Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gossip Masters

The moment we hear the word gossip, a picture of two fat or maybe thin or rather two ladies engrossed in hush hush talks with each other's ears comes in front of our eyes! And it is true. You usually spot ladies gossiping all the time everywhere.And it is true. You usually spot ladies gossiping all the time everywhere.

But don't we love doing it? Kids talk about who has got better toys and friends, teenagers talk about who is currently hooked up with whom, girls in their twenties talk about who has got wealthier partner and family, married females talk about anything and everything from vegetables to in laws, from servants to extra marital affairs, all the ladies talk about nail-polish colours, designer outfits, jewelleries, tires all around them and such.

We call this girls' talk while guys call it gossip.

But isn't it a great stress buster? Well, I am talking about a harmless gossip here and not the house breaker ones; where all people talk about is who ran away with whom kind of a thing. A plain harmless gossip about clothes, lipsticks, guys, weight, others gossiping etc is so much fun.

Ladies do not even have to know each other to start gossiping. If you happen to travel by Mumbai local trains, you will see two ladies talking to each other about all possible kind of stuff happening around them. And most of the times they do not even know each other's name!

Whether admit or not; but guys gossip too; sometimes more than girls! I have witnessed this, thus making the statement. Their gossip usually starts from sports or gadget and ends at a girl.

Ah, I am sure I am again going to hurt a few egos. But I don't blame you guys if you do not believe me. Usually your gossip starts either in the absence of girls or you are drunk. But don't you enjoy gossiping too? Hmmm!

Now with time, the style of gossiping has changed too. People these days gossip on chat, by sharing a series of e-mails and smses etc. Those old methods of standing at he door, in the veranda, in the middle of the market, oh just standing at the door across the road and signaling through hands while the eyes do the talking have almost disappeared.

And you find a few gossip masters everywhere. Be it your neighbourhood, your college, your work place or your train; they are perpetually around you all the time. You loathe them if they gossip about you; you love them if you have to gossip about someone else. they are fun as well as nosy depending on the situation; or we can say, depending on who the victim is!

I think I have said enough. The more i write, the more egos will be hurt along with boredom of reading long article. Many people loathe them!

PS: The last line of my last post drew a lot of attention. there I said that love marriages are shortcuts too. In my opinion; in case of love marriages, you need to convince your parents for one guy; while in arrange marriages, you need to see hundred guys and convince yourself for one!

PPS: This is my opinion. You are allowed to disagree with me. :)

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  1. Its a myth that only girls gossip. It's just that men long long ago, no one knows how long ago some group of men started the gossip around the town that only girls keep gossiping and that gossip went around like bush fire and men got a false halo around them that they are immune to gossiping ;)

  2. "But isn't it a great stress buster?"


    But it can work otherwise too....


  3. gossip,eh ! A controversial conversational topic of discussion !err...hehehe made any sense ? No na ? great !

    yeah men d gossip but there style so different than women that it's not very obvious that they do...so there !

    Thumbs up button chaihye yahan par bhi :P

  4. You are right!! Studies show that indulging in gossip increases productivity at work, improves social life and other positive things.. So we all must gossip!! ;-D

    You wont believe, but we cant beat guys in gossiping. They are way ahead.

  5. It is indeed a great stress-buster...and nothing like gossipping in a group of girls...it can't get better :)....though guys do gossip...I know many and I loathe them, for sure!

  6. Gossip Girl was a good movie...

    but on a separate note - water cooler conversations are the foundation for best friendships and biggest misconceptions.

    now you can take a pick.!

  7. girls+ tea+ some snacks + lots of gossip is a perfect recipe for a good evening. Nothing can match it.

    About the males gossiping, they are so so used to it that they don't even realise that they are gossiping and blame it on girls.

  8. nehaji, i am also a culprit who gossips..but the moment i say any negative things..i take a pause..and stop it instantly..i try to praise people behind..with some i do fail..cant help it..good post buddy..u said right

  9. Haha thats true. Guys gossip more than girls :P and usually it starts with booze, continues with girls and gets back to the booze :P haha!

    Good one :)

  10. I don't talk about who ran away with whom because nobody is running away nowadays. :P
    I donno whether I gossip.
    Anyway, wonderful article. I enjoyed reading it :)

  11. There are a few who do not indulge in gossip, but for others they may be "boring"
    As for the "short cut" it is always good to know the person well before hand (which is not possible in an arranged marriage)

  12. @ LR, hahahahah, I quite liked your explanation :D

    @ IP, it can work otherwise for sure..

    @ Nu, I hope this is not meant to be a controversially controversial comment :P Men ka style of gossiping is indeed too different..thumps up button? you said it, I assumed it :D

    @ Insignia, hahahaha..loved your logic :P we cannot beat guys in gossiping for sure re..I have seen that :)

    @ Neha, gossiping with girls - the best..even for guys :P

    @ Gyanban, I would pick great friendship option..I am too optimistic in life :P

    @ Communi, agree to the tee :))

    @ Ramesh, now that's a good trick..even i say things without thinking many times :P

    @ Aditya, welcome here..thank you for your comments..booze part i wanted to write; but i just didn't want to create a controversy here :P

    @ Nethra, till date people run away :D hmm, try n think..you must have gossiped at some point..thanks :))

    @ so very true..and yeah, it is important to know the person well before getting married..but after knowing also, you find out about many things after marriage which you were unaware of :D

  13. So long as it does not hurt or isn't malicious, I guess gossiping is fine - and I agree, men gossip too, and I also agree all their gossip ends at girls.

  14. I agree with you guys gossip waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much then what girls do!

    love marriage shortcut lol :P


  15. Guy's talk or girl's talk is pretty good and a stress buster. But guys see girls talk as gossip and guys talk as well... guys talk. I guess all the talk is good until it when someone starts bad mouthing others or in simple terms gossip.

  16. Gossip is essential to everyone in life. Gossip is identified as aiding social bonding.

  17. Gossip can be harmless and fun sometimes!! But some people take it to another level and malicious intent...as long as it is harmless it's ok. We all indulge in it:)

  18. stress buster yes right
    but it can become stress maker also
    like the narration

  19. Neha,

    Guys and gossip...no way..never...two words don't go together. :)

    For me gossip=talking bad abotu someone to create a wrong impression

    I don't think it is a good idea and I don't beleive it is sress reliever. Sometimes it can add to stress as you are thinking about other person.

    I see some agreed to you but they may just be trying to please you.

  20. of course, guys gossip more. and just to hide the fact they have branded the girls with gossiping. esp in offices, the max gossip info comes from guys... they know all abt who's dating whom, who's applying for what job, who's being fired, who's got in thru influence etc

  21. everybody gossips and I think a little bit of it is not bad and freshens up a person:)

  22. If gossiping means talking which is harmless then its required and Indians do it a lot men/women both alike but what is popular conception that gossip is mainly back biting etc then it becomes harmful... anyway having grown up in Bengal "adda" (Chatting/Gossiping/discussing/brainstorming call it what you may) is part of very existence ...

  23. Girls gossip, ya, needless to say that! Guys also gossip but they hardly talk about vegetable, clothes, matching shoes and sandals, hand bags, TV soaps... They generally indulge in better topics like latest gadget, the on going F1 racing, who's gonna win IPL, or some adventure related stuff, reservation bill, Zain deal, Kat, deepika...etc...you see!... lol

    I thank god, that I dont have to change my bag according to what I wear. What a pain to transfer all the stuff from one bag to another, and that too daily! Hats off to ladies!!!... lol

  24. yeah guys gossip but we gossip good stuff..

    Like how good looking the Girl is
    How to patao her
    where to take her

    ha hahaha NICE things .... whats there to gossip about sandals,clothes, bags etc

    Excellent article.. NOw i shud get ready to be Blogged offf he hehee :)

  25. Oh, yes... Gossiping is good. They say that by gossiping you are not spreading stories but building relationships!! :D

  26. Gossip is OK till its just a sip of everything. The more it centres around the same topic, the worse it becomes.

  27. Haaa Neha...in my opinion it is the salt of life.Less quantity of it makes life tasteless,too much of it spoils the taste.Just watch talk -shows hosted by men and women...you will get your answer .

  28. Hi! Neha,
    Guys ya gals, gossiping yes its there , who does mind a little bit of spice in life ? but it shud not be at the cost of time to be spend creatively, afterall setting priorities leads to ones success, so let gossip never become a priority,else its fun to hear...(not to say)

  29. thanks ya u r such a sweet friend:)

  30. Gossip. Who doesn't gossip. I do. I always did. I will always do so.It is so much fun as long as no individual gets hurt, gossip is a universal habit.
    Those who say they don't gossip, perhaps are not being truthful.
    Good post--let us keep gossiping.

  31. "Gossip" is one way human beings find friends and build relationships. Those who cannot gossip will lead a lonely life.

  32. well, yea i do agree....we guys do gossip.......may be more......i use to work @ a call center ...and if you like gossips.....that is the best place to be in........

    there may me moments with the calls in line dried.....but never was a moment when the gossips ...did......but it wasn't all guys or all girls...we use to gossip as a team .......about everthing.....our managers....colleagues....if one is not around...then abt that one...... :)

    it was all a mess....but i loved it there....yea i did heard a couple of gossips about me too....when ppl a gal asked me "Are you really into this gal?" and i'm like "who told you this...??" "everybody is talking abt it"

    man you can't take a single breath without getting noticed......

  33. Hi Neha,

    Liked your post...I would agree that gossiping is not a woman bastion, in fact, i have seen more no. of men indulging in it..

    Checkout my take on bitching at http://sachinarya.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/notes-on-bitching/

  34. @ IHM, true..it shouldn't hurt anybody..a gossip should be harmless..

    @ Neha, tell me, isn't my logic about love marriage being a shortcut appropriate? :D

    @ SG, yeah to a greater extent; yes.

    @ Saroj, don't we love indulging in it once in a while? :D

    @ sm, agreed..glad you liked the narration..

    @ A, now, that's a downright lie..guys gossip a lot :) interesting definition I must say..since you are new here, you are not aware about how my reader are..they are very frank..if they do not like anything; they will let me know..so be rest assured - nobody is here to please me..:)

    @ Anuradha, oh bang on..the office gossip indeed comes from guys most of the time :P

    @ Samvedana, I agree :)

    @ Dhiman, it is a part of maximum number of people's existance..whether they admit or not :)

    @ Karan, guys don't cook; so they won't indulge in such gossips..most of the girls find gadget talks boring just like you find vegetable talks boring :)

    @ Bikram, why will be bee blogged off? this is true na..guys gossip about girls while girls are busy talking about sandals :P

    @ Shilpa, spreading relationships indeed :D

    @ Holy Lama, very true..

    @ Kavita, you couldn't have put it in a better manner..perfect example :)

    @ RD, bang on :)

    @ Ramesh, :)

    @ BK Chowla, so agreed..and nice to know that few honest people like you are still around :)

    @ Hari, welcome here..thank you for your comments..lonely life? hmmm, interesting :)

    @ Hitesh, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I have worked in a call centre :P so I exactly know what you are talking about..but that kept us awake amongst those boring calls na :D

    @ sachinarya, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I will for sure check your post :)

  35. Nice post! I never realized that men gossip too until I read your post.

  36. Neha,

    Ok. Here is an honest comment. Publish it.

    Gals talk:- 90% Gossip; 10% Children if they have other boyfriend or others

    Guys talk:- 90% Business, Politics or Sports or depending the country;
    10% Gossip.

    So it is the degree of gossip that matters.

  37. gossip is kind of a necessity, and something which we are all addicted too.. it just cant be helped..
    no one can claim that they don't gossip.. as for me i enjoy it.. it is a stress free conversation, which i indulge in once in a while...

  38. @ Krishna, welcome here..thank you for your comemnts..

    @ A, hands down disagree with you..whether admit or not; almost all of us gossip..now if you are going to change the definition of Gossip; then you won't even find 10% of the guys gossip as guys (at least most) do not apply lipstick or buy sandals of ten varieties..

    PS: will you take your girl out if she comes in her sports gear for your office ka FORMAL party? :D

    @ Pooja, welcome here..thank you for your comments and vote :) exactly my point..whether we admit or not; we do gossip..and it's fine so far as it is harmless and once in a while right? :D

  39. Neha,

    My definition of 'Gossip'= "Malcious talk about another person"

    Discussion about cloths, shoes, lipsticks etc. is NOT gossip.

  40. Hey there Neha..

    Your blogposts are a lot of fun =D
    Had a great time going through them..

    About gossiping, well.. you can never be too careful.. because as they say-

    "The one who gossips with you will also gossip ABOUT you"


  41. As you said, harmless gossip is ok. No one likes gossip mongers. I enjoy gossiping with my closest of closest friends only. And what fun it is! :D
    And yes, guys gossip MORE. I have actually seen them at it.

    Your explanation about the love-marriage-shortcut comment is interesting. Kind of true too!

  42. @ A, foe me, discussing about clothes, shoes of OTHERS is a gossip :)

    @ Firebolt, welcome here..thank you for ur comments..agree with your point..glad you enjoyed reading the posts :))

    @ DC, that too, gossiping about the hot and cool guys around (even though they are rare) is damn fun na :D love marriage - ab samja why I call them a shortcut :D :P

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