Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trending Trends

Many of us follow the latest trends as per our convenience. Well, that's sensible too; as we all should move ahead with life. But following trends blindly or for the sake of it can be a little bit dangerous.

It usually starts when we are teenagers. Those short skirts, or stylish hair gels, highlighted hair, artificial jewellery like long earrings, thick bracelets, skeleton pendents, playing music at full volume in cars, smoking and drinking, gadgets, bikes and such. Out of college, we follow the trend of cars, formal clothes brands, scotch, laptops, etc. After marriage we want to wear the kind of clothes we used to wear before marriage; size may get a bit shorter. And after the marriage of our children, we want to follow the trend of stopping our daughters in law to wear a short dress!

People are indeed strange! A lady wants to upgrade from the age old sarees to a salwar suit; but her daughter in law cannot upgrade herself from a salwar suit to a denim or a skirt. A chain smoker father cannot see his son fagging a cigarette in front of him! Strange right?

Errrrr, I think I am inviting trouble here for myself; for many of you will disagree with me and take my case left-right-center for accusing all for things you may not have done!

Moving on to other trends; our bollywood is very much disciplined when it comes to following trends; for they have always been loyal to our hollywood. Any movie they make; they take some "inspiration" from west. So many songs have also been copied from various countries! Copying is a trend too I guess.

But there are good trends around. Like our Blog Trends. Wordless Wednesday, Friday 55er, meme, Haiku, participating in contests like Blog-a-Ton and such. I have seen some great photographs being posted for WW, while few made me think - what did they actually want to say? but I remembered later on that they were supposed to be wordless. Similar thing happens with 55ers too; but this can be a new post altogether.

Following trends wisely and following them blindly - you know what I mean right? Hypocrisy in the name of trend - pathetic! Whatever the case maybe; for ages trends have been followed by us whether right way or wrong way.

It's not wrong to say that trends have always been and will always be trending.

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  1. Trends keep changing. We keep following trends and our lives keeps getting trendier with each passing day. Blogging, micro-blogging and vlogs are popular now but who knows dairy writing may again evolve tomorrow. Trends keep revisiting us just like our old friends :)

    Nice post :)

  2. Visiting one of my favorite blogs after a long time...missed a lot i suppose...will surely catch up!!
    Definitely at different stages of the life cycle our tastes are keep on changing as we move around the life cycle. It all depends in which stage u r in and your reaction is directly proportional to it.

    On the thing that if ones father is a chain smoker then absolutely how can he stop his son from smoking...i agree with u !!

  3. Interesting post, yes Trends will remain and the trending will always continue ;)

  4. Blogging trends are definitely in vogue, I sometimes think of plunging in the sea of trends, but fail all the time.

    I think it's cause of my habit of taking it easy and always doing things at my leisure and liking, that's what I have been doing as far fashion goes too.

  5. Yes, its fine as long as its convenient. There's one more stupid trend in our Indian corporate world. Blindly following usage of uncommon words in wrong sense and inviting ridicule...For eg.."revert back" :-P Remember my post? :-D

  6. Hi! Neha,
    Trendsetters never create trends assuming this is going to be followed, i just clicks...when K.srikanth started smashing bowlers all around we could see test scores in oneday matches,when a comedy movie clicks we see a chain of the same to follow....but then there is an end, as all depends on the need and availability, afterall for someone running for their daily bread, where does this trend stand ??

  7. Nice post!!and yes trends will always stay, although i find it hard to fall for a trend unless of course it matches my taste. I dont like to follow trends blindly like some ppl do!

  8. Buck the trend and come out winner.

  9. i agree with a lot of concerns that you's not about's about the mindset...And don't know when that will change?

    keep writing


  10. I like Blogging Trends. They add spice to your blog.
    As for the fashion trends, whatever suits you best should be followed!!

  11. nice one...if a following trend is worth following i.e. with respect to cost effectiveness, comfort etc, then it makes sense. Else one should avoid following trends which would make them look like a clown. For instance, I would not like to see ladeej wearing rohit bal's ajeeb o gareeb collections showcased in lakhme fashion weeks and all.

  12. HO HO HO ... Inviting trouble .. you have put it in a platter :) here...

    Copying is a TREND.. and we do it fairly well i must say..

    I am not sure about myself cause I can say that I hardly follow trends , I wear what i want to , In office i am told a lot about jeans and tees and yeah shaving each day.. But I was never known for following orders or trends..
    I beleive one shud do what one is comfortable in..
    So yeah when you say follwoing trends can be dangerous.. is true.. But on other hand curiosity always got the better of human kind.. SO i wud suggest Trying once is good too..

    I have had my hair highlighted, got my ear pierced, HAve smoked a few times, But as long as we know when to stop THATS what the problem is ..

    NO harm in going to Jeans or SKirts but the problem becomes when the SKIRT becomes a MINI or even Just a BIKINI..

    So sometimes when we are stopped it may actually be good for us :)

    did someone STOP you NEHA? ha ha ha ha i had to ASK he hehe

  13. like blogger's, it's not like blogger's discover things to write's not like what you and me have written was never written about earlier.........but we are not copying.....we are putting our perception towards the same thing which may match or may not with others..........

    same thing........trend is kind of same.....but we do have different may like...bright red shiny shoes.....and other will call that girl...a you can guess......

    we can't change others perception.....but we can always try .........

    father not allowing sons to smoke and all......i remember a incident....when one of my friend was smoking and my other friend who was not a smoker till then told him ...that he want to try it.......but that friend never gave the cig to him.....saying "It's a bad habit, i'm already suffering and don't want anyone else to follow" he was trying to prevent....everyone else he can..........

  14. Absolutely, but I fore one would stick to what gives me a level of comfort, be it clothes, be it blog subject and be it friends.
    I would have loved to read some of your readers to say that they set trends--I am sure a lot of them do.

  15. I never follow trend and I like all old fashioned things. Old fashioned means very old fashioned like sarees (though I dont wear). I always wear what i feel like though its out of trend. :)
    By the way, nice post. :)

  16. Funny lot we are, right? :D
    Blindly following trends is definitely foolishness!

  17. Humm, yea, i think your are right. We all follow trends.....Thats why its 'Kwul' to be 'Trendy' it dangerous ? I dont know.May be....Who knows, excess of anything is Dangerous....I love to dressup and follow trend coz otherwise i have no dress sense....Its safe to follow trend, unless you are confident of carrying yourself otherwise.....But do "scotch, laptops, etc" come under trend?. Nice post, keep churning. TC:)

  18. Trends about "Salwar suit" and "Ciggerette" ... what we face is nothing but hypocrisy!

    That is the main problem with us Indians!

  19. It's more about the mindset than trends. For me, it's comfort that matters rather than fashion. But yes, anything that I don't see as harmful, I don't mind adopting.

    We bloggers have so much to follow. I need to check those you named!

  20. We keep creating and following trends. We keep revisiting older ones and transform them into new ones...I remember my mom keeping all her heavy work sarees nicely claiming that those were not in fashion then,but after 5 years, they will again be in trend!

    Nice post ;)

  21. There is something called 'Herd Mentality" but the wolves lurks somewhere near

  22. i think trends are
    the current trend becomes old and old becomes new and like this its a circle
    nice post and very interesting topic which gave me few ideas.

  23. I find it difficult to understand why people find it difficult to follow suit with healthy's always the negative ones which star in our lives...!!

    N as for blogging...I wud love to follow the trend of WW..have neva done that..!

  24. ya ya agree... like see me am a great guy who has become modest :) ... now yu fuming kya ... anyways...sure agree with yu.. !how many adopt to it... it all matters...after all change is the only constant matter!

  25. Trends are a way of life....most are good but one has to watch out the negative ones especially in our youth where it is the "in" thing to adopt the latest fad. But trends are also timelines which define history. LIke the 70s.... marked by bell bottoms, slacks going all the way below to the foot, parallels etc.

    Internet too started as a trend.... yahoo email ids... chats.. web cams.. networking sites .... blogging and now FB and Twitter which are the current rage.

    To be a part of the trend is to be in sync with times.... though as we age, the tendency to follow trends falls remarkably. If nothing else they give you happy memories of times gone by.

  26. Blind following of trends is so hypocritical. You've captured it so very well !

    Blogs, blogging and status messages are trends of the modern day.

    But as the adage goes... 'this too shall pass' !

  27. This is a nice trend of not following trends blindly. :)

  28. @ Pallav, what a way to put it..:)

    @ NR, a typical Nazish comment :D smoking point? well, you saying this is quite obvious na :P

    @ Vivek, yeah, very true..

    @ CB, that's the perfect attitude to have :)

    @ Insignia, how can I forget that post :P

    @ RD, do you know, Shrikanth usually got out purposely whenever he got the craving for a smoke? :)

    @ Ria, nice to know that you follow the trends wisely :)

    @ Holy Lama, :)

    @ Rinzu, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Shilpa, blogging trends - you are one of the few people who do it amazingly :)

    @ GV, you summed it all up so well :)

    @ Bikram, there is a limit to everything..we should look in the mirror before donning anything right? and nobody has stopped me so far..just the experience of friends that I have mentioned here :)

    @ Hitesh, well the point here is not about perspective at's about what to do and what not to do..that anecdote - well the smoker friend should learn first..nothing is impossible :)

    @ BK Chowla, I had set a trend of wearing hare rama hare krishna kurtas in my college :LD

    @ Nethra, saree is in these days..:) hanks :))

    @ DC, I agree re :)

    @ ZB, well yeah..scotch and laptops do come under trends..people prefer notebook, ipad etc stuff - that's trend right? :)

    @ Shankha, hmmm, problem is hypocrisy..

    @ Neha, follow what you are comfortable following..even I believe in that :)

    @ Karan, moms are always so sensible na ;)

    @ Tarun, herd mentality? hmmm, possible!

    @ sm, idea? well good..looking forward to read about them :)

    @ Jaunty, we do things we are forbidden to do na? :D

    @ Hary, not fuming at all :P

    @ Abha, welcome here..thank you for your put it across so aptly..sensibility is the key everywhere right?

    @ Kavi, thank you..status messages and like button are the trends these days :)

    @ Nagarjun, welcome here..thank you for your comments :)

  29. Hi! Neha,

    Do u want to create a trend for smoking cricketers..... ? :)
    lucky, krish doesnt hear about this...

  30. @ RD, lol....but Krish was very proud of this quality in him :D

  31. What about social network trend? 'Oh, you are not on facebook' questions - as if you are an alien!
    Trends are more because of peer pressures, social pressures or both'

    Maybe, I am one of the 'old ones' here, but some of those parental restrictions that you mention - they are not trends - they could be restrictions - some reasonable, and some maybe not! ( sorry to be disagreeing about the term used)

  32. I hate to be part of any trend...infact i do just the opposite of any trend..always..

  33. Neha,

    Good one. But it does not apply to you.

    You are a trend setter...sometimes I ..... ideas from here. :)