Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nehatrix with two left feet

Those early days of college when we used to have less brain and more crushes; “cute guy” was IN and the list of crushes went on and on. That teenage and those parties, prom nights, celebration every second week etc. was a golden period for most of us. And imagine the cutest looking guy on the prom night leaves his date behind and comes to you and asks you for a dance!

And all you can say then is “i can’t dance!”

Yes, it was my story a few years back when I had to give this embarrassing answer with red face. Like that was not enough; those butterflies screeched in my ears for refusing him upfront for the dance! Sigh, how they would have known about my dancing talent. If I had said yes then all the chances of other guys liking me would have become minus hundred percent!

But alas! I had underestimated the girls’ power. The very next day almost everyone around me knew that i couldn’t dance. Anyway that was the first and last prom night I had attended in my college life as within a few days I had accepted the fact that I indeed have two left feet and my life does not end with it.

Well life is still difficult sometimes even after accepting this fact. Once the teenage is passed, you stop making a crush list. Few more years down, there is a time to settle down and get married. And your bad luck if you are married to a person who knows and loves dancing! Now god has not been so cruel too with me; for my husband is not crazy about dancing. But yeah, he is usually without a partner or with some other partner whenever he has to dance.

I am so hopeless when it comes to dancing that i can’t even dance in the baarat where you just have to put your hands up and jump! Worst mistake of my life i had made once – I used to think I may be suffering from a complex that’s why I do not dance. Just to prove myself that I can indeed jump like others, I tried it in a baraat. Trust me people, the day i saw the video of it, I took an unbreakable vow with my soul that there will not be a next attempt!

Till date, many people come and ask me, they force me, they pull me in the crowd; but I tell them clearly. They laugh, fume, make faces, gossip; but I don’t care. I cannot dance. So what?


  1. Can't dance ? OK. But how about making people dance to your tunes ? :-)

  2. But do you know you can still learn.
    I did......and started at the age of 49 !!
    Till then it was excuses and excuses "I have got 2 left feet". . . . . "I love to watch but can't dance"

  3. All through the reading I kept wondering, "Some can't dance. So what?"
    You asked it in the end though. ;-)
    Having fun is all that matters, isn't it? Dance or no dance, doesn't matter.
    As usual, a nice post. :-)
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. It is alright if you cannot or don't know how to dance. You said your husband is also not crazy about dancing. You do not have to dance in front of a crowd. In your own the late evening...after having a couple of glasses of red wine...both of you can put a music and have a soft dance...hoding each other tightly
    ...that is a real dance.

  5. So what?? Yeah! Dont bother..You cant dance and dont want to..Thats no big deal. People with two left feet can kill everyone with sarcasms.....Ain't it? :-P

    I have two left feet too :-D

  6. @ Madhu, you know me so well :D

    @ Haddock, the point is that I do not want to learn..I don't like to dance..and this is not an is the truth..learning at 49 is some determination..

    @ Karthik, dancing ability doesn't make me a more dangerous lawyer..why bother na..thanks for your comments :)

    @ SG, I don't like to dance nor I want to I will pass on this suggestion to someone who is shy :)

    @ Insignia, bang on target like so easily understand my point :) yeah our sarcasm can kill many..why bother to dance :P four left feet rock :D

  7. Hahaaa!!!Even i tried dancing at my brother's wedding and that DVD is secretly locked at an unknown place...i looked like Dharam Paaji or rather a real paajee.
    Dance or no dance you rock buddy !!

  8. Hey ... Neha cant dance saala ... but the beauty of dance is the myriad expressions of each dancer... but u still rock and I am looking for someone to accompany me to a Salsa class and was counting on you .


  9. So what?
    Yes so what if you can't dance.You are so lucky that your husband can't dance either.
    May be you should try and attend some Punjabi parties--they claim they dance????

  10. ha haah welcome ot my world.. thats why what i do is anyplace any time any music , BHANGRA is the best thing...

    put ur arms up , and THATS IT .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy easy peasy ... you do that a couple of time .. all those who ask to dance wont ask again.. Problem solved.. :)

  11. Neha, I also can't dance for nuts. But just freak out in parties and care any less what people think. I want to, hence I do. That's the end and hence no complications.

  12. Ha ha ha, well here is a hint: get dancing lessons! I love dancing and when I was a teen I realised that I was born with two left feet, so after the first disastrous party, I practiced almost everyday in my house. My poor family had to bear the brunt of it...and I wasn't spared the jeers and the my brother would say" yeh earthquake kahan se aa gaya?? Oh sorry, it is Saroj dancing!!"

    But I was stubborn and didn't give up:) So today, everyone asks me if I was born with rhythm in my blood!!

  13. hahah.neha...i was ROFL..haha..poor lu, i mean lubna..:)

  14. Same same same...... Even i cant dance re n reading ur post I felt as if there is really some1 who is much like me when it comes to dancing... though i dont know about my future partner, my cousins do tease me that I would definitely find a Dance lover for my Hubby....

    They laugh, fume, make faces, gossip; but I don’t care. I cannot dance. So what? :) :P

  15. Hey Neha... I be your newest latest follower!

    You can't dance and you admit it. I got people around me who can't dance but they are too dumb to even know it.

    In case you need tips, check this out...

  16. Same pinch!! :D
    LOL @ " I am so hopeless when it comes to dancing that i can’t even dance in the baarat where you just have to put your hand up and jump!"
    :D "So what?"
    Cheers :)

  17. ""but I don’t care. I cannot dance. So what?""

    I like this attitude.


  18. cant dance no problems
    but i am sure with your blog post you can make us dance
    thanks for sharing

  19. hahaha... 'Less Brains and More Crushes' - the line goes very well... prolly, universal law? :D

    doesn't matter whether you know how to dance or not... but living the moment! Nice post :)

  20. Well, my condition is reversed! I love to dance, my fiance just doesn't! :)
    But he was sporting enough to dance to immense laughter, with me, just to keep me dancing! :P
    Well, God haven't been that cruel to me either, I guess!
    And I think more than dancing yourself, you do have other people dancing to your tunes!! ;)

  21. Hmmm even i tried hard to learn dancing and even after 5 months i am still trying :(

  22. I always used to think that dancing in baraat's is the easiest. Just put your hands up and jump! You're so correct! Great way of putting it. But then, once I saw a video of me dancing, and I thought to myself, hey, I dance pretty silly, but at least I look better than these 60+ oldies drunk beyond belief. So I kept it up!

  23. hahaha lolzz dancing woes... wanna make me teach some... but then you won't be able to move for another century with joint pain :P thats what usually happens to me hhehehe

  24. I obliged twice in my life to dance . Not couple but just group dance. After few stamps on the next foot, I got thrown out.
    Its loud and clear. I can't and now none ask you to. They love their feet.

  25. All the "can't" things are just beliefs of our minds Neha. Believe me, if you belive, you can dance. Even a heavy person like me dances sometimes :) My wife is just expert at dancing :)

    Mexican Prickly Poppy [Argemone Mexicana, Satyanashi, सत्यानाशी]

  26. Sing like nobody is listening to you;
    Dance like nobody is seeing you!

    Bedse Caves

  27. Hey Neha my first time here.
    Let me tell you that I was born with two left feet as well.
    The only time I ever danced in my life was during the fresher's party in college.Bless the people who had to witness it. XD
    I am more into singing :D
    Anyway take care girl!

  28. common Neha...wats the big deal!!!I tink i dance well...bcos i care a damn abt wat others think! :) ..cya arnd

  29. I will come back to read this....Saw Avatar and was wondering why you didnt like it....i fount it AMAZING....a Path breaking movie.

  30. hahaha can't dance!!
    it was a sweet blog specially the revelation.
    I will read further now

  31. @ Kavita, errrr, you share ur dance dvd with me and I will share mine...let's see who dances best :D thanks buddy :)

    @ Sravs, Go salsa with Ravi re...don't tell me he has two left feet too...tumhara jaat bhai ready hai salsa sikhne ko btw :D

    @ BK Chowla, my husband can dance; he does not dance that's a different case :) I have heard punjabis dance beautiful..

    @ Bikram, nobody asks me to dance anymore..:P I cant even dance bhangra re..anyways i dont like to dance..

    @ nsiyer, wow sir, that's really nice :)

    @ Saroj, hahahaha, earthquake..that's some determination re...but you did as you like dancing..I don't like it re...kyu thakne ka na faltu me :D

    @ Ramesh, hahahaha, thank god you dunno her :P

    @ Urvashi, welcome here...thank u for ur comments..glad u liked the post dear..I hope u get a non dancer hubby :D

    @ Saurabh, welcome here officially :) and that video is damn hilarious...thanks for sharing :)

  32. @ Shilpa, I remember your post :P cheers indeed :D

    @ IP, thanks buddy :)

    @ sm, make you dance with my post? well let me take it as a compliment and challenge :)

    @ Mohan, it is indeed a fact na :P glad you liked the post :)

    @ G, hmmm hmmm...I can't make anybody dance to my tune...too hopeless :D

    @ neha, welcome here..thank u for your comments...good luck ya..hope u succeed soon :D

    @ Ramit, glad you liked the post..:)

  33. @ Rajlakshmi, imagine girl - you and me dancing together...people in vicinity will die of an attack :P

    @ Holy Lama, what an idea madamji :D

    @ Bhavesh, that's very true..its all our beliefs..but I don't like to dance re..and yeah i sing like crazy..don't care about anything or anybody..

    @ Samadrita, welcome here..thank u for your comments..i can understand ya what you must have gone thru..but there are many like us here girl :D

    @ HaRy, not a big deal at all re..I don't care only :)

    @ ZB, I didn't like it as much as it has been hyped..I am weird re..:D

    @ Vikram, welcome here..thank you for your comments...glad you liked the post :)

  34. Why don't you think of an optional career option= As an RJ/VJ !?? :) You would be the best person to make people dance on your terms- I mean Tunes! :) LOL!

  35. i posted a comment earlier and u replied to me as Vikram..
    kya yaar court mein aisa mat karnaa? warnaa noose kisi aur ke gale mein lag jaayegi

  36. @ Megha, welcome here...hahahaha, that's a nice suggestion...will apply somewhere right away :D

    @ Vikas, oh darn, my bad..sorry for that silly mistake...I welcome you here once again :))

  37. honest post....i am also not a good dancer...but who cares...Dancing is not the only thing in the world ;)

  38. Lol...the golden rule of 'dance like no one's watching' just doesn't apply here, I guess;)

  39. your highness neha ji..u cannot dance? what a shame..check out a good dance teacher in mumbai..lemme also learn... heheh:_)

  40. LOL!! Oh yes I did relate with this post pretty well :D