Sunday, April 11, 2010

Youngistan Ka WOW!!

I have written this post for IndiBlogger's "Youngistan Ka Wow Contest". My challenge is – If I were the game master, what challenge would I throw at Ranbir?

The Game Master (i.e. me) is thinking:

Isn't it my (mis)fortune to throw a challenge at Ranbir whom I kind of loathe? I think loathe is a little bit harsh word; so say I dislike. Ah, sounds perfect. (What? This is how I think and talk to myself! So read on my second track!) Ranbir - such a useless chap. I started disliking him the moment he dropped his towel in front of his director of that blue film Mr. SLB and thousand other crew members; but not camera. You know; SLB had given the camera to his assistant and he stood in front of Ranbir to take the full shot with the other camera? Well, little birdie told me this! And these people gave me the golden opportunity to challenge Ranbir for a Pepsi. I had thought of asking him this question:

From the following ladies; whom did you actually love?

A. Dipika B. Sonum C. Katerina

A, B, ya C batao!

I am sure he would have failed there and then; because he declared in public that he loved all three; but the correct answer is that he loved none! But the Pepsi people rejected my suggestion outright! They thought that I would become more famous than the brand Pepsi! (before creating any controversy; remember guys, I am thinking out loud right now.) Now poor me; I had to think of something more easier and simpler so that Ranbir indeed gets the Pepsi. This is called as Ad fixing. And I thought only match fixing existed! Alright no problem with this also. But since they have made me - a lady - the Game Master; I had at least expected that they would remove that dumb girl sitting next to the regular Game master who only knows one word "wow" and replace her with John Abraham. But sigh! This suggestion was rejected too. I fail to understand one thing why did they make me a Game MASTER at the first place when they can't meet my little bit difficult demands! Pathetic people.

Thoughts interrupted:

Level two is already crossed by Ranbir. how do I know? Well that dumbo just said "wow". But the Pepsi people ain't too bad either. The third obstacle I suggested was accepted by them. My suggestion was that Ranbir will have to either answer the question correctly or he will have to take the "wow" girl home forever!

(Grinning widely at Ranbir)

You have crossed the Second Level. Now cross Level Three and the Pepsi is yours. If you do not answer the question correctly; then you will have to pass your entire life with the "wow" girl.

But my happiness was short lived. They gave me the silliest possible question to ask him. I was so depressed but nevertheless; I asked him the question (I told you; the Ad is fixed):

In Pepsi, WOW kiska hai?

A. Oldistan B. Kabaristan C. Youngistan

(Thinking again!)

Why did I even choose to be a part of this!!!!

PS: The post is supposed to be crazy and wacky; so please adjust with this stupidity.



    You really do have a thing against him, dont you? =P

    The REAL game that is on our TV sets is really lame.. and deserves quite an amount of bashing!

  2. You got it right, its a pre-fixed ad campaign.

    Why doesn't he just go and buy the pepsi in a store like the rest?

  3. Funny... you still took part though you dislike him to the core!. Good question to hang him in the fix of selecting one of the 3 ladies ;)

  4. WOW!! Damn funny and interesting!!
    The first question would make him squirm! :p
    The last question is pretty imaginative and creative.
    Liked it!
    Cheers and all the very best for the contest! :)

  5. Hehehe.....

    too good........hats off to ur writting skills..........

  6. WHAT U DONT LIKE RANBEER? WHY? WHYYYYYY? I kind of liked him in wake up sid and rocketsingh.

    Ok about the was indeed whacky...liked it :) expecially that question on whom he loves...i bet even if he was provided with phone a friend or any other option, he would not have been able to choose the correct ans :)

  7. Hey bhagwan... pooru bhadas nikal di! hehehe

    u really hate him don't u? u know what Pepsi may just remove him as the brand ambasador and keep u after reading this... hehehe

    it was a really really funny... all the best! :)


  8. LOL that was very funny!
    Absence of censorship is what I love about blogging...

    This IndiBlogger thing may do Pepsi and ranbeer more harm than good!

    That'll teach them not to mess with bloggers!

  9. yu kinda hav a hatred towards him dont ya ? :D

  10. Hilarious ? Nah..that's too underestimating a word :P it's 'WOW' LOL...hahahah

    is there any voting required ?

  11. Hilarious ...The last question is simply wow,i am still grinning.My best wishes for the contest.
    One question i really want to ask him is Q:Who is most gorgeous a:sonam,b:katrina,c:deepika,d:momma(nitu).
    Poor Ranbir..heeee !!

  12. Lovely and funny post! Bechara Ranbir! :)

  13. Hahaha! You really hate Ranbir Dont ya?

    The post is absolutely funny and just amazing. Laughed through the whole post. My day has started with laugh thanks to ya :).

  14. I found the ad stupid. And yeah, you didnt even spare the ad and poor Ranbir :-P

  15. I do like Ranbhir but for the contest I made him dance like Basanti ..

    Cool post

    Check out mine

  16. some mercy........he'll obviously plead in front of you...if you were the game master.......

  17. Yea I got this mail from indiblogger too.But unfortunately enough the new Pepsi ad is so riddikkulus and lame that I lost any interest in taking part in the contest :(
    However your post did crack me up.

    P.S:Oldistan,kabristan...seriously there should be a limit to this stupidity.

  18. yeah got the email too. but i thought na i will leave it nahin to NEHA kya likhegi.. so there you go left it cause of you he he he he ..

    well you did say in the last to adjust our stupidity.. so jitna mera adjust hua maine kar liya :)

    a nice post though put a smile :)

  19. I would love to know the answer to the first question;-)


  20. WOW!!!

    Absolutely CRAZY Post... and Ad-fixing... what a concept!!!

  21. Hi. Your blog is pure fun particularly this post. I had a good laugh while reading it. Though I don't hate Ranbir but I loathed him in this ad- the most boring ad I've seen.And what creativity! ad-fixing!! :)

  22. *evil grin*

    Bechaara Ranbir!!!
    Ab kaha jayega...Love d first question...!!

    Loadz n trucks full of luck for the wackyyyyyyy competition...;) :P

  23. Well,

    I dont spend my time with TV. SO dont know about the AD.

    but your post is funny. :)

    Keep smiling.

  24. LOOOOOOL at the Post.

    Poor Ranbir, looks like he don't have fan here. *He must be drowning in Pepsi thinking how A woman can loath him!*

    Btw, can I keep the WOW girl? I mean she ain't so pretty or something but whatever I do she will say WOW, ain't that the best ego boost a male can get??

  25. LOOOOL at the Post!

    Ranbir must be drowning in Pepsi now, knowing that there is this one female somewhere who loathes him!! WOW! :P :P

    Btw, can I keep the WOW girl? pls pls pretty pls?? Not that she is hot (or maybe she is!) but thing is that she will say WOW to everything I do, imagine the ego boost that comes with the WOW!!

  26. WOw! it was really finally though i did find it a but hard to get into my head.. :D
    >>Reply to my post Almost like flying<<
    @Neha sis ~ lol! by 180* i'd meant gliding!! not swinging! i'd have topples over if i did 180! XD

  27. @ Firebolt, so, bashing well conveyed; isn't it? :P

    @ Netpiler, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I wish we could advise him..yours will be at the top :D

    @ Mohan, I took part for fun :P somebody thinks that I usually write crazy stuff; so why not to try this :D

    @ Shilpa, thanks buddy..crazy things is all I can write :P

    @ Arpita, thanks a tonne :D

    @ Manjunath, thank you :)

    @ Gayathri, I don't like him much..not that I hate him :P lol @ your phone a friend thing :D

    @ Tavish, thank you :D I don't want to be their brand ambassador :P make me coke ka :D

    @ Saurabh, that's what i love about blogging too :D Indiblogger are doing their job na :D and baja di? if you feel so; then my purpose is served :P

    @ HaRy, nah, not exactly :D

    @ Nu, thank you thank you :D voting time pe I will let you know :P

    @ Kavita, you should have taken part too :P thank you :D

    @ Megha, hmmm, bechara Ranbir :)

    @ Harini, thanks buddy..glad i made you laugh..and I don't exactly hate him :P

    @ Insignia, you know me think I could have spared them :P

    @ Farila, welcome here..your take is ekdum hatke :)

    @ Hitesh, hahahaha.. plead? I don't need that :P

    @ magiceye, yeah :)

    @ BK Chowla and Ramesh, hmmm..

    @ Sammy, it is very silly..I took part for fun :) glad at least this one gave you laugh..the ad sucks big time :P

    @ Bikram, thank you very are so generous :P thanks for adjusting and smiling :)

    @ Sonali, welcome here and thank you :)

    @ Shrikant, thank fixing indeed :P

    @ ajay, welcome here..thank you for your comments and great compliments..even I don't hate Ranbir..glad you liked the Ad fixing part :D

    @ Jaunty, thanks :D ab pata nai kaha jayega wo re :P thanks for the wishes too :))

    @ Makk, oh lucky you..even I don't watch much of tv..glad you smiled :)

    @ Nishant, I am nto his fan; but I don't hate him either :P

    @ Nishant Singh, wow girl? please take her..she will for sure pamper your ego :D

    @ tharangini, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I said that 180 thingi as a joke only :P

    @ Communi, thanks :D

    @ Nalini, thank you :D

  28. I love coke too :) with...

    Check out my post for the answer :)

  29. Though I do not understand the subject, I liked your writing style and narration.

  30. Hi! Neha!

    Uve done it in an interesting way..

  31. Funny post:)

    What about my post? :P

  32. frankly can't think of a comment to match the level of this post....all i have to say right now is CRAZZZZY!!! :D

  33. @ Pallav, yeah I checked..I read your psot and commented too :)

    @ Sanchita, welcome here..thank you for your comments :

    @ SG, well, as you can see in the images; I am talking about a pepsi ad..thanks :)

    @ RD, thanks a lot :)

    @ Addy, thanks :D that's a huge compliment actually :P

  34. I am not going to say "I told you so"... about you being crazy! :D

  35. lol! that was crazy and funny. I know how much you loathe Ranbir.

  36. now that's creative. I am sure you will give pepsi people a run for their money. Rather a run for covers. Good luck for the contest :)

  37. The placement of the banner seems like it is there for censoring purpose!

    Anyways, really liked this post! Wacky and tangy, the Oldistan part really took the cake!

    Do check out my boring post too.. :D

  38. I second your opinion ... the ad is lame and Sunjay Dutt looks so damn idiotic ! Ranbir walks through the Ad like a zombie

  39. Haha. I really liked your last three options - Oldistan, kabristan!! :)

    BTW, check out the visual of Ranbir jumping from the Bandra Worli Sea Link shouting WOW WOW WOW and gulping down a can of Pepsi! Do write your comment/feedback at:

  40. well .. its just a stupid contest.. funny thing is u wrote a long post and then realised...
    and yeah contest questions r ridiculous.. atleast they shud make it little intellectual.. sanjay dutt looks like an idiot in tht stupid suit..