved more than a slap while for the rest the traditional ekta kapoor K serial never ended slap will do just fine! :D

  3. its good to feel whacky

    its good that your friend is happy now.

  4. @ Dhiman, ye to kam hai..onlt 5 incidences were to be mentioned here..sigh! :P

    @ Nishant, due to word limit problem, I couldn't elaborate the second was a nightmare!

    @ sm, true..I am also very happy for my friend :)

  5. Dont think twice..or even once..Just whack.
    I have slapped so many guys and even girls :-D

    I hope you dont want to know why :-)

  6. hmm wish i was strong in my school times .. inspite of a good days i had a horrific time for 2 years i got bullied a lot .. I could do nothing .. Then came college and the first thing i did was learned to stand up and the rest as they say is history.. 4 years in college RULED IT... :)

  7. What a whacky, witty post!! :D
    Liked the quote by Nehatrix. :)
    All the best for the contest!
    Cheers :)

  8. Your friend's boyfriend deserved to be tortured, not just slapped. And the second loser who was chedofying u in the bus needs to be put behind bars for the rest of his life... and lol at the cricket wala story and ur friend calling u an elegant and feminine girl... hehe

    btw what if all these ppl u wanted to slap or murder throughout were brought in front of u... what will u do? slap, slap, slap or murder or mafi?

    was fun readin this...


  9. The one who was giving you a compliment may have been justified.Please,all those who compliment a lady are not flirts---not, necessarily.
    In all other cases you have mentioned--yes, action was justified.

  10. I supposed you would write something funny. Anyway it was nice to know what angers you the most.

  11. You prepared it so fast. Nice one :)
    I wish I could help you Whack a few :P

  12. Yaay, I am not in the first five!! Neha, you are soooo CUTE! ;) :D

  13. Ha ha, what a list of whacky events. I think even without reading the other entries, u deserve to win ;-) The first two incidents however were really scary. How many girls are foolish enough to fall for men who are untrustworthy. I know its not fair, but I think many a time, you do get a gut-feel or negative vibes from crooks. Don't u?

  14. Lawyers speaking up their mind..c'mon get real..they only speak when it matters of fees....

    I would put your sentence in this way

    "To err is human, to forgive, canine"

  15. I'm shocked to know bout the second incident. . I mean i never thought such things can happen in broad day light!! And lol about the cricket, chit chat incident. . Btw now i know what i should not utter if u r around me. . .
    And one last thing- u lookin so elegant and girly today. . *runs for his dear life*

  16. hey that were quite a lot of kinda episodes that deserves whacking.. All the best for the contest .. Atleast it gave a vent to pour out all those trapped emotions or i wud say anger.. :)

  17. Reading this post is very funny. But I could very well imagine your state of mind when they were actually happening.

  18. ha ha....
    very well written neha...
    likd a lot...
    keep writing...
    visit my blog for my new poem.....

  19. lol!

    some whack-y post there!! glad i visited!

  20. OMG.... Bindu whacked so many!!....!

  21. hahah...hey neha that guy in the bus may b wanted to take your blessings ya...:)))

    Your classmate got saved... isn't it!!
    I know it happens with all of us and when we are not able to do what we want to we in a way just curse ourselves :))!!

  22. Ha ha! What a whacky post. All the best for the contest, Neha! I am sure you've more funny and whacky stories to share with your readers apart from this contest! ;)

  23. baap re, u got khatarnaak incidents in ur life neha. feel like whacking that guy who spiked that girl's drink... and the other bus waala person too... man these types are everywhere!

  24. even I would slap all those but why would you like to murder someone who gives you a compliment? I am not able to fathom that:)

  25. A whacky post indeed.
    You inspired me, Neha. Now I so wanna go and whack many people. Yayy! I have a new found energy bubbling up inside me. :D
    *Whack whack whack!*

  26. A real wacky post. Enjoyed reading them and it made me recall a similar experience i had in the bus.

  27. Excellent post. This shows the true situation of the gender difference in India. Most men still dont respect women or consider them as their equal. Many believe women should not be given opportunities at par with men. A conspicuous scenario is in the corporate world, where very few women are allowed to reach the top of the ladder. The situation is worse in India.

    P.S.- Thanks for putting up a Rock Lee pic at the end. He is a true fighter.. :D

  28. Hi! Neha,

    Was just wondering if u could remember all these incidents so well, then the impact it would have created if u ever had a chance to whack them on the spot(provided ur sure they wont react)such was ur fire within you right ?

  29. Nice reading your pretty comprehensive list of 'smack someone hard'....I thought it over hard- i dont know why, i never ever felt so much hatred towards anyone that i 'smack someone hard'...never felt like hitting or doing anything physical to anyone. I feel i am a big defective piece....But i am sure if the things u mentioned were to happen to me i would have 'smack someone hard'.....Nice post. TC:)

  30. All the best for the contest .

    The first two incidents that you shared here are very scary.I can understand how you must have felt.

    Love letters are a shock if written by a friend....but five hrs ???? heeee.

    Girls are always given the task of fielding(yes,even i have been through this--my dad and uncles always made me n my sister believe that the fielding was the most zimmedare ka kaam)...but i am very proud of my daughter--she was being treated like that ,i saw her snatch the bat from this guy telling him ki ye sab nahin chalega,ab meri baari hai ,bat yahan de..and the guy chupchap gave the bat to her.

    Ye body builder bhi could he be so rude to you...feminine and elegant...tchhhh tccchh Neha,tumhe kitna dukh hua hoga.heeeeee,haaaaaaa !!!

    Have a super duper weekend and yes all the best for BPL...really looking forward .

  31. Neha, there are quite a few people I know who could use a whack!!

    It is scary how young innocent girls get fooled by crooks.

  32. That was a whacky post really Neha :) The first person must really be slapped, kicked, put behind the bars. I had heard such things happen in movies, but to happen in real life is soo scary. The second person in bus, I have had similar incidents. Such sick people around seriously. All the best for the contest!! :)

  33. Mast tha...I have not slapped anyone till date...i only scream and grab attention

  34. u have been tagged...check out my blog :)

  35. there's some trouble with the will get uploaded in some time.

  36. gr8 post neha .. do learn some self defence

  37. wow! interesting incidents those were! total slap-up thoughts :P


  38. Lot of times I have felt slapping, hitting and what not. I have done many of these things more from 'principles point of view' and out of the impulse at the moment.

  39. neha ji now v know the secret to yr success..keep up the cheers buddy..and stay connected..:)

  40. @ Insignia, I think I can guess why..whacking somebody - well i abuse them in hindi :P

    @ Bikram, I wish I was strong now :(

    @ Shilpa, thank you :D

    @ Tavish, that was a very pathetic thing to do..second guy - I will write one whole post on him! I dunno what I will do to those re..I am too thin to beat someone..yeah tie them and then i will give them a tight kick you-know-where :P

    @ BK Chowla, my problem was not that the guy gave me a problem was that he called me an elegant girl :(

    @ Nethra, the last three are funny happy re.. :P

    @ Bedlam, welcome here..thank you for your comments..please help me whack these.. :)

    @ G, I will kill you <3

    @ Pal, please become the judge na :P well, we do get gut feel; but not at 16 right?

    @ Tarun, I am a very generous lawyer :D

    @ Savvy, it was the first and last one for me thankfully..good that you ran away :P

    @ Sushobhan, so true..thanks :)

    @ SG, thank you for saying that time it was indeed very difficult to take it..

    @ Shekhar, thanks :)

    @ MangoManBunty, welcome here..thank you for visiting and commenting :)

    @ HaRy, I know!

    @ NR, yeah, my classmate got saved :D thanks :)

    @ VA, how did you guess that? thanks :D

    @ Anuradha, yeah..thanks :)

    @ Samvedana, I wish he had called me smart or intelligent..but elegant? that's not a compliment!

    @ Karthik, lol :D

    @ Shas, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Satvinder, welcome here..thank you for your comments..Rock Lee pic is there as i didn't know how to put up another pic :P

    @ RD, the first two people deserved more than a whack..and the last three - they deserved a whack then..not now..if they come in front of me now, i think i will laugh it off :)

    @ ZB, I would have whacked them then if I was except for perverts and beaters; I don't feel like whacking anybody much :)

    @ Kavita, I didn't come out of my room due to embarrassment...I am so proud of Gauri..and sirf tum hi mera dukh samaj sakti ho Kavita..thanks :))

    @ Saroj, I know..

    @ Radha, thanks :)

    @ Avada, agree re girl..thanks :)

    @ GV, I have also not slapped anybody!

    @ SP, yeah need to learn self defense..lend me your guns na :P

    @ Neha, thanks :)

    @ nsiyer, happens sir, happens..

    @ Ramesh, thanks :)

  41. Quite many admirers- some really need to be socked though. Pretty girl:)

  42. You have been tagged. Check my blog :-)

  43. My my this is the wackiest ever post I have come across LOL :D

    Made me nostalgic also about many of the incidents of my life. A very well written post Neha .Best for the wacky contest.

  44. Hi Neha....

    whacky compilation.
    When i was reading, i presumed that you will slap at least one guy...And in cricket, it is really sad that your gender made the difference :( ..
    Our cricket team had girls too

    all the best :)