Friday, January 29, 2010

Labels, Posters, etc.

Almost all of us love those Amul Ad posters. They are so witty and creative. Each time you pass by their hoarding site, it brings smile on your face. But if you are a female and you stay at Mumbai; do visit inorbit mall. Watch a movie there and visit the loo; for many posters await you and stare at you the moment you shut the door.

Now I expect you not to ask me questions like why I was clicking snaps inside. In fact, I am feeling a bit sad as so far; I have only two clicks.

Errr, girls would anyways not live with you Ms. Fox.

I would like to skip writing a caption for this one.

The same mall has certain discriminating and misleading factors too which will aggravate MNS and Sena again. Our very own and popular Bhadshah Massala brand has committed a big sin. They have dared to call Mumbai - Bombay. Further, thy have printed it on the bigger pack of Paav Bhaji massala. The smaller pack label still reads Mumbai though. but, will they be spared? I guess not. But they need not worry until a Shiv Sainik or MNS Karyakarta finds this out. I have mentioned this on my blog; and it is not so popular.

How about you people suggesting me a caption for image number one and two? The winner will get an Award from the great Nehatrix.

I am posting a few more Amul Ads. I am sure you guys will like them.

PS: Do not forget to mention the caption for first two images.

PPS: The PS is for those who only read the PS and not the post.


  1. I wish I could post some photos - which are there a way to do that here ?

  2. Those Amul posters were hilarious. Thanks for sharing them. And as always great post.. U gave me the smile for today :)

  3. Amul ke super ads hai....

    I am just thinking Badshah masalo ka kya hoga!! Bechare.... way ahead in all this!!

  4. I am very bad in giving captions, so i won't give any.

    I hope no MNS or Sena people read your blog, otherwise 'badshah masala' people will really fall in trouble. May be they'll think that 'badshah' masala is Shahrukh's industry; in that case they will be double furious that he didn't learn his lesson from his dostana buddy Mr.Johar. :P

    We don't have such witty and cute Amul posters or hoardings here in Punjab. :(, this is first time I saw them on your blog and i so liked them specially the 'real slim shady' and 'Omar Abdula' spoof. :D

  5. 1) And so they invented the MFAF (Megan Fox Automatic Flush)

    2)"And you though there is only the G Spot"

  6. Lovely Amul Ads Neha :) Surely they are intelligent people behind the scenes :)

    LOL @ PPS...who they ? ;)

    Don't tell me cinemax ladies toilets have these kinds of posters..flush..errr..hush ! ;)

    What a keen nazar on masalas...and hello lady who told you that your blog is not popular? ?? Now 'badshah' team has to be get set ready !! ;)

    Hmm titles ? any time limit??? have to scratch the brain madam...insta coffee thode hi hai :)

  7. Good posters!! :D
    And Amul ads are the best!! Its amazing that they capture the big stories in few words and never fail to bring a smile. :)
    And for sure, sooner or later Badshah Masala is in for trouble!!

  8. I just love the Amul ads for their creativity. So simple, subtle yet brings a smile on your face.

    As for the captions, I am pretty bad at it Neha...:-)

  9. Arey Amul ads are excellent...that rathore one was super excellent ya....:D

    I am super curious as to wy u had cam in toilet but as u have requested not to ask...i am letting my imagination to give the answer...:P

    No captions seriously...:P

  10. and seriously nobody cares Badshah brand...everest and parampara are popular...:P

  11. Hmm...seems u liked the toilet more than the!!
    Neha seems u may b getting a call from Sena to remove the,as according to them u may b promoting the word "Bombay" which they forget is a part of Mumbai and they in a way insult.

    Well coming to the caption part u know m not good at these but still would try my hand on it

    "kathore rathore ab chal jail ki oor"

    "kuch kuch quota liye to neta hota hai!!

  12. Hilarious. Nice pictures. Will the following be considered as a caption?

    Some come here to sit and think
    Some come here to s*it and stink

  13. Amul's captions were hilarious.

  14. Amul ads have always been so contemporary and innovating.

  15. Amul ads are awsome. and so is Megan Fox one.Nice clicks ;)

  16. oh yes u are right..amul posters alwayz bring a smile on face whenever u cross their hoardings:))
    the amul ads u picked, i was seeing them for the first time!!!loved them like always:D:D

  17. Obsession with the toilet!!! no wonder you got a Toilet plant for a Bday Gift...

    Amul Rocks when it comes to ads!!! Great post!!!

  18. Awesome pics yar. I'd never seen these Amul Ads. Thanks for sharing. As for the captions: how about, "megan fox's dirty secrets" or "stinking secrets" :P

  19. Great! Amul Ads no doubt are fun. But scratch-scratch, cant think of a caption. Will come back when something clicks. TC:)

  20. My captions:

    "Relationship went down the drain...when something else didn't."

    "Naah! That shit the pot!"

  21. really nice collection of amul ads... coulnt stop laughing here!! as for the captions... cnt think of anything!!

  22. Can't think of a caption! Sorry!

    People call Delhi as Delhi, Dilli, Del-hee too. Who cares!

    The strange thing is that some people in India are so jobless they have the time to do all that.


  23. ha ha . good one ..

    and great to see the amul ads after long time ..

  24. it would be interesting to know , who put the posters there ..

    and for the life of me cant think of any captions... no wonder i never get the prizes where you have to put a caption in 10 words and win something .. BAD me

    But amul i like especially, on a sunday winter morning, mum making the aloo ka parantha and a tikki of butter on it yummm yummm yumm

  25. @ Gyanban, next time when I post something about funny images, I shall contact you..:)

    @ The West Wind, pleasure is all mine dear..glad you smiled after reding this :)

    @ Rohit, welcome here..thank you for your comments..true, Mumbai is very much ahead in all this :)

    @ Shilpa, I wish Badshah Massala people read your comment at least :D I will soon be posting few more Amul Ad posters..:)

    @ Haddick, not bad..I am impressed..:)

    @ Nu, oh they are for sure very intelligent..I will mail you those PPS people ka names :P my blog is not so popular re..sachi me :)

    @ Shilpa, these are old ones..last years..they come up with one such poster every week :)

    @ Insignia, I love those too :)

    @ Sid, my phone has a camera..Badshah people are a pretty well known brand..I had forgotten that Parampara brand existed..

    @ NR, captions are to be given for first two images :D but good you at least I said earlier, my blog is not no worries :)

    @ SG, glad you liked the post :)

    @ Harini, thanks :)

  26. @ Pulkit, welcome here..thank u for ur comments :)

    @ Renu, so true..thanks :)

    @ Neha, thanks :D

    @ Wishesgalore, thanks buddy..good to see u after a long time :)

    @ Shrikant, what an observation :P

    @ Karthik, thanks buddy :)

    @ ZB, waiting for your take on the captions..

    @ Stupidosaur, welcome here..thank you for your comments..loved those captions..:)

    @ Parv, welcome here..thank u for your comments :)

    @ Ramit, happens happens :))

    @ Vinay, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Bikram, what a mouth watering comment..I am hungry..

  27. u dont watch much TV? hey neha, my dear friend, u dont miss fact, u save much time that way..

  28. Hey Neha, I am always amazed to see Amul Ads, as they are so creative. They are following the same style for so many years...Wonderful clicks! :)Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I hope they will not turn BAADSHAH masala in to RAJ-SA masala...;-)(Bad joke! :))

    And yes,I am not that good with captions...:(

    Free Hand Madhubani Painting

  29. Amul ads are like Laxman's common man. Can't do without them And Captions
    Oh! She lives here!
    Can you spot it?

  30. Amul Ads have always caught everyone's attention.After having noticed Badshah Masala, I am worried about Nusli Wadia---will he rename his company as Mumbai Dying?

  31. Guyz at amul are a brainy lot. It amazes me how they continue to churn out such stuff. Unadultrated Sarcastic Pleasure!

    Thanks for the post... I'd missed most of them...

  32. Great collection ,Neha. The Amul ad is just a treat. I remember one more . Zaheer Abbas, the great Pakistani batsman was on a rampage and was scoring centuries one after another. Amul came with an ad which reads ' ZAHEER AB BUS.'

  33. I just love the amul ads. they are so creative :)

    the captions:
    1. flush it n hush it
    2. (s)pot on!