Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking Shortcuts!

Something we all love and prefer to do in this fast and pacy life - shortcuts.

We take them while driving down those busy roads during rush hour. We prefer small lanes instead of those crowded huge roads. Even though the lane is too narrow and has the capacity to accommodate only one lane traffic; if there is a jam there, then there is no way you can get your vehicle out of there before waiting for an hour; but we still prefer to take those shortcuts.

We use shortcuts to type something - your becomes ur, people - ppl, just like that - jlt, and such. We have shortened short message service to SMS; and to further shorten it, we use the SMS lingo.

We use shortcuts to get our work done anywhere. Just pay the peon 50 or 100 Rupees and our work is done two hours earlier and no standing in the long and never ending queue. We try to use our contacts inside offices; if we happen to know somebody in the management, then life is easy. By the time we finish sipping the third cup of tea, our file is in front of us for the signature.

We pay money to get admission in an academic institution rather than studying for a month or two; we are even willing to pay money and pass if that option is available (which usually is, if you know how to use it).

Girls prefer short-cut too when it comes to their outfits! Arabic Mahendi is applied instead of Indian one to make the process faster; shampoo+oil helps too when in hurry, those few minutes of power nap in the bus/train as a stress buster instead of enjoying the half Sunday resting, ten minutes bleach instead of everyday care etc. etc.

These days people use shortcuts in story telling too in the form of 55ers, 77ers, etc. Why waste 5oo words when a message can be conveyed in 55 right?

Priest performs three hour wedding rituals in one hour if you wish; muhurats and horoscopes change too as per convenience; temples have separate queue for "common" darshan which is a faster route to reach God, but from a certain distance. Nevertheless, the time is indeed saved.

But there are useful shortcuts too. How easy our life is due to computer shortcuts, mobile dictionary option, online examinations that gives immediate and accurate results than waiting for the result for a month with a sword hanging on our head, reading those 55 fictions when there is a lack of time but commenting is necessary due to various reasons and relations and so on.

Now think about those who actually need shortcuts but they do not have any other option but to wait for years. Those court cases where "tarikh pe tarikh" happens, those accident cases when the complaint has to be lodged at the earliest when someone is dying, our foolish decision of electing the wrong candidate and the Government does not fall for the next five years (or more), those few months when we are advised complete bed rest, those few days after the date of result is declared and we do not know what our fate is going to be, those few moments when we are about to give a speech or a presentation in front of audience. Wish there were shortcuts there too in all these cases.

But all of us have used shortcuts somewhere. I am guilty of paying 100 Rupees to my college peon for speeding up my admission process and without thinking about those who couldn't afford that 100 Rupees and stood in the queue for two hours.

Yet, I am sure most (including me) will still continue to use shortcuts in life. No harm in that, but think once before you use them.

By the way, love marriages are a kind of shortcut too; don't you agree?


  1. great post :) I agree to every word that you have typed add to only I was thinking how exchange of study materials have become easy and instead of students taking notes in the classroom they depend on study material uploaded on groups.. !fast life that demands this and that's how we too change our attitude as well as way of doing things..LOL on all girls things!

    Love Marriages shortcut ? Umm..well not really..only that it saves all that "dekhna-dikhana" process...otherwise LMs can take longer to get a green signal than AMs.. :)

  2. Love-cum-arrange is good. What say?
    We should think of people who raise us And they must be having few wishes.

  3. he hehe I loved this one.. and No love marriages are not a shortcut .. Its a hassle .. if families dont agree.. But to be truthfull they suck.. Had my hands burnt..

    So apne liye to arranged marriage zindabad.. at least you know who to blame.. he he he

    and yeah on serious note the TAREEKH pe TAREEKH does need shortcuts for sure ...

    The other things you mentioned , yeah they need to be thought of too..
    LOVED this post .. well done :)

  4. hey wonderful post too have to agree that i always look for shortcuts.not defending it..but thats how life is..oh, is love a shortcut? wait, wait,,lemme ask my lover n tell u! hhehe

  5. Sweetheart, Shortcuts are nothing but the most efficent yet the shortest routes with 100% output/results taken by the lazy bums who are also later accoladed as Genius. Ask me. ;)
    Great post as usual. (Obviously, to you, the last sentence is utterly baffling, or biased if not downright false!)

    Love, Guria.

  6. By the way, I may not comment first, or ever... But I'm always First!! ;) :D

  7. One of the best posts u have written....
    As long as short cuts wont come wrong in someone's way, it is fine to have them. In some instances, we need discretion too.
    I do go for short-cuts regarding the e-things. May be the authenticity of short-cuts is quite relative too.

    Liked your take on 55iers and the compulsive comments/formal comments. But love marriages are long cuts i guess :)

  8. Super Post! Thought Provoking indeed!

    I love 55 fictions and now I know why! But I must say 55-ers are not short-cuts for the reader coz some are so written, that the reader thinks about them on and on and on...

    Liked your take on the whole thing and the pic was really gr8

  9. great to know
    about shortcuts
    yes everyone takes

  10. Yes, we prefer shortcuts over hard-work, but I avoid shortcuts as much as possible. Never paid any peon for anything unless it was compulsory and all the politicians among whom we gotta choose are good for nothing, so its not like chose a wrong one. There is so much i wanna tell, but i suppose this should be fine. Anyway, nice post. :)
    PS:I never write 55s,77s stories.

  11. Nice one. Love marraiges are short cuts? Yes, if you love a person and marry that person. However, if you change the lover, even once, it is an ordeal.

    Man proposes and God disposes. There is no short cut for pregnancy. A woman has to carry that baby for 9 months and 1 week.

  12. A lengthy write-up about shortcuts, I would have taken a shortcut:)

  13. love or shortcuts in the married life...that's quite long and drawn!!!

  14. I agree with everything except love marriages are short cuts. In our family those would mean death and arranged marriage would be pride :P. It would take someone to convince parents forever about love and in that time you might even be married when its arranged :P.

  15. Love marriage and short cut ? Well... i thought otherwise !

    hmm !

  16. You know, I just loved this write-up of yours. The image speaks for itself. A message which can be conveyed in a sentence should not be extended like a rubber band [55-500] thingie. Good example. ;)

    Another one that struck me was the "love marriage" factor. Ah, if you think about it, if all does not work out fine in this process, it's one taxing process :P But other than that, I agree with you totally! :D

  17. One simple quality among all Indians is short cuts. Talking about it, I recall a funny situation. My friend and me were traveling back to our hotel in USA. His was the first time in USA, he was driving. He suddenly decided to avoid the expressway traffic by taking a left. When I asked he told me I can find a shortcut.

    I told him the roads are not designed that way there. and you know what? We had to travel extra 20 miles to get back to our hotel. :-S

    And another form of shortcut is in our cooking process - Ready to Eat; frozen chapathis, ready to eat kheer, what not.

    Love marriages, hmm are they shortcuts? Tough to answer :-)

  18. as technology paves a way for less patience and more convenience we are all riding along the impatient lanes of short cuts and hops!

    to reach destiny before time :)

  19. No no no. Love marriages are not shortcuts . Nobody falls in love out of their own bidding , its a natural , irresistable and most beautiful attraction.

    Its not plotted and planned like most shortcuts are.

    And even after you fall in love , its not a very easy journey till marriage! not at all!

    Whatever makes you think it is a shortcut!

  20. As long as there is an option of shortcuts......people will take them no matter what.

    Each one of us wants to make our lives easier, simpler ..right??

    But the idea must be to close those "shortcut options" where one gets an unfair advantage over others by the authorities concerned.......

  21. Indeed yes!! Shortcuts are the order of the day even while using computers those who use shortcuts are supposed to do it faster than the ones who don't use it.
    Neverthless good thought process.

  22. shortcuts?
    me too.
    at times guilty at times not...


  23. You know somewhere in this shortcut world people are forgetting that patience is getting eroded...and somewhere it is going to come back to haunt them in the future. Be it relationships, work, friends, families, kids, and even amny times have recieved compliments from readers who have skimmed through the first few lines and the last few lines...sigh such is life i guess.

  24. Hmm true indeed.In shortcuts we also tend to skip a few pages in a book,not practice enough in something but instead find ways to avoid glitches by other means...etc etc.Yes,everyone is growing impatient.Everyone wants quick result in short duration.Hence the bribes,hence the SMS lingos :P

  25. So long as the re is a choice, I will take a short cut.That how we are made and brought up and that how our system works.
    Ever wondered why don't we take these short cuts when we are in Say UK or Singapore?
    Let us think through a short cut.

  26. Hi!
    Shortcuts are sometimes essential in ones path ahead, but that should not be a bribing shortcut, if two people heads for the same destination and one knows a shortcut, its his smartness to reach there first,things are to be done in the most convenient & easiest manner, doing it in that way is an art, not everyone does it...
    so apart from bribing shortcuts else are right , i presume...

  27. DONNO IF Luv Marriages are shortcut or is it the other way round!!, will ponder over it tonight and tell you in the morning.

    Hope things are fine @ ur end, long time.......was very busy with work, travel, then a short vacation to India....And now Laziness has clutched my 10 fingers.TC, will dropby to read. :)

  28. As u concluded, most of us will continue to use shortcuts even if it means making someone else wait a bit longer or saving our time. The thing is, people rarely think if their 'shortcut' maybe affecting someone else's chances or taking up someone else's time. For one, I don't.

    And abt love marriages being a shortcut, well that is another post i guess!

  29. Hahaha... lovely post! :)
    In a way, they are good, aren't they? ;)
    Loved your take on 55 and 77 fictions.
    And taarikh pe taarikh?! lol.. :D
    Sunny Deol will sue you.
    Love marriages are shortcuts? Really? Naaah... I don't think so. :P

  30. Hi neha! nice post.guess we all take shortcuts to bypass inconvenience but all shortcuts do not necessairly lead us to our destination.n to add to the tarikh pe tarikh dialogue, there is another on from my fav 'Kaminey'
    "Life main do raste hai, ek shortcut aur dossra chota shortcut.
    vaat isse nahi lagti ki hum kaunsa rasta chunte hain, vaat issle algti hai ki hum kaunsa chodte hain"keep up the good work!

  31. Lothe long post about shortcuts. Love marriages may not be shortcut but may be shortlived

  32. Nice one....I am yet to pay someone to take a shortcut, but yes, when it comes to mobile and computers, I am still learning!

    Though love marriages are a longer cut and process! :)

  33. Whatever makes you say love marriages are a short cut?
    If I were to have a love marriage it would be the longest cut! Fall in love, tell your parents, convince them (omg!),...isn't that long enough?
    Elucidate Neha dear :)

  34. Shortcuts are like a part of lif now... ya we all are guilty of one thing or other... but as you pointed out, the actually places where we need it , its not there... nice post... I live how each time you find something else to write :)

  35. *comes over from kickass to check whether he has commented only on the last line.... Whew!

  36. @ Nu, yay...first time u are first here :D exactly has indeed become much simpler these days :)

    @ Hobo, agreed to a greater extent.. :)

    @ Bikram, glad you liked the post.. :) tarikh pe tarikh must be changed re asap..

    @ Ramesh, what did ur lover say?

    @ G, kya love me a lot to tell the 100% truth..but I do believe u at the same time..about being first; girl you stay in my heart..are we not one? :D

    @ Mahesh, exactly...don't stand in the way of others to achieve something faster..glad you liked this post :)

    @ Saurabh, errrrr, sorry to say but very few do not get do need to read it twice or thrice; but they are much simpler than they seem :) and the KickAss post does not apply to u re..chill :))

    @ sm, yeah..everyone takes shortcuts..

    @ Nethra, thanks buddy...oh you don't write 55ers? interesting :)

    @ SG, another interesting take on the post...

    @ Rajat, hmmm...then I guess you will like 55ers...there are plenty of bloggers writing those :))

    @ Nalini, agreed :)

    @ Harini, hmmm, that's your opinion.. :)

    @ Kavi, hmmm :)

    @ Ana, well, I personally do not like 55ers :D

    @ Insignia, lol at your situation :D nice point about ready made food...and love marriage? hmmm indeed :P

    @ AD (using a shortcut), interesting take :)

    @ Gymnast, you will know what I mean by my last line soon :)

    @ IP, agreed hands down...cheers ;)

    @ Subu, welcome here..thanks for your comemnts..glad you liked it :)

    @ Neha, it's with all of us right? :P

    @ Gyanban, you will like my latest post on KickAss btw :)

    @ Anu, yeah..smses have indeed made life easier..

    @ BK Chowla, that's an interesting point..

    @ RD, yeah, agree with you..bribe must be a complete no-no :)

    @ ZB, welcome back..missed u buddy..I had my one year bday post..hope you are doing good too :))

    @ Nishant, welcome here..thank u for ur are the only person who guessed it right - that's the next post :D

    @ Karthik, glad you likedthe post...about love marriages; wait and watch :P

    @ Pravin, welcome here..thank u for ur comments..Kaminey is my favourite too :))

    @ Holy Lama, you loathed this post? do not have to read it re compulsion if you do not wish to read something..and love marriages ain't short lived always..

    @ Neha, love marriages - wait and watch :D

    @ DC, you will find out soon..

    @ Rajlakshmi, thanks for a great compliment..such things inspire me to write :)

  37. Heylo Neha, nice post.
    I have an incident to share- while I was in school, there was this garden with lots of flowers and plants, there was a boarding placed right in the middle of the garden with 'SHORTCUTS ARE NEVER SUCCESSFUL' engraved over it. Initially I used to wonder that its just a trick to keep the students away from going through the garden. I must say- the flowers were so pretty that everyday as I would pass through the long road parallel to the garden my heart would enlighten to see them bright and shinning in the sun. Then one day I saw a lot of plants being suppressed as if a road-roller ran over them, everything scattered here and there, and all the plants were dead. I was so engrossed to see such an ugly sight but then I realized- it was the bunch of students who took the shortcut and ran over the flowers carelessly i.e. the day I realized that shortcuts are never successful, may it was for you at the very moment but there might someone who suffers because of it. Your post pretty much expressed the same idea so I thought I would share this with you.
    Anyway, I loved reading it, thanks!!

  38. I think short cuts are bad only if the means used are unfair otherwise they can be convenient time and energy savers :)

    Love marriages are a short cut? :) LOL I think arranged marriages are a short cut, where adults hand over their responsibility to their parents. :)

  39. As everything in life - Short cuts can be good and bad. It is up to us to weigh in the degree of pros and cons and use it.

    Did you say love marriage is short cut ? I feel even the concept of marriage is a short cut for a systematic functionality of society.

  40. @ vivek, thank you for sharing such a wonderful anecdote..shortcuts are fine sometimes provided they don't harm anything or anybody and are there merely for saving time..

    @ IHM, welcome here..thank you for your comments..agree with your take on shortcuts about them being time and energy savers..about love marriages; well check my next post :D

  41. Hi Neha,

    I have very recently started reading your blogs..... they interest me..... there are those hidden facts that every1 knows yet the way u write and present is marvelous!!!!
    Please continue doing that