Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year is here!

New Year is here! The mobile is beeping since midnight. Wishes everywhere – smses, e-mails, cards, diaries, phone calls, and such. Blog posts about New Year is the new addition for me this year; for I can see around 10 posts on my dashboard about New Year and the resolutions. Resolutions doing round on facebook and twitter too!

People deciding to give up few things and start few things. Like rules, resolutions are meant to be broken too for most of them! Purpose behind those resolutions – no idea. Why to wait for a particular day to decide something? Well I am yet to find out the answer for the same. I guess it is a trend to have a New Year resolution; and I am too old fashioned to understand it!

And the review of my last year – it passed by pretty soon for me; with a lot of things on my plate like setting up a new office for my firm, wedding in my family, birth of my niece, and new things happening too; like starting this blog, having the pleasure to meet interesting people on the blogsphere which happens to be my first ever virtual world full of people I do not know personally still feel connected to them each moment, taking up law masters course, now tension of the exams approaching within 10 days (phew! Just remembered it) and many other things I can’t think of thanks to the realization of the upcoming exams!

The New Year eve was planned long back – a few years back to be precise; as the venue and people never change; only the year changes! We reached there after travelling for three hours thanks to the traffic jam everywhere. We had an additional member with us this time – the golf kit. The ground was appropriate or not didn’t matter; for everyone was enjoying the game a lot.

The New Year approached with lots of wishes all around, crackers bursting outside and cutting the cake at 12, followed by delicious food (or maybe we were so hungry that food was a bliss no matter how it was); and chitchatting thereafter. And no, those chats were not about resolutions; as we believe why to waste our thinking powers behind something we are not going to keep.

Posting here the cake snap to make your mouth water. This cake we cut last year though. This year, we forgot to click it; so sharing this one with you instead.

So all you wonderful people out there; wish you a very happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.


  1. Re-solution:
    To re-discover I - The child.
    That is for Me And it is a coincidence that I thought about the same only few days back.
    Anyways, it is for me but for you wishing peace/happiness/health forever for always. Amen.

  2. I am glad your new year has begun on a cheerful note. Hope this continues for you and your family throughout this year.

    I did not know you play golf. Are there good golf courses around Mumbai? Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the wishes... I too wish you and your family for a great year with lots of health and happiness.

    Cake, food etc., is fine.. but why crackers? we got one more chance to pollute our mother earth? May be you want to think about avoiding firecrackers from next year onwards :)

  4. Seems like you've had one helluva fun. That's good to know. And golf in the middle of the night? Whoa! That's fun.
    Happy New Year once again, Nehatrix! Have a great year ahead. :-)

  5. I so admire the enthusiasm of the young ! And I didnt know you guys did golf. Great way to bring in the new year....Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful, safe, happy and healthful new year....and do have an extra helping of Undhiyu on my behalf....

  6. Happy New 'year. Drifted in from another blog..

    cake looks good indeed... calories notwithstanding.:-)

  7. 2009 was a wee bit horrible experience for one and all...isn't it???

    That cake is definitely mouth watering, its so cool to spend new years with family and friends...excellents..:D

  8. Every year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. May you rise up to the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010.

  9. I am planning on making some resolutions too. I just see new year as a fresh start, carrying on the good things and let go of bad thoughts and feelings. Atleast thats what i have decided to do :D.

    Can i have a piece of that cake... please, pretty please.

    Happy New Year Neha!

  10. You can't be so cruel on New Year. That cake..
    Dil ke tukde, tukde karke muskurate chal diye

  11. A very happy new year to you too Neha! :)
    A few years ago my resolution was, 'no more resolutions for the coming years', so I don't have to scratch my head for one now. ;)

  12. Happy new year.. nice tradition of cutting the cake..

  13. Happy new year Neha. Yep I never make resolutions for the same reason, since they will be broken soon enough. Hope you had a fun-filled new years day!! :)

  14. Happy New Year to you, Neha!! The cake looks delectable. Hope you had fun at your party:)

  15. I hope and wish that new year for you would remain happy and exciting as the first day was.
    Enjoy 2010 Good luck.

  16. first time on your blog

    nice post..and iam onto you previous post on kerala..
    yeah (me=mallu)
    Happy new year to you too and have a fantastic year ahead!

  17. 'Review, Reflect and Plan' is how I look at the turning of the old year into the new. Some yardstick, Iguess. Wish you a perfect 10.

  18. Hi Neha! Wishing you a very very happy and enriching new year!! :)
    The cake looks soooooooo very tempting!! :)

  19. Hello,
    Wishing you a Happy New Year. And best wishes for the exam coming up soon....


  20. Happy New Year Neha. Wish you and family the very best. The cake looks great. Thanks to my 3 year old we do the cake thing too (unfortunately at 10.00 PM when it's lights out for her !) and follow that with chaat.

    Golf at night ? :-)

  21. I must admit the lovely chocolate cake looks super yum.... :) I second your thoughts on resolution bit..neither do I understand the whole resolution fever and glad to not have caught it! Happy New year to you and your family as well!

  22. Interesting and different post on New Year!

    Happy New Year.
    Best wishes. :)

  23. Happy new year to you tooo... Hope all your dreams and wishes come true...

  24. Neha, you can't do this...not again...posting a pic of delicious and mouth watery cake...

    Anyways *gulp* have a great year ;)

  25. Hobo, you thought that you are a child some time back? hmm, interesting..thank you for your wonderful wishes :)

    @ SG, thanks for the wishes...I don't play's too slow :) I am not aware about the golf courses in Mumbai either..I know there are few private ones as a part of societies that's all..

    @ Pooja, welcome here..thank you for your comments and wishes..wish u too a very happy new year :)

    @ Mohan, thanks for the wishes..we didn't burst crackers..people outside were bursting :)

    @ Karthik, golf was indeed fun for others; not me..wish u too a very happy new year :))

    @ Ugich Konitari, I did have Undhiyu at mum's..will send it over to you as well whenever you demand ma'am :)) thanks for your wishes..:))

  26. @ Gyanban, welcome here..thank u for your comments and wishes :) calories - I am not worried about them at all when it comes to fattening things..i love them all :P

    @ Sid, 2009 was a great year for me..thanks buddy :)

    @ Antarman, thank u for your wishes :)

    @ Rohini, thanks for your wishes dear :)

    @ Harini, good to see you making some resolutions there..and pretty please ke liye, have this whole cake by right clicking and saving it ok dear :P

    @ Holy Lama, Mumbai aa jao..i will give u the cake..can't break your heart dear :)

  27. @ Destiny's child, love u buddy for this resolution :)))

    @ Priyan, Happy new year to u too :)

    @ Swatantra, happy new year to u too :)

    @ Avada, I had a wonderful time..thanks buddy :))

    @ sm, wish u too a very happy new year :)

    @ Panorama, thanks buddy..I enjoyed the party and the cake :)

    @ BK Chowla, thank u for your wishes sir :)

    @ Sorcerer, welcome back...this is your third visit here..remember my blog was on your radder? hope you liked the Kerala posts..:)

  28. @ nsiyer, thank you for your comments and wishes Sir :)

    @ Shilpa, thanks for your wishes buddy :))

    @ Vivek Patwardhan, thank you sir :))

    @ Madhu, wish you too a very happy new year...cake - anytime - yeah..they all actually played it at night and kept missing the target thanks to the boose :P

    @Ramit, thanks :)

    @ Raksha, welcome here..thank u for your comments and wishes..and no no to resolution :)

    @ Chandrika Shubham, welcome here..thank u for your comments and wishes :)

    @ Bikram, thanks :)

    @ Communi, come here and have it :) thanks for your wishes :))

  29. I agree with you...why wait to do good things or resolute only on Jan 1st?

    I just got 2 new year sms..thats because i was in some jungle ...:-D

    Have a great year ahead.

  30. @ Insignia, not two; but three smses :D you have a great year too buddy :))