Thursday, April 22, 2010

Old and New

Old is Gold - they say. I am sure there must be some kind of a logic behind this saying. But in today's fast pace life; do you seriously think that we can generalize this definition of Old is Gold?

There are things which you always prefer old - like old songs. These days the songs have pyjama phadna, kutta bhokna, gadha churana and what not! The old songs had melodies, tunes and sensible lyrics. But most of the new songs; well I don't think I need to say anymore right? We still miss that simplicity and innocence on the face of those actresses.

And our age old traditions. Don't we still love those expressions when we see our parents' pictures? How certain things which are meant to be silly; but we love them. Like our mother holding her pallu or showing her mahendi, and our father's image is pasted on it; those pictures clicked in the studio with various backgrounds of all the part of India, so in a day you can get yourself clicked in front of mountains full of snow as well as mustard farms.

But going by this Old is Gold funda, imagine your life with sending letters, or using typewriters, no computer at all. Impossible for us to survive even for an hour right? The typewriters are very few these days. A few lawyers still use them; but that's that.

But I still find typewriters very amusing. I love to type on one. They make you so alert and conscious that you do not make mistake; as it does not have a back space that deletes a wrong word or spelling; nor can it undo and redo!

Another case where you wouldn't prefer the old object is travel. Imagine to travel by a bull cart than an auto or a cab or a car. But has any of you tried a ride in the bullock cart? If you have then I am sure once in a while you would prefer it; especially when you want to explore the rural part of India.

Forget the bullock cart also; these days we prefer a flight to a train. Of course it saves a lot many hours of your travel time; but those antakshari rounds have been forgotten. We no longer fight about the upper birth to sleep on, we do not carry tiffin while travelling, we have almost forgotten the taste of sukhi bhel.

Let's for once take a ride in the train singing good old songs, let's explore our glorious villages in a bail gaadi, let's eat sugar cane in its solid form, let's steal a mango and fight over it, let's pull the bucket from the well to fill water. Let's live the life we have forgotten!


  1. Neha..only thing constant in this world is change...

    One more thing I wish to add those who learned their typing from typewriter have least tendency of making mistakes while typing and do have great speed. My dad is one of them..

  2. Yeah, it is good to revisit the olden memories/systems/things once in a while. But, I guess, we are so used to the modern things, that it would be damn difficult for us to live without them. For example, even a two and a half hour plane journey makes one restless... few hours without the AC...unthinkable. Life without internet..unimaginable.
    But yes, it's good to eat that ice gola or pluck fruits from the trees (Stolen..the better)...once in a while.

  3. What can I say? Life moves on.....we should cherish the moments spent in those hay days rather than sulk and cry on their absence. We can't have all the better things in life to us all the time. That was your time to enjoy, this is someone else's..........

  4. NExt time I am in india visiting my hometown, You and all are welcome to come.. you can enjoy the Bullock CART ride... and the Singing of the songs in the train on way to the village... and a lot of other authentic things..

    The sitting on the wheel while the Cullock go round and round getting the Water out of the well.. to water the plants..

    The Fun of sitting on a very Heavy log, while it is pulled by the bullocks to plain the field...

    Yes I am a Fan of old is Gold.. Here in UK i imported the old royal enfield bike and I still ride it on way to work.. but in summers .. and now they are here :)

    And I do have a old typewriter on which i typed my CV's to be sent to companies , Now its in the loft .. but it is there..

    nostalgic.. OLD IS GOLD for SURE...

  5. Hey Neha! Amazing and so true post. I still remember those old golden days with kulfi in hand, playing in sand, listening old music etc. I started my typing with typewriter only. At that time computer was a dream. Ha! Now in one line-"Jaane kahan gaye woh din...."

  6. Nice post. Old is definitely gold. I have expertise in only one area. Therefore, I can authoritatively say: The older the age of wine the much better the taste. 12 year old scotch is better than 8 year old scotch.

    Trains? Ahh those enjoyable rides in a train. When we visit India, we always take trains to go from one place to another. Nice experience (except the train bathrooms, even in AC First Class.)

  7. Superb Neha.

    I laughed a lot on your line about new songs ..:)

    We can generalize:- "Old is gold" is not true for technology. I work in technology if people start believing in "old is gold" for technology, I will have to change my profession.

  8. the last line says it all... although all that is old may not be gold but still the life that we have forgotton sounds and feels appealing :)

  9. I doubt whether we can go back to those good old days anymore.Technology and mechanization of things have made us all of us utterly selfish and robot-like.
    Like you talked about the type-writer...who would want to use such a device these days?
    But yes I wish we could bring back nature in out lives if not anything else.
    Cool post as usual!

  10. I like this post!! Here after a LONG time.

    I like old! (that's not even a proper sentence).

    And I LOVE you in your profile pic!! Looking pretty!!

    Mom's and dad's wedding pictures are classics. I love looking at them... It is a wonder what all the photographers managed without photo shop back then!!

  11. "Let's for once take a ride in the train singing good old songs, let's explore our glorious villages in a bail gaadi, let's eat sugar cane in its solid form, let's steal a mango and fight over it, let's pull the bucket from the well to fill water. Let's live the life we have forgotten!"

    Lets be human again!!!!
    Lets bring back our humane qualities again!!
    Lets make true friendships again!!!
    Lets laugh a real "laugh" again!!

  12. A beautiful nostalgic post :)
    It is fun and a beautiful feeling revisiting the golden past through photographs, old classic songs and even sometimes making use of the old wonders of technology.

    Doing so once in a while isn't bad at all :)

  13. old is not gold always,
    what about old customs and traditions
    nice article

  14. Old things yeah bring back old memories and reminiscences. But they are just instruments to bring back that moment of happiness.

    They have done their part :-)

  15. Aah, you have really gone nostalgic over stuffs that probably you haven't even done! But it is all about having fun, living with them is a different thing altogether.

  16. such a sweet post neha! i was missing good old songs and just last got my radio-cum-music player into action. we now listen to farmaaishee geet on radio and love the requests. only that instead of "agli chitthi hai borivle se..."we get to hear "agla sms hai..."

  17. Interesting compilation.....
    nostalgic for my thoughts as except journeys and type writers i love all those old things....

  18. wonderful post this buddy..omg, i still remember the days when i used to hang from local trains from kanjurmarg to VT.hanging out with 2 fingers holding your fast train from kmarg and abt crowd i dont have to say..abt long distance trains chennai superfast used to leave from dadar 750pm-24 hours journey..dunno now..n v used to pack eatables for 2 days..hey..neha u silly girl..y did u remind me of d past..past is always beautiful bcoz v have crossed it already..hey this reall is a good post yar..enjoyed it..

  19. There's so much we have actually forgotten and fail to realize what we are missing...isn't it?

    Ok, I just got carried away, how can i imagine living without the modern day luxuries? ;)

    But I loved this post...thought-provoking :)

  20. Except the bail gaadi, I do the others each time I'm at my native place. It is fun:)

  21. Fantastic Neha! Loved your post. Nostalgic memories and old times you took me too. Any day old is gold.Some say today 'Gold is Old'

  22. Awesome post...I have tried typing with a typewriter but have ended up making so many silly mistakes. And I still love seeing my parent's black and white wedding album, they still look so lively and nice.

    And old songs...bas i am still fida over many of them. Especially during barish time...I just love listening to that song...suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen, deewana huva badal etc etc....

  23. Nice post girl. I still miss those days when no such thing as "Internet" existed and we peacefully lived our lives without surfing through 100+ channels and not able to find an interesting program to watch. But still I also like all the perks that the new technology has given. Old is definitely gold but new is gold too :)

  24. Remembering old things help us to relieve ourselves provided we do not stick to it.

  25. We are moving so fast and life is so modern that very soon tours and travel companies will come up with tour packages to experience those forgotten good old days... so people will pay hordes of money to 'experience' travelling on a bullock cart, spend a lot more money to visit mango farms and steal mangoes, and even more money to experience rural life!!!!

  26. Damn, Thats true, thats so bloody true. I miss a lot of things. The long train journeys with my family when we were kids, sometimes 3-4 days at a stretch. The world through train windows.....Packed food.

    But i guess thats life. it moves on. Our kids too would say the same when they grow up. Things become obsolete and we still have fond memories. i guess thats what is generation gap.

    I never typed on a typewriter. I am sure its fun. TC. nice pos, though old is not always gold.

  27. Lovely post dear :)

    That filling water from well is a thing I do daily. Except for that I would love to do all others, though I don't see an opportunity to sit in a bhail ghaadi in our village.

  28. In our village my Grand Ma and Uncle ran a type writing institute. And every morning i used to hear that *tak tak* sound followed by *tring*, I hated it. My mum loved it though :P.

  29. Nice post, Neha. I agree with you. All the new songs are like fast enjoy it for a short while but it fades quickly. Old is gold but I agree with many here, that certain old things are not gold.

  30. I can never forget how excited I was while I started learning typing through a typewriter.

  31. Playing Ludo ,playing Carrom (board),filling the ink in your fountain pen,stripped pajamas...hey you got me all nostalgic .

  32. down the memory lane...great reading

    we don't seem to have the time to sit and play a board of scrabbles with the kids have not climes as many trees as I have!...sad!

  33. So true... I still prefer an AC couch over flight! Chit-chatting with unfamiliar people, getting down at stations for "chai"... just cant be missed!

    Yes we miss antakshri, galli cricket, bhel puri, trippling on bike...

  34. Old definitely is gold! I've made new friends recently and have been meeting new people daily but I so much miss the good old school days. Now, that we've got faster means of travels like the airplanes to go places, I remember it was such a fun to go out for a picnic on the school bus with the old school friends! I see kids now play video games and playstations, but what pleasure it was for to play the hide and seek and other old games! And guess what, I'm very quick at typing on a computer keyboard but.... I started with a typewriter :-)

    Pixellicious Photos

  35. Lets do all of this. and lets also blog it out !


    Whatsay ! That will be a marriage between the old and the new !


  36. I enjoy the train ride, holding the newspaper in my hands and reading it, driving an Ambassador car, playing Kabaddi ...

  37. My dad watches black and white movies all the time, and keeps talking 'bout good 'ol times.. Just got reminded of it:)

  38. Hmmm...your post sparked off some favourite past time of the old - throwing stones at green mangoes, thrilling when you manage to finally get one and then cutting it open adding chilly and salt and eating it up by the pond-side...hmmmm....i can actually taste it as I write this...And also going in to old theatres, watching a movie sitting uncomfortably in rickety woodden chairs while rats scramble near your feet in the darkness...hehehe...multiplexes are sterile fun...:)

  39. i think old is platinum :D since i m not a person of resale (As it goes for gold) oild is definitely worth going back to ... priceless treasure :D

  40. Hey Neha

    So many comments!!!!

    i am jealous of

    Just know that we love ur posts.

    Cheers and enjoy.

  41. Wow! So Amazing! I seriously do not know what to say!

  42. Neha..Neha....I just can't agree with you more...I so love to visit those golden fields and dance around, clicking pictures...Bail-Gaadi wud be a new experience...gotta find one and travel in it soon..

    Old is Gold...truly!

  43. I totally agree with you, but as for life without comps i can say i hae lived without electricity also, no cellphones or even newspapers for that matter. It felt real good. I wish many more of us should have the exp.Especially you. A nice piece Ms.Neha.

  44. @ Tarun, yeah change is the only thing that's constant! yeah people make less mistakes if they type from a type writer..

    @ Shilpa, earlier days such things weren't there; still life existed na..wish that was the case with us too :)

    @ Addy, nobody is sulking; but moving on doesn't mean not valuing or forgetting the good old things na :)

    @ Bikram, for sure..will come for sure..the royal enfield bike sounds damn interesting..old is indeed gold :)

    @ Megha, you summed it up so well re..jaane kaha gaye wo din indeed :)

    @ SG, while writing this post I did think of wine; but forgot to mention it..thank you for extending my post :))

    @ A, thanks :) my point here is that when such things didn't exist; still life went on right? :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, to a certain extent - yes :)

    @ Sammy, we need everything fast na..such a mechanical life..and nature - that's one thing we need re..

    @ Zeba, welcome back..yeah it's been a long time :) pretty profile pic - *blush*

    @ IP, Lets be human again!!!!
    Lets bring back our humane qualities again!!
    Lets make true friendships again!!!
    Lets laugh a real "laugh" again!!

    well said..cheers :)

    @ CB, yeah, old is indeed gold :)

    @ sm, why not? well, I am not talking about those sati pratha etc..

    @ Bindu, it's not about living in that moment; it's about living like that :)

    @ G, I have done all the stuff i have mentioned :)

    @ Anuradha, I love old songs..I may write a post on that too :)

    @ Mahesh, I love those two things too :)

    @ Ramesh, you got me even more can I forget that train se latakna and jump to catch a seat :)))

    @ DC, thanks..we are handicapped re - that's our mindset..that's that :)

    @ nsiyer, for me, old is still gold and not other way sir :))

    @ Holy Lama, bail gaadi is a wonderful experience too re :)

    @ Gayathri, let's meet up and sing these songs..i love them :))))

    @ Avada, bang on..actually we are used to the new stuff; otherwise old is still gold and new - well luxury? :)

    @ S R Ayyangar, welcome here and thank you for your comments :)

    @ Nishant, that might happen re..

    @ ZB, well old is gold; our perspective is different maybe :) try will love it :))

    @ Communi, oh cool re..bail gaadi is fun too :))

    @ Harini, I love that re :)

    @ Sanoj, as I said - it depends on perspective :)) old songs - ah i love those..

    @ Rajat, it was an exciting experience for me too :)

    @ Kavita, hugs :)

    @ Nalini, such things are so precious :)

    @ Karan, galli cricket - oh my; how did I forget that! thank you for reminding :)

    @ Kcalpesh, welcome here..thank you for that wonderful comment..thanks to you too for summing up my post so beautifully :))

    @ Kavi, time and venue batado..we all will definitely go :)

    @ Hari, welcome here..thank you for your comments :)

    @ ana, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I love old movies :)

    @ Journomuse, welcome here..thank you for your comments..kachi kairi - I so love it..:))

    @ AD, welcome here..thank you for your comments..couldn't have agreed more on the treasure part :)

    @ IP, it's people like you who come and comment..thanks buddy..this means a increased one more number :)))

    @ Anonymous, thanks..may I know your identity if you don't mind?

    @ Jaunty, thanks buddy..try bail gaadi :))

    @ Major Srikanth, welcome here..thank you for your wonderful comments..:))

  45. hey buddy neha...dont say anything abt yr MIL...already there's tsunami in my house...heheh

  46. hey that blog post is awesome i loved it .... Yes old is surely gold...... travelling by bullock cart \m/ .. am from a small town so have experienced all tht plus now when i am in college.... i get money for the air ticket.... i spend large part of it on myself and then from remaining 5-6 hundred i get a reservation coach ticket....its fun travelling by train... nothing can beat it...

  47. @ Ramesh, lol...poor u :D

    @ Truck Driver, well, I have done such jhol jhal too; but now I am at a stage where if I get train tickets; I have to put money from my pocket and travel by flight! no time :)

  48. no matter how much we resist......we'll always gonna compare......don't know why??? think it's called being human.......

    watever....old is of those discussion which can never be resolved.......

    pretty much agree with a lot of things.....riding bullock carts.....and now....ppl can't even wait for a damn elevator door to open...

  49. I had heard an interesting take on Old v/s new ladai... what is new today, tommorrow will be old and hence become gold... so why not enjoy it when you have it with you.... actually I feel only things that stand the test of time turn gold in new age.... see purane zamane mein kya gande gaane nahi hotey the... only best ones survived so today's best songs will be called golden a few decades down the line... then our kids will say probably... "By god DDLJ ke gaane kya mast the"... :D... I mean who knows...only time can tell....

  50. Came by from Kavi's musings. I did a post too on typewriters. I had an Underwood one and loved it. Guess it is strage when the young post about the 'old'.

  51. old is not gold..
    u can not get back it again..

    then u decide - urself..

  52. me said that to my wife..
    prepare for the village life..

    she said ok..
    and prepare for a divorce..

    searching for a nice lawyer (before she changing her mind, things had to be done..)

    neha - we just lost all of our olden jubilations.. just seen a film of Madhubala.. what an expressive actress.. express every cute feel.. feel - now a days ever actress would ask - "what do u mean by exprssion?"

    very nice post - reminding me of my days at my small home town..

  53. @ Hitesh, we compare as we are not happy with the present situation..that's a fault in us..

    @ Dhiman, you are right; but don't you think life was better off then with limited needs?

    @ Ramesh, I am doing good :)

    @ Radha, welcome here..thank you for your comments..well young ones do love the old things :))

    @ Arvind, welcome here..thank you for your comments..old is priceless thus it is gold :)
    by the way, I am a lawyer :P
    jokes apart, these days actors are more takes a lot to maintain one expression over years :D

  54. I agree with the first part of the blog.

    If we watch new movies we most likely do not like may of them but if we watch old movies we definitely like them as they were obviously the best of their times and always were at par with other movies released over time.