Monday, January 04, 2010

People Again!

Hello people! I hope you guys remember my post on People; where I mentioned few categories of people around all of us. If you have not read it then click here. After that post; Insignia wrote one too on my blog; giving us insights about few more categories. Yet to me, it seems I am yet to share many other categories with you! So are you ready to meet few more kind of people? Let’s get started then!

Gossip specialists – I call them antaryamis (people who can predict the future and read your mind); for they know what is going to happen in your life even before you do. They will get you married, divorced, pregnant, pass or fail all through their mind power! They are more interested in your business than your own parents! So in short; don’t ever enter in your area with your sibling of opposite sex if he/she is visiting you for the first time! Personal experience in this case. Within a month of shifting to a new place; I got to hear that people of my building thought my real brother was my FiancĂ©! They rarely saw me there as I was staying in the hostel to avoid the travel part as my exams were approaching. Twice or thrice they must have seen us together as he used to come to drop me, pick me up etc.; and they assumed we were engaged! Oh by the way, the direct question was asked to mum about our relationship! Outcome of it? Well I will give you the contact number of my dear mother so that you can ask her directly. And yeah; it shall be at your own risk!

Dukhi Aatma – oh my! Why people? Why you are always so sad in and with life? Don’t you see you make others feel depressed too? Such kinds – too scary. Even if they top the University, their face will be so sad that you feel as if they have swallowed a litre of castor oil in one gulp! And just imagine; if this dukhi aatma happens to be the milkman who wakes you up every day with the slowest and longest single doorbell (I guess doorbell becomes sad too after seeing him); you open the door; and see his sad face, slow hand motions, 2 whole minutes just to take a litre or two milk! I am pulling my hair right now!

Positively Pessimists – don’t raise your eyebrows. I am writing it correctly. These people are so very negative in life ke pessimism bhi Sharma jaye inhe dekh ke! A heart patient must sit next to such kind souls if he is tired of his life and wants to end it asap. They think of negatives even while walking on the empty road with no trees around, no vehicle passing by, no forest to be scared of, not a living soul to murder them; still they will think that a plane may crash on their head and kill them! My project partner happened to be one. He failed us at least 100 times in the exams we were to take a few years down; and in my case I was never ever going to take the MBA entrance!

Irritating kiddos – Aha! Usually girls fall in this category. I have not come across a single guy who is a retarded kid (thank god!). these people talk like kids, act like one, demand candies thinking they look very cure doing this; but they fail to notice that others actually want to shake them and make them realize that they look foolish and not cute when they act like kids. These people are the best at ruining a romantic moment; for they will say; kitti pyaali pyaali balish ho lahi hai na, muje telepe bahooooooooot shala pyaal aa laha hai! (beautiful rain is making you all the more lovable!). now, doesn’t it sound better in normal language?

Lost World – they do not know where, how, why they are! They have a perpetual and one and only expression on their face. They always make you feel so very useless, worthless and unimportant in life by not at all paying attention to what you are saying (or at least I feel so). I even call such females Loony Lovegood of Harry Potter if you guys read it. If not; then please google it; she is very famous for her lost looks and weird expressions! My mobile phonebook has a Loony too; who happens to be my very close friend and she does not read my blog.

I guess these many are enough for this post as I can’t write anymore. I am already depressed!


  1. When depressed - deep breathing maybe helpful.

  2. haha sahi hai re..nice categories ... :)) will read others and most of them r true ..nice observation

  3. Excellent observation. Of the four categories, gossip specialists are more dangerous.

    I have seen some people are purposely "dukhi aatma" to gain sympathy. In USA, some guys pose as "dukhi aatma" to get girls....pity leads to love.

  4. Hey Neha

    Good one.

    "Gossip specialists".....u stay far far away from them.......but the problem is they WONT stay far away from you!!! the are u????

    Happy New Year to u too.

  5. Nice observations vakil babu!!!

  6. Ha ha ha! Hilarious post!You know what I have bumped across all these annoying types of people. Usually I don't like categorising people but I have my own names for them:)

  7. Yo! Another set of categories!
    Very interesting. In my opinion, Dukhi Aatmas and Positively Pessimists are way too dangerous. The rest are just fine. And you mentioned Loona Lovegood? Oh, boy, I so love her. ;-)

    By the way, I side with one of the comments above: Deep breathing helps when depressed. :-)

    Guess there are more such categories. Looking forward to read them...

  8. One category is those that move between these categories regularly ! hmm !

    And another could be those that read your list and think each category applies to them.... !


  9. Observant commentator, I like these posts of yours. Kiddo kinds are a bit too much once a while and those slow motion kinds- well its always present continuous tense for them.:D

  10. The gossip mongers are too very irritating.

    The dukhi aatmas will lead you to drudgery. The Pessimists...oh no!! why even talk about them.

    And I just cant stand the Irritating kiddoos... When they say "Chhoo chweet!"
    Its yuck!!

  11. It certainly must have taken a long time to observe and note such characters.
    I like the positively pessimists.
    If this character runs a race alone,he is sure to score the second position.

  12. Although my personal favorite is Gossip specialists...i like the way dukhi aatma sounds...

    More people in store, i guess?

  13. Am seconding nopes thirding the first comment!
    When depressed - deep breathing maybe helpful.
    Very nice observation! My cousin read this post of yours and said u are really awesome! :)

  14. Hahaha. that;s a nice collection Nehatrix :D Hope I dont fall into any of these categories :D

  15. Lol...the slow motion types are just aargh..sometimes you want to pull out your hair and yell 'Arrey, jaldi karo!'
    And gossip mongers, pessimists and kiddish types...they are irritating but right now, I feel like laughing :D

    I don't mind lost worlds. At least they keep to themselves and most times, they turn out to be good human beings. Really. Luna Lovegood was good at heart. Wasn't she? :)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post :)

  16. well Neha...gals certainly fall under the irritating kidosss.... yu hav nt come across any retarded guy?...:D ...funny!

  17. Congratulations Neha. You have been presented with an award. Please visit my blog and collect it. Thanks.

  18. Yet the irony is, one person can have all of these types !

  19. @ Hobo, few people find breathing depressing too..they are that sad in and with life..

    @ Ste, thanks :D

    @ SG, there are 5 categories :D and all are equally dangerous..and not only in US, this is one of the common most tactic used by people..

    @ IP, welcome back..oh gossip specialists - too chipku..I am doing good ya..hope to see you blogging more frequently now :)

    @ Sid, Shukriya ji..

    @ sm, thanks :)

    @ Panorama, I have my own name for them too...but I can't reveal them,..they are my crappyrights u see :P

    @ Karthik, I love loona lovegood's character too..being weird myself; I can relate to her u see :P Deep breathing - hmmm, Hobo has given a nice suggestion here..more categories may or may not come re..

    @ Antarman, thanks :)

    @ Kavi, take a bow :D

  20. @ Holy Lama, so true so true...I am glad you like these weird posts :D

    @ Insignia, choo tlue..I hate them too :P most of these categories are a bit difficult to handle..:)

    @ Chowla Sir, it took me half an hour to write this post :D and thank u for extending the positively pessimist point...what an example..

    @ Communi, god bless you! more categories - no idea buddy :D

    @ Shruti, please thank your cousin on my behalf..I am glad you guys liked the post :)

    @ Avada, ab ye to tu hi muje bata sakti hai ke tu kaunsi category me fit hoti hai :P

    @ DC, I love Loona's is very close to my heart :) I am glad you enjoyed the post :))

    @ Hary, ain't I fortunate not to have come across a retarded fella..and I am anyways not interested in girls :P

    @ SG, thanks a lot for the great honour :)

    @ Gyanban, one person with all these? oh my..I pray not!

  21. homo sapiens redefined :)
    well done :)

  22. gossip specialists and dukhi aatma...they are the kind of people i am fully terrified of...

    p.s: my boss surely belongs to the dukhi aatma category...

  23. hey nice categories. I like the dukhi aatma..nice title for sad people.. even we use the same word for the poeple who r always sad

  24. Nice post. I could slot people I know in to each category. (Read the old one too). Though there are one or two that are still to find a categorization. They defy logic. And quite frankly... I see a bit of myself in all of them.

  25. :) nice one again.. THe problem is how do you get rid of these gossip specialists especially the Aunties..

    and Dukhi aatma's he he he I find so many here, especially the illegal brand of people who have come over.. Those of them who have jobs earn more then what i earn legally, yes they will eat there breakfast-lunch - dinner at the Gurudwara free.

    I am looking forward to some more such characters :)

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  27. hey babes....too good....but i think you should even mention our types spl.... ppl......