Monday, February 01, 2010

Tweet on my Orkut Wall..

Social Networking Sites - they are the lethal most blessings I have ever got in this hi-tech world. For me, it all started in 2006 with an Orkut invitation. A friend of mine smsed me saying that Orkut is a new social networking site where there is a Sydenham College community. We can all get in touch with our friends who are not present in the city or we have lost all the contacts with them. We sydenhamites are way to sentimental for our college (I am sure most of you would be) that it is easy to convince us for anything in the name of Sydenham!

So there I was; alien on that site but determined to find my friends there so that I could simply re-live my college days all over again! It was not so difficult to get savvy to that site as the functions were very simple to use. In a few days, i had found 100 odd friends for whom I had lost all the hopes of finding ever again.

The friends' list increased with time; so did my routine of checking the site; leaving a message became scrapping, the whole new platform to upload and share photographs. Then came a time when we met friends, we clicked photographs to upload them on Orkut, we only saw them and commented there and in no time, it became an addiction. Even over phone, we fought with friends for not replying to scraps.

After a few months, the Orkut team could not offer me anything new there, so I stopped spending time out there. The (s)craps became less and facebook invites increased. The Orkut crowd shifted there as it was becoming less and less safe when it came to protecting one's profile. Scrapping was replaced by writing on one's wall; status update was a new feature added along with few applications like games and various quizzes. Sometimes we became pirates, sometimes dons, sometimes zombies, cooks, farmers and what not! And we all were very proud of our status of being so.

Soon enough, the blogworld came on facebook too; few bloggers became very good friends; while others stayed on the facebook page created for my blog. You will find that on the sidebar. Join it to get sometimes crazy, sometimes serious and rest of the times regular updates by me. (ah, I should have been in PR, somebody suggested this on facebook!).

And the latest trend is Twitter Trend; where a wall post or a scrap is called a Tweet; people are called Tweeple; freedom of speech is limited to 140 characters; but so far this is the safest site for social networking as it does not reveal either your profile or your real name and e-mail id. One can select his/her own login name and start tweeting. But here you can only update your status and reply to others within those 140 characters.

So that's my small virtual world where I communicate with known as well as unknown, I have made few friends for life and I can get in touch with my once upon a time best friends. We plan and plot and do crazy things there; we update our status message and get various reactions on it from friends. The feeling of they are still there around you, they still listen to what you say is overwhelming. It is possible to have a family in this virtual world too; and I am proud to have one.

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PS: For writing such a huge post on these sites, they must pay me! Anybody listening?


  1. I am somehow averse to these social networking sites. I joined orkut long long after all my friends were in it. Once, I went to my friend's cube at office, he had orkut opened and I asked what it was!! Everyone who heard me stared at me as if I were an alien!!

    Slowly the bug caught me and I was still nervous to reveal my identitiy. I then got used to it and uploaded many pics and scrapped and added everyone and anyone..Got addicted. Realized it just in time and quit it.

    When I was sure my addiction was no more, created a profile again, now its dormant; except to see my friend's awesome photos cos he uploads it only there. Same with facebook, not much into it. Got bitten by farmville bug and quit it too :-D

    Tweeter not yet!! Yieppie!! It is exciting to discover social n/w sites and the more when you figure out you can meet long lost friends. But then its a pain!!

  2. Lol...anything about Sydenham n your charged up.. :))!!
    Compared to your standard...your comments used to be the size of this rem!!

    Well written as always neha...i too rem when my friend introduced me to orkut and it was really very exciting but now its somehow a bit boring!! Social websites not only help u to b in touch with your old friend but also thesedays help in your business!! Iys a nice gift to this generation depends on how we use it!

  3. hahah i am with u esp for the last great line..anyone listening???:)

  4. somehow writing on the wall is not my cup of tea.

  5. Nice one. It is an addiction alright. That is why I just stay away.

    Fought with friends for not replying to scraps. I know it very well. I have fought with a friend of mine for writing "shorter" comments for my posts.

  6. Nice post about your Social networking journey. I'm sure it's the same for very many of us. Was for me ..

    Twitter is a pointless for me. Over-glorified, pointless tool unless you want to find out when Mrs.Kutcher scratched her behind. Iranian uprising was the sole good use of the tool..

  7. I'm on the same cycle as you.... Haven't upgraded to twitter yet... I mean not that much.

    So wat next?

  8. really we are so much addicted of it..Inspite of going out with friends i prefer to enjoy on orkut communities with friends...nice post :)

  9. Do you know what Neha?? The most amazing experience I got through Orkut was that I found my life partner there...:) It has been long time since our marriage and now I don't think I need to go to any other such social networking site....:)

  10. I find orkut so lame these days. I can't believe that I used to be crazy about it once. I still find facebook complicated and have never really got to using twitter though I have an account. Yet, I must thank these sites for helping me track down some long-lost chaddi-buddies :D

  11. Man, oh Man. On Twitter, "freedom of speech is limited to 140 characters." I love that line. But let me tell you, Orkut is much more safer than Facebook. On Facebook, every time you take a new quiz, they take your information away. God alone knows what they do with it!

  12. By the way, I am the 100th reader :)

  13. I agree these networking sites have been a blessing. I have met very close friends who I have'nt seen after school, say 30 years, only because of sites like orkut, facebook, linked in etc.

  14. Tchnology has indeed arrived big time !!

    And it works for anything and everything. From connecting to networking to....well...PR too ! ;)

    How have you been ? I am trying to get back to active blogging ! Trying to !! :)

  15. I find Orkut a bit uncomfortable.

  16. Everything changes. People move ahead in this social networking sites and all. I have now decided to try ma hands on word press... lets see if that works out for me :D.

  17. All the social networking sites have become a bore for me now. There was a time when updating my orkut profile was better than playing NFS, but now it's such a pain. The only thing I'm doing on orkut is updating my blog-post link. The same is the case with other sites. :P
    Nice post. :)

  18. truly, orkut is boring these days...trying to mock facebook...what a foolish attempt!

  19. nioce post neha....I got my orkut invite at around the same time as u did too... first I was like, "what the hell?" and before i knew it, I was addicted to it. I am genrally the old is gold types... I started getting the FB invites but but if wasnt for my cousine sis, who forced to open an account there, i wouldnt have had one and now its twitter... and at the moment am really averse of that... but am sure ill be addicted to that pretty soon...

    now that was huge comment... u gotta pay me for that...u listening??? :P

    Latest blog post: 30 seconds late...

  20. The online craze exists because of these networks. I've seen few people working or visiting alien websites and actually calling it their online life.

    Orkut was an addiction before. It's not anymore. I'm more connected to FB because it seems to have all my dear ones =P No freaky people scrapping there =)

    You've put a lot of thought into this post though. Well written, neha :D

  21. Absent minded people like me can't do much on these networking sites. I keep forgetting. I remember reading this post and immediately keying in a train of thoughts. But I forgot to post the comment.

    Gr8 post. Nothing grabs public attention for long in virtual sphere. Neatly put.;P

  22. well written about social networking sites..

    I refuse to believe that so many people live outside orkut in real life


  23. Orkut and FB are boon for me because i got reconnected to my many old friends here,discovered some great new friends and the best part i was able to keep in touch with my cousins spread all over the world.Not addicted to the sites but if all is well i check them regularly for updates.

  24. @ Insignia, the only use of these sites is to find long lost friends..and time pass by playing few games..

    @ NR, sydenham - oh yes, it always cheers me up..and my comments are still this size sometimes..some things never change..

    @ Hobo, emotions travel too? I thought one only feels them..interesting..

    @ Ramesh, hope at least somebody listens..

    @ Haddock, I can understand..

    @ SG, good you stay away..about short comments - I believe one should mean those..even if a "wow" for a post which the person means matter more than the essay types comments which are written without meaning them at all..I am sure people who are your friends mean each word they why to bother about length right? :)

    @ Madhu, yeah, I have not seen you much on o'sphere..facebook is for us right :D

    @ Saurabh, no idea about what next..but something should be coming up soon i guess..

    @ OG, it is the same everywhere dear :)

    @ Megha, wow..that must have been some experience na..:)

    @ DC, I have found many chaddi buddies too :D

    @ Sojo, welcome here..glad you noticed that line..none of these sites is safe re..thanks for the 100th :)

    @ nsiyer, so true sir..

    @ Kavi, welcome helps in PR indeed..:) I hope you are regular..miss your posts :)

    @ Chowla sir, i guess so :)

  25. @ Harini, wordpress? good luck re..i am not very comfortable with it..

    @ Karthik, yeah, it is a kinda pain..but the only spot to get in touch with friends you cannot meet personally..

    @ Communi, I have not checked orkut since long :)

    @ Tanvish, these sites are an addiction for are yet to beat the longest do not get anything :D

    @ Ana, I didn't think a bit before writing just came out as I remembered my journey :D glad you enjoyed it buddy :)

    @ Lama, hahahaha, happens happens..but ur comments make me smile always..thanks to this site we should say :D

    @ Sorcerer, hmmm, I have seen many living outside orkut..

    @ Kavita, true re..old pals get in touch with us thru these sites only..its upto us to decide our limits :)