Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One year old and Counting...

A journey that started one year back; with an experiment and confidence that no sane person will ever visit and read my blog; has reached a milestone. Neha's Blog turns one today. It is rather an emotional moment for me. Those who know me well will laugh their double chin off as Neha and Emotional are antonyms. But it is indeed an emotional moment for me as for the first time I do not know what to write in this post.

I created my blog somewhere in the month of February and started blogging since March. When I visited my dashboard for the first time to write a post; I was quite surprised to see two followers already aboard - Chandana and Shrikant. When I wrote my fifth post, I realized that Chandana had been commenting on my posts since day one. I know I know, go ahead and call me dumb. I am one!

Shrikant comments till date; but once in two blue moons!

My posts were horrible initially. So pathetic that I sometimes feel like deleting them forever. But as I said earlier; I am emotional about each and every write up of my blog.

I have written anecdotes, true story, satiric posts, humorous posts, poems, legal posts, fictions, stupid posts, dumb posts and what not! But my readers have always been very generous and read even the pathetic most work by me.

When I sometimes click on a random post written by me, the comments there still take me back on that day and that moment. My first ever write up that was appreciated was a poem - Here I am, the post that made people interact with me was - The 1st time, the anecdote - Life is Beautiful - on which I get comments till date (of course I am the one giving people the link), the first fiction story written by me - The Ultimate Painting, one of the most personal posts that I had written about me - The Weird Post - which finally confirmed your doubts that I am indeed weird, my dancing abilities that I finally made public, the post - Let's Communicate - that made me a Blog Celebrity for three whole days (check the number of comments and leave a word there too. I want to reach 100 comments there) and many more. People, I simply love my write ups. If you want the whole list of my best posts, please contact me. I will mail it to you!

I am sure most of must have skipped clicking on any of the links mentioned above. I wouldn't have done it myself too; if I were you! But quite a few of you have already read those posts. And I consider myself lucky and proud to say that Neha's Blog has a very good Readers' base than the commenters' base.

Like they say in those flashy awards speeches all the time; those typical Thank You speeches I am talking about. I always used to think how boring it is to listen to them thanking God, parents, director, co-actor and such people. But I feel like saying that too. There are few people who have been a part of this journey with me: Shrikant, Chandana, Nazish, Swatantra, Anand, Benny, ZB, Kavi, SG, Panorama, Lakshmi, Wishes galore, Hobo, SM, R. Ramesh, Merlin, NSIyer, Guria, Kaddu, Shruti, Insignia, Rammy, B. K. Chowla, HaRy, Karthik, Pawan, Shilpa Garg, Communi, Rajlakshmi, Holy Lama, Kavita, Destiny's Child, Avada Kedavra, Ugich Konitari, Harini, Samvedana, Ste, Neha Kapoor, Nu, Bikram, Megha, Nalini, Nethra to name a few. There are many more who read and leave a comment on my posts and I feel so bad as some times I am unable to do so. Thank you all for tolerating my write ups, sympathizing me when I needed it, laughing when I said please laugh at the end of the post, appreciating my not so good post as an encouragement and helping me to keep going.

Phew! so many nice things in one post. So very unlike me. But I do get "generous mood" attacks once in a while. On this wonderful and emotional (at least agree now) occasion; I want to give you all a party.

What are you looking at? Common, grab this Label and the party is yours. Just like an award. In Blogsphere, this is how we give away award right? Then why not party? Cheers people!!!


  1. HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY NEHA !!will be back tomorrow to read the post .

  2. Congratulations on your first anniversary. I enjoy reading your posts. We want to celebrate 50th anniversary of this blog with you.

  3. Hearty Congratulations Neha, as you turn 1 year old in the Blogosphere!! :)
    I know, it has been a great, rewarding, enriching and enlightening journey, so far. Here's wishing you more wonderful times, great learnings and insights and creatively satisfying time with your very own Neha's Blog!

    Thanks a lot for enriching, enlightening and entertaining us too!
    3 Cheers!! :) :) :)

  4. Congratulations Neha:) And am glad you linked your earlier posts. I read a few.

    Your blog definitely gets better and better and your followers are growing...keep the good posts coming:)

  5. Congrats Neha!!! :D :D Looks like MM and you started blogging around the same time! :) I love your posts and thanks for linking some of the old ones here. I am going to read those now. Have loved all your posts so far, whether they were stories or personal or about law or funny anecdotes :) More than that, we became friends and formed out butter troupe. I am so glad I met you gals here :) Keep blogging girl and may we celebrate many many more years like this!

  6. Congratulations...ofcoz the 1st anniversary is always so very special :)

  7. Congratulations!
    Wow... the time runs so fast... good that you called out this day which certainly needs some attention to celebrate your blog anniversary. May your blog celebrate many more such years to come.

    Keep going and all the best.

  8. and today is Hindu New year as well..so have a happy new year..another year of blogging and peaceful life :)

  9. heartiest congratulations to you sweetie :)

    YAY the party is much deserved !!

    Keep writing !

  10. Many congratulations. Time flies indeed !

  11. My best wishes.It is a great achievement.What really matters is the content and the content that you have been giving has been outstanding.
    And, thanks for giving credit to so many of readers, but,you were the main lead player actor with all of us just being a part of supporting cast with no villain or vamp.
    Take care

  12. Congrats, Neha. :D
    Its been quite a journey, isn't it? :)

  13. addedd the pic party to my blog :)

  14. Congrats on the achievement. I must say you are doing a fantastic job! Never ever think of deleting any posts tho...

    Just going back to them makes you realize how you've grown as a blogger.



    We all love you Neha and love everything you write. You write without inhibitions. You write what's on your mind and we love you for that. First anniversary is just another milestone for you b'coz we know you're going to many others.

    Take Care Dear and Keep Blogging

  16. Happy anniversary...the long journey with awesome advantages...great friends and lots of info
    It's been great knowing you...:)

  17. congratttttttss buddy..we are all proud of u and your achievements..prayers for more such success for u..and thanks for remembering us too..u r a dear friend..:)

  18. Congrats on your anniversary!..I really enjoy reading your blog.

  19. Whoa!! Congratulations on your journey so far. Have a lot more write-ups to come, I believe. I shall only be happy to read.
    Happy Birthday to Neha's Blog! :)

  20. Congratualations...!! so on the occasion of the anniversary of ur blog.. add one more follower to ur list ;)

  21. Congratz on the milestone gal. Wish u many more years of blogging. I remembr reading ur ultimate painting. The story was so intense that the i stil remembr the images that flashed b4 me while reading it.
    Keep writing we love reading ur posts.
    An award 4 u at my blog :)

  22. Congratulations, Neha on your blog anniversary!

    Happy blogging, and you have another new follower in me now! :D

    Take Care & God Bless You! :)

  23. Congrats Neha....m really happy for u n your blog!!! M really sorry for not being that active in blogging n believe me i really miss it. Yours is one of the best blogs that i always followed...n still follow!!
    It was u neha who introduced me to fiction...lol...rem!! Thanks :))!! M still waiting for the book of yours and my copy :))!!

    Wish u all the best Neha...!!

    Thanks for being a friend with a "stranger"...lol!!! rem!!

  24. congrts .... and all the best for the never ending run on the blogoshpere...

  25. Congratulations on your first anniversary.

  26. Happy b'day to ur blog.. .:) :)

    I came here first wen i read abt ur dancing skills n cud identify 100% wid it... I will chk out the other links too of some of ur famous posts... :)

    Keep blogging.. :)

  27. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Happy BIRTHDAY ... and WOWOW... Well done I must say, i have really loved reading your articles and the little discussion that took place..
    You mentioned me WOWOWOWOW.. :) thank you thank yuo.. party time ...

    i have been a bit off for the last couple of weeks , with my own problems.. So i hope you dont mind me coming late .. But gettign there ... COngrats again ...
    I got a long way to catch up with you he heh ehehe

  28. The first year,
    a resounding entry,
    several demanding,
    occasional smiles,
    in your sleep,
    enjoying secret dreams,
    out a hand,
    a little fist
    kicking up
    a storm.

    Turning over,
    sitting up,
    then Wanderings,
    foot in the mouth,
    chasing butterflies
    and shadows....

    Strength to Strength,
    she walks,
    holding your hand,
    And she looks around,
    at all her friends,
    for the special day.

    good wishes,
    cake on the face,
    Neha's blog is a year old.

  29. Hey Neha

    Thats great.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful blog.

    You and your blog are just so awesome.

  30. Full steam ahead. wish you luck and happiness through blogs and otherwise.

  31. Many congratulations dear! I agree on the 'being emotional' part as I too am quite attached to my posts :).

    Way to go from here....all good wishes and love!

  32. @ SG, thank you for being a part of Neha's Blog for such a long time :)

    @ Kavita, thanks a lot :)

    @ Shilpa, thanks a tonne for such an overwhelming comment buddy..it means a lot :))

    @ Panorama, thanks a lot buddy..you are one of the readers I cherish :)

    @ Avada, Neh's and MM's love is true that's why :) thank you for reading those posts I have linked here girl..you rock..I am glad too that due to this blogsphere, we are friends today :)

    @ Mandy, thanks a tonne :))))))

    @ Vivek, thanks..I agree completely :)

    @ Mohan, thanks a lot for being a part of Neha's Blog :))

    @ Nu, thanks a lot..happy new year to you too..and thank you for flashing the badge :P

    @ Kavi, thanks a lot..I cherish you :))

    @ BK Chowla, thank you for these overwhelming words..readers are the reason I get encouragement to write :)

    @ Nethra, thanks a lot..it has indeed been quite a journey :)

    @ Saurabh, thanks a lot..I won't delete those posts :D

  33. @ Communi, thanks girl..thank you for appreciating and being a part of Neha's blog :)

    @ Nalini, thanks a lot..it's great knowing you too :)

    @ Ramesh, thanks buddy.. thank you for being there :)

    @ Samvedana, thank you :)

    @ Karthik, thank you..proud to have you on board buddy :))

    @ Dido, welcome here..thanks..hope to see you around often.. :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, thanks girl..and thank u for remembering the Ultimate Painting..and thank you for the award too :))

    @ Parth, thanks a lot :))

    @ NR, thanks a tonne buddy for visiting today..you guys have been around since my early days of blogging..you have been a great friend :))

    @ Rohini, thanks a lot buddy :))

    @ Sharmila, thanks a lot :))

    @ Urvashi, thank you thank you :)))

    @ Anu, thanks :))

    @ Bikram, thank you for being a part of Neha's blog buddy :)) I am sure your problems will be sorted out soon :)

    @ Ugich Konitari, thanks a lot for this most beautiful gift on this special day..you made it all the more special :)))

    @ IP, thanks a tonne :)

    @ Holy Lama, thanks buddy for being a part of this journey :))

  34. Congratulations and Celebrations...I need a treat! A serious one!! You completed one year and thats like a total great and awesome! So when am i getting my treat?

    And on a mushy note I wanna thank you for blogging and hope you blog for like zillion more years.

  35. Happy Birthday to ur blog :)
    And congo to u for maintaining it as it is today :)
    And hope u continue writing!
    Cheers :)

  36. hey i m following you.../:-)

  37. Wiahing your blog a wonderful first birthday!! Keep blogging!!

  38. i'm honoured , honoured and honoured :) . well di, congrats and congrats :) u even made me realise that i have also crossed the one year mark on my blog.. hehhe... i still remember the first time u were so reluctant to blog.. but now, wow, ur too good at it. i have not been able to comment regularly offlate. very sorry. was busy. now internship is over and ill be regular on blogosphere... anyways, thanks for the party.. hopin for few more :)

  39. Hellu Neha dear!! congrats on the first anniversary of your blog !! its been amazing to read all your posts!! marvelous fun, sometimes thought provoking,sometimes sarcastic ... but always interesting !! its a pleasure to read ur blog!!
    Keep writing dear!! have a grt time ahead!!

    P.S : visit my blog often too dear !! ;)


  40. Read you blog. Nicely written. I also read 'Life is Beautiful'...that was really good.

    Congratulation on completing one year. I think I complete 5 months may be...

  41. Congrats Neha!
    Way to go...It's a pleasure reading your posts, they are straight from-the-heart :)

  42. ailaa..kasa kai re?? laukar kara re...hehhehe.neha thanks ya..i luv amchi mumbai..longing to be back der..back to my amchi navi mumbai..next time i come der..the treat will be on u, famous advocate..beware hehehe

  43. Hey Congratulations!

    Keep going... :))

  44. Congratulations on eventful and insightful one year of blogging.

    Time to start writing Limericks. wish to join Limerickwala?


  45. boo hoo...I am late but never mind! congratulations on your blog's 1st anniv. I pray for many more years to come with your posts!! Thanks for mentioning me, feels wonderful :-D


  46. congrats neha! i discovered your blog only recently and really liked it. the best part is that i got to find many good blogs thanks to yours - the blogs of those who follow ur blog! cheers!

  47. Happy Bloggiversary!

    Good going , i hope i'll be able to keep my interest too and someday write a post like you just did!

    Congrats again!

  48. @ Harini, thanks a lot..come to Mumbai for the treat :D

    @ Pawan, thanks a tonne buddy :))

    @ Rohini, yeah I know :))

    @ Shrikant, oye, itta sa n formal comment nai chalega..

    @ Chandana, congratulations to u too..thank u for visiting n commenting on this post..you hae made it special :))

    @ Rammy, thanks buddy..kuch likho na..I always visit ur space whenever u have a new post; which is scarce these days :P

    @ A, welcome here..thank u for your comments and wishes and thank u for reading Life is beautiful :))

    @ DC, thanks girl :))

    @ Ramesh, for sure :)

    @ Karan, thanks :)

    @ Vivek, thank you thank you thank you :)))

    @ Insignia, it's never too late girl..and you already had a party at goa :P

    @ Anuradha, thank you indeed :))

    @ Gymnast, welcome here..thanks for the wishes..you will for sure write such a post :))

    @ Ramesh, :)

    @ SM, thank you :)

    @ Vikram, welcome here..thank u for ur comments and wishes :)

  49. Congrats Neha......
    Have cheerful blogging ahead :)
    Keep expressing and exploring :)

  50. oye ! mera naam naam nahi hai ! :P

    but fir bhi !

    congratulations :))

  51. hey dear..i am late but whoa Happy Anniversary!!!
    hope to be around to see lots more..uhmm-uhmm ur post made me realise that i am ur blog-senior;) and then ur writing style and number of followers:D made me feel a novice here;)
    n i was not expecting but it made me really glad to see my name in the list that too with link *wink*..I know how much effort it requires to copy-paste hyperlinks to each name( i am horrible at it..and even in tags i skip that part) thanks a lot neha!! i will never forget that you were the one who showered me with Pehla blog award and tag:))
    long comment..but this milestone deserves this:D

  52. congrats girl! :P

    i loved the line

    Neha and Emotional are antonyms. :D


  53. Congratz for completing a year.... I am sure you'll complete many more years ... I understand why its a 'emotional' moment for you....

  54. Congrats....thanks for the mention of my name.....reminds me that my one year too is approaching....but dont feel like blogging anymore......kinda lost that fire.....will dropby to read urs. TC:)

  55. @ Mahesh, thanks a lot :)

    @ Vidhu, sorry buddy..next time pakka..for that read me :P

    @ Wishes Galore, you were there as a reader when very few visited my blog..how could I have forgotten you girl..you write really well too re..:)

    @ Neha, hahaha, thanks :P

    @ Dhiman, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ ZB, thank you..thank you for visiting and leaving a word on this post :) It happens buddy that you sometimes lose the fire..but I miss your posts..hope to see you around soon :)

  56. Neha,

    You must be the most popular person on the earth. I subscribed to email followup with my single line comment and my Blackberry has crashed with emails indicating comments on your blog.

    How did you become so popular? I get very few comments on my blog.

  57. @ A, i write whatever comes to my mind..without bothering about the traffic..and I am no famous..you are yet to come across famous bloggers..

    still, if you wish traffic; you may read this post


    see how much it helps :P

  58. Congrats dear..I know exactly what it feels like....coz m celebrating my day today!!:)

  59. I am new to reading this blog and it just looks so professional, cool, and popular, that i can't believe you started blogging just a year back.

    Awsum stuff and look forwrad to reading more.