Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kaddu ka Happy Birthday :D

Kaddu - the Birthday Girl

We have to pay for all our sins here itself! I truly believe in this saying now. Reason is simple! Exactly 26 days back, I had demanded a post from Shrikant as it was my birthday next day! There, I had put up one condition - he has to praise me there! And I have been asked to do the same - I have got to praise one alien who happens to be my virtual world neighbour, a miss_teerious blogger and a very good friend!!!

I have to praise her! A lawyer has to praise someone who is not even her client! Tell me people, is it possible? Ye to ekdum direct atyachaar hai mujpe! The person who calls me insane and nautanki - and I have to say all good things about that person? - sigh! But let me try.

Now, this girl is a lot like me at least when it comes to announcing the special day of our lives. Remember my post for my birthday? Well she is just like me. Both of us love to receive lots and lots of birthday wishes, we announce everywhere about our birthday, we inform people saamne se, mail them, sms them informing them about our upcoming birthday! In short, we both are totally sane in this crazy world!

Oops, these were the praises for sure, but for me too na. Then let me shift my focus from the great "Me" to the birthday girl. She is Dr. Kaddu Farmwala. Qualification wise, This girl has done her Ph. D in virtual farming, she is the adopted daughter of Zynga, as her name suggests, she simply loves pumpkins. She even loves to clean dried leaves from other farms, harvest crops, decorate her farm with golden soldiers, ugly looking rein deers; her farm has penguins too (yes) and she loves the comments of certain Mr. Hop. Well. don't try to hard to find any logic behind this statement, because only farmers will understand it.

So all you wonderful people, please wish this wonderful and always rocking girl on this special day as she turns sweet 16 x 2.

A Special Kaddu cake for the Birthday Girl!!

And now she deserves a gift too from my side. A personalized computer cabinet for her!

I can't be nicer than this now. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a rocking day and year ahead girl. Love you :)

PS: The title has her favourite emoticon :D


  1. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy bithdayyyyy dear Kaddddoooooo
    Happy bithday tooooo yoouuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Ha ha ha! Funny post! Happy Birthday to your friend:) It was fun reading this post. I am going to comment on your last post on chatting as well as I have a lot of things to say about !!

  3. Ha ha ha! "Dr. Kaddu Farmwala"! ROTFL! Loved the gift AND the cake... thank you sooooooo much sweetheart! So from now on, you are "Triple N" -
    "Nice Neha Nautanki"! ;-)

  4. @ SG and Panorama: Thank you for your birthday wishes, friends! :D

  5. What are friends for.Praise each other.
    Happy birthday...
    God bless.

  6. Happy Birthday Dr! May you have a great year ahead.

    Neha - nice way of praising someone still with rants here n there ;) hope I wouldn't be charged with any sections for that comment :D

  7. Happy Bday kaddu! dawned very late on me that is Hindi:)

  8. A very happy birthday to your friend !


  9. ha ha nice post
    Happy Birthday to Kaddu :D :)

  10. Kaddu dekh. tere pyar me
    Purea post mein hai kaddu bhara.

    My best wishes.

  11. Yappy Yappy Bu'dday Kaddu....

    May your day be filled with dreams of pumpkins!


  12. But where is Kaddu Daruwala ops sorry farmwala? SHe has announced her premature retirement from Blogging and i am really pissed.She is indeed one of the best bloggers i have known.

    But Wish her a Great Birthday and a rockin New year.

  13. Happy Birthday Dear Kaddu.....may you always be fresh.....

  14. What a fun post this indeed is. I wish the very best to Kaddu for the new year of life; Happy Birthday Kaddu. And I wish the very best to you too, for being so nice with her :)

    I was referred to your blog by my wife — Megha.

    Rays of Hope

  15. A very happy birthday to your friend.. Very cute name Kaddu..

    And the comp also... and the cake also..

  16. nehaaaa..missed yr blog 4 sometime and nice to be back...hey..i was sitting outside vashi rail statn and telling my friend faiyaz...if only i spot neha somewhere in mumbai..i will order pizza and make her pay for it..heheh.kanjus u escaped..hey..have fun ya..cheers

  17. What a way to praise!! ... mere liye bhi ek aisa hi post likh de !!

    I wish ur friend a happy birthday!!


  18. lol...well written, it was funny!!

  19. @ SG, thanks for your wishes for her :)

    @ Panorama, glad you liked this post...I will be waiting for your views on my previous post :)

    @ Kaddu the Happy Bday girl, glad you liked is for you, so tuje to pasand karni hi thi :P :D

    @ Chowlaji, very true..:)

    @ Mohan, rants everywhere actually...and sadly there are no sections under which I can charge you for telling the truth..lucky you..:P

    @ Antarman, yeah Kaddu in hindi indeed :)

    @ Kavi, thank you for your wishes for her :)

    @ OG, glad you liked the post..thanks for wishing :)

    @ Holy Lama, Thankaddu :D

    @ Insignia, thanks for your wishes for my friend :)

    @ ZB, if at all Kaddu comes outta her retirement for a while, she will personally answer your question here..and Sir, you had taken a sudden retirement I thought maybe you would know why good bloggers disappear jlt..

    @ Rohini, thanks for your wishes..:)

    @ Bhavesh, welcome here..thank you for your comments and wishes for both of us..that's really nice of your wife to recommend :)

    @ Swatantra, thanks..I like the name, the cake and the comp too :D

    @ Communi, thanks :)

    @ Ramesh, welcome back buddy..oye, me kanjoos nai hu ok..pehle bol dete, pizza pakka khilati..:D

    @ Rammy, itni hopes mat rakh...:P thanks for the wishes :)

    @ NR, thanks..glad you liked the post..but you forgot to wish her..

  20. A very happy Birthday to your friend.. What else would one want when she's got a great friend in you.. and you her.. So Please do convery my best wishes and Many happy returns of the Day to the lucky girl...

  21. ok ok kanjus nahi hai my friend u order pizza and post it to sharjah, ok?

  22. Thank you Mr. Chowla.

    Mohan, that's what we get when we ask someone to write a testimonial for us at gun-point! ;)

    Antarman, yupp Pumpkin it is... hence my Blogger Avtaar.

    Thanks Kavi and AOG! :D

    Holy Lama, sach mein... even the cake was a pumpkin! :p

    Insignia, ... and may the pumpkins turn into "handsome princes" when I kiss them! :p :p He he

  23. Oye ZB, you sound hurt! Come on FaceBook rey... I'm there most of my waking hours!

    Thanks Rohini, Bhavesh, Swatantra and Communi! :D

    Rammy, good idea! Let's make Neha write a testimonial for all her blogger friends on their birthdays! ;-)

    Thanks Bikram... your wishes are conveyed! :D

    And FINALLY... Neha darling... thank you soooooooooooooooo much for *this*! Love u!