Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stars and (M)Ads

Guys, I have a serious problem. Whenever i think about writing a post; the only topic comes to my mind is Mumbai! But this time I am going to write about not Mumbai; but Mumbaikars who are a part of an industry - the film industry.

We Indians are crazy to a greater extent. we love our cricketers and stars to an extent that we literally worship them. There are so many places in India where the stars' temples are built too. People sing Aartis for them. Well, they are regular aartis in which the Ganesh Deva is replaced by Rajni Deva or Amitabh Deva. I have even seen those innocent village people touching the feet of stars who played Ram and Seeta. but that's altogether a separate post topic (not that I am going to write about it!)

But again coming back to building temples and worshiping stars; this used to happen a few years back when they were doing films and an ad or two. But not anymore. These days; even if someone decides to worship; he will change his mind after seeing them endorsing briefs and vests!

It is a trend these days - bigger the star; worse the products they endorse. That thanda thanda cool cool Navaratna oil ad or the chavanprash ad; the stars are seen everywhere. Kachcha to car; talcum powers to detergent bar and what not.

Once there was a trend of endorsing liquor. All the superstars endorsed the various liquor brand. These days too; the stars endorse them under the covers of soda, cds and cassettes, mineral water etc. all.

This was also not sufficient for them; when they started screaming out loud the slogans of "Ye aaram ka mamla hai" and "sona de surakshit tan aur chandi de tez dimag" (I will translate these if you want me to. Please mention it in the comment). But all the limits were crossed when they started featuring in a fairness cream for men ads! And here we girls still dream of a tall, dark and handsome man. Ab bolna padega - tall, fair and cute (and straight) man. The calculations of an average man spending how many hours in front of mirror gets on your nerves!

The only product that our male actors do not endorse is a sanitary napkin. but that day is not too far when you will see them turning blue ink liquid into jelly; since they have already taken bath in a tub while endorsing a soap!


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha!! That's a good one!!
    You gave some food for thought to our ad agency guys for sanitary napkins!! ;)

    I always wonder at the choice of products to endorse by the stars! Some are truly weird!

  2. I bet you have written this post while seeing TV....:) Sahi observation hai...Even, I am surprised that Ms. Universe Lara Dutta asks, "Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?"...
    Kya din aa gaye hai...:) Nice post again!

  3. Lol!! sanitary napkins endorsed by male I can imagine someone already..but he might have a large fan will keep my mouth shut.

    And yeah..they endorse everything..chaddi-baniyan, pants UNZIPPED, honey, oil..........everything!!


  4. this one u took side of males..:)nice post

  5. hahaha...neha..u do have a gr8 sense of humour yar..:)

  6. But our entertainment would be so less without them! But really do you have to have a go at my favourite (You-know-Who) in every remotely filmi related post! :D

  7. I know, fairness creams, are these the new trend!!! Wonder what these stars look out for when they are approached to endorse!! I'm waiting for some khan/kapoor/deol to turn blue ink to jelly...let's wait and see:))

    Good one Neha

  8. Worshipping movie stars is the worst in India than any other country in the world. I have read news items where fans of two stars fight with each other in the streets with swords and rocks and cycle chain.

    As long as the mass thinks these stars are demi-gods, they will endorse anything for a fee.

    Yes, Neha, I would like a translation of those two Hindi sentences.

  9. that was funny: kaccha to car :P

    Nice write-up with funny observations and witty words :)

  10. Hahaha nice one.

    I am New Delhi and live in the USA. However we (wife and kids) want to visit Mumbai this summer to meet some stars...

    I told them I know Neha...she knows all stars...we are relying on you

  11. funny but realistic are a pain in the neck but I do get the time to check out a few things while they are on!

  12. lol at tall, fair and cute (and straight) man..lovely post :D :D

  13. Lol male actors endorsing sanitary napkins..ROFL that might happen soon.
    And btw what about the new undergarment ad starring Akshay Kumar?Whenever it comes on tv it makes me feel like throwing something at the screen >_<
    And the lamest of them all should be the Abhishek Bachchan idea commercial in which he acts as a tree.
    Nice post as usual.

    Ganesh Deva is replaced by Rajni Deva or Amitabh Deva-So true. :))

  14. LOL awesome as usual...wondering who would endorse the sanitary napkins ad? Now endorsing chodo there r products specially made after a celebrity's name...just yesterday I read that future group is coming up with a new toothpaste called Sach which is named after Sachin Tendulkar..

  15. A wonderful hilarious post :)
    Film stars can sometimes do real pathetic stunts just for the sake of fame and money :D :D

  16. he he. i am glad none of my ads had to ever face such embarrassing endorsements. And i'm sure soon a top male actor will endorse a sanitary napkin saying "biwi ke mood swings se bachiye, usey har mahine xyz sanitary napkin gift kijiye"!

    u always gimme ideas for my next post... ;)

  17. :) he he he MEri sundarta ka raaz.. LUX saundarya sabun.. Pity i cant get it in UK.....

    or the one mr SRK is doing ...

    By the way you only descripbe the male heroes, I guess the next post will be on FEMALE version of them..

    Cum on get that thinking hat on and come out with it I would love to read that tooooo...

    kahan gaye woh din.. JAb DARA SINGH use to give ads for health or something linked ot that ha ha ha

  18. hehehehe.............too good........

    hey would love to get that translation done.....plz.........

  19. The fairness syndrome is in more among the men now....Shahrukh, Shahid, John...all of them are doing just that!!! though I love Salman, I really can't get over his latest Wheel ad! How could he???!!!

  20. hehehe... so true. I dont think that is far actually :P

  21. I so much liked that "straight" thing. Nowadays I'm scared to dream of guys because I wont know whether they are straight or not. :P
    So I get horror dreams. Any day its better than dreaming of gays, right? :)

  22. Thats why none of the current stars having the legendary fan following... because you see them always .... nice one .... Thanda Thanda cool cool ...

  23. yu watching the ads and coming up with these things eh Neha??? :)..sanitary napkins.. that cracked me totally!

  24. Lols, Very true.....May be they would come up with a male sanitary napkin and SRK will endorse them.

    LOved read the post and also some of the comments.....:D

  25. haha
    i can understand your feeling neha ,
    this is our society we have to adjust for all these stupid thing,
    daily i am going through the same situations you faced,

    its common south india, if we scold any stars like rajini people will beat us

    i wish god may bless them with good behavior and knowledge

  26. wonderful take on these mercenary stars!

  27. Hahahahaha.......brilliant post Neha.

    Your posts are always very cool to read.

    "The only product that our male actors do not endorse is a sanitary napkin. but that day is not too far when you will see them turning blue ink liquid into jelly; since they have already taken bath in a tub while endorsing a soap!"



  28. I'll do the honours of writing copy for the ad
    "Meri Girlfriend iska upyog karti hai, Kya aapki bhi?"

    Funny post.:D

  29. Currently, anybody and everybody is doing ads for any company that is willing to pay them.
    After sometime, you might just see that some stars (bollywood and circket included) may well build their own brand and have companies with a similar line of though approach them. This way the stars could get more money and the brand could get more credibility.
    offcourse, one has to start looking at the macro and not the micro part of it and only then will such thinking succeed. Until then, be prepared to be bombared with briefs, vests, chvanprash, fries, chips etc ads featuring one or multiple ads.

  30. Remember SRK in the Linc pen ads...the worst ad ever after Aamir's coke-train-ad.

    And Aamir's Parle-g ads...they practically make a joke of his humour skills.

    I mean, there should be some standard na.

  31. Very nice and you are absolutely right.

  32. This how things are working thesedays...u were too rude on film stars and specially on your fav star "SRK" :)), seems all those were targeting!!

    n ya please translate "sona de surakshit tan aur chandi de tez dimag"...hehehhe!!!

    Note..whenever u think of writing u think abt Mumbai and Sydenham,

  33. Those days when the stars were stars their movies used to be analysed on the basis of silver jubilee and golden jubilee runs.
    Now the small screen is the real show business and the money is just too tempting and also the life of a star on big screen is very short.
    Hence, any Ad is good enough--who caresabout the product?All that matters is few crores

  34. I still remember Jitu selling Thirty Plus tablets... very few movie stars were involved in endorsing stuffs then.Zinta,Bacchans,Khans,Kapoors are all busy selling one thing or another nowadays.This is a crazy world of star worship and see a woman telling you how great is a particular shaving razor ,so the day when a male actor endorses sanitary towel is not far away...and many of us kind of guessed it who it could be SRK of course.

    You have done it again Neha...interesting post.

  35. Ha ha like that.......
    The only product that our male actors do not endorse is a .........

  36. Hilarious. Haha and you are right, in the light of these ads, ladkiyon ko bolna padega -- mujhe tall, handsome aur straight ladka chahiye. Lolz. Can't stop laughing.

  37. lolz!thats very interesting Neha!
    "These days; even if someone decides to worship; he will change his mind after seeing them endorsing briefs and vests!" So true..stardom is sans shine now..its the age of reality shows afterall...stars are turning into parchuniwalas :)
    You have a great blog!Keep up!!

  38. The only product that our male actors do not endorse is a sanitary napkin... thats too good a line di :)

  39. @ Shilpa, food for thought? should i copyright this idea? :P weird is a small word for them :D

    @ Megha, no darling; I do not watch tv much : I have not mentioned so many as i don't remember them; one of them being - kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai!

    @ Insignia, I know whom you imagined :P they endorsed EVERYTHING including bandar chhap dant manjan!

    @ Tarun, well I am a neutral person to be honest :)

    @ Ramesh, thank you :)

    @ G, I am happy with big screen entertainment..the ads are pathetic..SRK tops the list of people I dislike :D

    @ PNA, there will be many stars who will do this ad as money will be super :P

    @ SG, the type of craziness in India is different than any other countries..I have seen fans acting stupid in foreign countries too..
    Ye aaram ka mamla hai - it is the matter of comfort
    sona de surakshit tan aur chandi de tez dimag - gold gives healthy body and silver gives sharp brain

    @ Nu, thanks girl :)

    @ A, I know none of the stars (thankfully) :) hope you have a nice trip :))

    @ Nalini, thank you..there are few nice ones too; but the rotten ones gets on your nerves na..

    @ OG, thank you :D

    @ Sammy, I am sure it will happen soon..oh yeah those are annoying too..FIT HAI BOSS - yuck!!!!

    @ Gayathri, really? Sach toothpaste? ewwwwwww....

    @ chatterbox, exactly; in the name of money they can do anything!

    @ Anuradha, your ads? cool ya..lemme know which ads you have done..what's your next post about? :D

    @ Bikram, come to India and buy the lot :P there won't be a next post females are already endorsing razors! Dara singh days are gone now..

    @ Aps, mil muje kal..tuje translation deti hu :P

    @ neha, oh yeah the wheel ad! such a sad thing na..

    @ Harini, that's very close I am sure..

    @ Nethra, lol...chill will find a straight man :P

    @ Dhiman, so true..they don't have strong fan following these days..

    @ HaRy, I rarely watch tv re..thanks to matches; I get to see a few ads :)

    @ ZB, male sanitary napkin? ewwwww..out of the box thinking man!! :P

    @ Anu, thank you :)

    @ knk, I feel there is a way of doing can be a classy star too instead of endorsing a khujli cream!

    @ Magiceye, thank you :)

    @ IP, thank you..your comments are much cooler to read :D

    @ Holy Lama, hahahahaahahhaha :D

    @ Nishant, economics and Neha - north and east I agree with whatever you say :P

    @ Communi, yeah, those are pathetic ones too re..kya hoga humara!

    @ Rajesh, thank you..

    @ NR, SRK and i share a good rapport you see :P

    @ BK Chowla, you hit the nail on the head..all they care about is money and no standard!

    @ Kavita, exactly..the ads are so damn crazy these days..thanks buddy :)

    @ Haddick, :D

    @ ajay, thank you very much :))

    @ New beginning, welcome here..thank you for your comments..glad you liked the psot..but what is parchuniwalas?

    @ Chandana, thanks girl :))

  40. Nice piece, Neha...I also hate the dorky guy ads who the pretty girl goes after...I mean why can't a pretty girl have brawns and brains too? Why are the ads asking us to settle for one or the other..and as for writing about Mumbai, don't stop...the blogs on Mumbai keep the homesickness at bay..:)

  41. Amazing Amul ads and the way you have dealt with ads in general. Interesting and absorbing.

  42. very well written
    and pic is excellent

  43. Who knows. You are correct.
    SRK - very few advt. now-a-days.

  44. Isnt it so annoying. That i should wear a certain underwear because some Akshay Kumar asks me to ! i wonder what they were thinking ! Sigh.

    BTW, did you know...Kamal hassan, Rajinikant and some other Southern actors have steadfastly refused to do any advertisements...!?!

  45. Hi Neha!

    Very nice, sarcastic post!

    Even I felt how these stars choose Ads, do they just think about the money on the table or keep in the mind longer term effect of thier endorsements?

    I mean how SRK and Shahid Kapoor endorse beauty products and be so bigot about skin color? As your rightly pointed out stars do liquor brands ad, surrogately, which is a wron trend to set...I mean how many people will reply of music when asked what comes to their mind when they hear or see name of Bacardi??

    One thing these start cant do is feign ignorance about brands and endorsing...These are the people who exploit media to full extent to get share into people's mind....

    I am sure there is no research or alignment study done before endorsing a particular brand...there are too many examples to support this arguement!

    However, Men Stars endorsing Sanitary Pads doesn't seem far fetched... Only, someone has to do it...Afterall, we have Girls in bikini endorsing Cement Brands...Vishwaas hai... Isme kuch khass hai!!

  46. Hello

    Very funny and thought provoking at the same time. ROFL @ Holi lamas comment.

  47. Lol...loved this post!
    I mean seriously, the day is not far off...I am sure we will see khan endorsing sanitary napkins just like he took over the fairness soap and cream segment. UGH!

  48. Nice one indeed! Read two. Liked them both. Will come back for more.

  49. When I was in school, I used to wonder what happened to all the booze ads... Why are these companies selling soda and music cds these days?

    Booze ka dhanda chalta nahi kya? Some time later I learnt ki Booze ka dhanda kabhi nahi rukta!

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