Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food "NOT" for thought!

People, the title is also not controversial this time. My gyaan in the last post was highly misunderstood my many; but I am happy that we all could share our views on that topic no matter how positive or negative, relevant or contradictory, for or against (?) they were with the post.

Initially, to be very honest, I was really upset. The worst thing - I was not even the party who was being bashed up. But a simple post with my views and opinions attracted a lot of attention and touched the forbidden part of us - EGO. Oops, am I going in the same direction again? Please skip that statement on ego. But yes, I was upset; and my mother happened to call me at that time. She asked me whether I had daal rice or not. And then it clicked me. The only thing that could lift my spirits was a plate of rice!

Ok, the story of my mother calling me - I just cooked up; because I wanted to convey my message about my last post and start this new one. An anecdote can do wonders when you do not know how to speak about various topics in one post or connect different events which are not connected with one another - one more free gyaan from me!

Back to my topic; I love rice. No matter what I have for a meal; I have to have rice at the end of it to complete my meal. Be it pastas or pizza; a plate of daal rice or sabzi rice must follow after that! Many people find it weird; but well it is better to be called a weirdo than going hungry right? Those who mind eating me rice after pizza never order for a pizza when I am around.

And a cup of tea after a meal - heaven. I actually don't mind one along with my meal too; especially Chinese food. I am not at all fond of authentic Chinese. For me Indian Chinese is the best; especially the one available at Sydenham college canteen. The canteen guy - Manju - he knew well that I preferred a cup of tea with Szechuan rice; and he always got me that without asking. Ah! I so miss that.

And there are people around who accuse me that I eat a lot! People, if you ever happen to meet me (which is highly unlikely), you will know that I must hardly be eating anything! I am stick thin. And I am told that I hog like a pig! I happened to ask my friend and the co-author of all my other blogs to write a nice post about me on my birthday. And he mentioned this point there! "Jab dekho tab khati rehti hai!" he says. I guess ussi ki nazar lag gayi muje aur me sukh ke kaata ho gayi! Those who do not understand Hindi; please contact him. He will translate it for you.

But try a cup of tea along with Szechuan Rice and let me know your experience. If a good one; then thank you in advance. And if a bad one; then who asked you to listen to others?

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  1. A nice one to lift the spirits :-)
    I could relate to you as I read each line.

    Feed me anything, I still need rice to satisfy the feeling of fullness. :-)

    Tea right after meal..yes! But not coffee..

    I am not that fond of Chinese; but rice any time..

    A simple daal rice can work wonders :-)

    Errr...hope no one starts a controversial debate here that "Roti" is superior than "Rice" :-S

  2. Hey Neha, actually I am not that fond of Rice or tea. But yes, there are other ways to lift my mood and that is reading your blog...:) OK. Now I write the truth..:) I love music and yes the meal that makes my mood is Sandwich and Coffee anytime...

  3. YAyyyyyyyyyyyyy Food bring it ON.. oh man How i need some tasty food , I am tired of cooking and eating myself :) Where is this canteen you mentioned, next time i land in delhi..
    First stop there... :)

    And oooh the first two paragraphs of More GYAAN and the EGO.. ouch...

    and Yes Insignia ROTI is Superios then RICE.. I am from punjab so ROTI is better and No rice ruce .. he he he OK OK I was kidding and joking...

    I hope too no one has a go or starts a Debate on this..

    Anyway this article was on Food so lets talk of Food.. ANYONE knows how to make BUTTER CHICKEN, the proper way not cook and put some butter to make it .. YES I have tried a lot of recipes havenot managed to get there ,

    Neha does that canteen give that.. I remember a place LONG LONG time back, my friend took me , It was at cannught place, where NArulas was in corner, behind that there was this REHRI WALA who gave a plate of MEAT with rice or roti .. There was a QUE a BIG one , I must admit i was terrified casue of my VILAYITI stomach.. but it was delicious, dont know if its there or not.. But it was WOW

    ok now my mouth is watering .. only 9:30 AM and I want my LUNCH :)

  4. Hey,my first time here!(courtesy Guria :) )

    even my sister is like you, she just can't do without rice. and I can't do without tea. :P


  5. Neeeehaaa :)

    1.I loveee rice :)
    2.I loveee having tea immediately after lunch !
    3.I'm with you on better to be weird than hungry :)

    Nice post :)

  6. Got couple of relatives who are crazier than you. After a regular Keral feast, they will have some rice and dahi from home. They love home food though they must have hogged at the feast.

    And your suggestion I shall try if they serve both at the same restaurant.

  7. I used to eat like you have mentioned yet looking so lean until first 4 years of my career. Then I had to control myself :)

    Good one.. no misunderstandings this time!

  8. If you say you are stick thin,then there is point saying that Rice contains a lot of fat.It is starch.
    Having tea with Chinese is very common.In fact green tea is almost part of the Chinese menu.
    Personally,I am not a rice eater
    Enjoy your meal.

  9. Even I have this 'something's missing' feeling if I don't have rice. How I love rice! :)

  10. Then you would love to stay with us. We live on rice... being Andhra people, rice is our staple food. I love rotis and prefer them when option is given as i have rice atleast once a day minimum. So you are more than welcome to come and live with our family :P.

  11. @Neha
    I love rice.
    Be it pastas or pizza; a plate of daal rice or sabzi rice must follow after that!

    Hahahahaha......i too LOVE rice.

    But certainly NOT with "sabzi"!! even though i eat sabzi rice sometimes.

    i simply cannot imagine life without rice+fish/Chicken/Mutton curry!!!!


  12. coincidence....
    I love-love rice....No matter what, I need RICE.....

    I HOG and HOG and love food and if you / anyone see me, they can't say that... ( am secretly scared, I might be obese one fine day)

  13. shucks i wrote a comment here and it dint get regd it short..have pity on married bachelors like us..u have postd a delicious photo and an interesting post..but here v r struggling to cook a proper food..hehe..kuch tho socho yar..even if v try to prepare food v end up using wrong ingredients.hehe

  14. Hey Food always is a lovely topic. I love FOod, in all shapes and sizes. I fact your taste and mine are so similar.

    I too need rice atleast once a day. Otherwise day seems incomplete. I too have a Tea after most meals.I too love Indian-CHinese. Authentic chinese is not for me and i almost puked few weeks back, eating some weird dish made of bamboo shoots. It smelled like Elephant dung.:)
    Try Arabic cuisine. Its lovely for Indians, coz its so similar. Plus Healthy. They grill most of the food. And eat lots of raw salads.

    There was no controversy in your last post. You expressed you view and so did people, so chill. TC Keep writing interesting posts. :)

  15. Thanks Neha. I understand what you said. Most people just takeup a stand and when they do that, they believe they are wise and right and everyone else are fools.

    I have spent my first 16 years of life in North India(UP and delhi). I just love North India( In fact more than South to be honest). My Bro-in-Law is from North ( The one you follow, Veer-The poet and Gazal writer) and we share excellent rapport. In fact we are going to be future business partners. He too is passionate about being an Restaurateur. he is one of the three partners, for our future(inshallah next year) company.

    TC, Only narrow minded outlook invites controversy. I never believe that i am always right. In fact i am wrong most of the time and i learn to be right through being wrong. TC:)

  16. Same here... my day is incomplete without rice. Its always like I missed something, if I haven't had rice.

  17. Nice one. I am glad you like rice this much. You must have been a
    Tamilian in your previous birth. They eat rice 4 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, evening tiffin, and night dinner.

    Surprised so many North Indians like rice. I was under the wrong impression they like only wheat. So much for my knowledge.

  18. Interesting...what i know is that Bengali's love rice for sure and rice does gift u a tummy for sure too!!
    Tea along with Szechuan Rice...your joking right!!

  19. i too love rice :) ... but just the plain rice and pulao... others don't match my taste :)

  20. Nehaji, waqalat chod ke psychiarist ban gayi aap ? :-) .

    (..I am happy that we all could share our views on that topic no matter ..)

    Rice ? Could write a story about it. Just did..

    For Sale: My soul, for a bag of rice

  21. Daal-bhaat lover !!Having you as a guest at my house is no trouble at all,my pati loves it,my bacchas love it and me too !!When we go out to eat Chinese i love to order Singapuri and Szechuan rice but its colour freaks out my husband .The chai picture along with the rice ...lazawab !!

  22. AAhhh! My mouth's watering. I love rice. High five! :)

  23. Great post and I too love dal-chawal! Nothing like some dal-chawal when you are really hungry!
    Not a great rice fan though it does do good for me most times.
    Tea with chinese is yet to be tried, but yes, a nice cup of coffee after dinner is always welcome. :))

  24. @ Insignia, so far nobody has started the argument on Roti thankfully..only Bikram is there - we will take care of him re :D

    @ Megha, I love your lies more than the truth; so I accept those :D

    @ Bikram, Sydenham college caqnteen - land there ok :)
    I will sue you for discriminating between rice and roti, so sambhal ke..don't force me to mail u my angry look photo n scare you ok..
    google the butter chicken recipe..and that canteen does not give that re..:)

    @ Shilpa, welcome here..thank you for your comments..tea and rice lover..nice nice..I will thanks Guria :)

    @ Nuuuuuuu, wow..good number of similarities there :)

    @ Holy Lama, well, what we do is not crazy na :P try it will enjoy tea with rice :)

    @ Mohan, wow, there are many people like cool..thankfully no misunderstanding :D

    @ BK Chowla, noooooo I don't want to become fat..I am happy eating three cheese burgers at a time without worrying about fat :D I have apna regular chai with chinese :)

    @ DC, wow, I get the same feeling :D

    @ Hobo, that's usual for me :D

    @ Harini, I am married to a Telugu :) I will definitely come and stay with you buddy :D

    @ IP, I can have rice with sabzi..daal I rarely have..I have turned a vegetarian!

    @ Shrutzz, girl I am scared of the same thing..I hog and hog and don't put on..we will pray for eath other that we always remain in this shape ok :D

    @ Ramesh, errr, ok..I have an idea..whenever you invite us home na, please order food from out ok..

  25. @ ZB, oh wow, we are quite similar when it comes to food na..ewwww, elephant dung? have you smelled that? :P :D I will for sure try arabic cuisine..I am chill re..:)

    I will pray that your business blossoms is a very nice decision..good luck re..we all are not always right :))

    @ Communi, join the club dear :)

    @ SG, now that's quite mom always used to tell me that I should marry a south Indian as I love rice so much..I am sure God must have said Tathastu when she said it :D

    @ NR, it's better if we do not discuss tummy here..yeah I am aware that bengalis love rice too..and I am not joking..remember I am weird :D

    @ Rajlakshmi, nice profile pic..I love rice in any form :)

    @ Madhu, I thought you are these days running for covers..agar psychology sikh li, to I will find you in no time..simply loved your story..
    PS: You are the third person who always catches my sarcasm :D

    @ Kavita, bolo kab aau tumhare ghar? I like chinese at sydenham canteen only and a restaurant here in Mumbai..otherwise apna daal bhat zindabad :)

    @ Karthik, wow..:))

    @ Shama, hey thanks..the picture is indeed engrossing :)

    @ Neha, daal chawal anytime re..try out tea with will like it I guess :))

  26. naha ji neha ji bhool na jana rr ko bhool na jana...hehe:)

  27. Neha, I have been off blogging for some time, and came back to check on all the blogs I used to follow. And guess what, you are now a blog celebrity :), 75 comments!!! MAN, thats what I call a blog celebrity :)

    I know what you mean by rice being the "fulfilling" part of a meal. I miss rice when its not part of my "european" diet :)

  28. @ Ramesh, I can't forget you buddy :)

    @ Merlin, welcome back..and you started pulling my leg the moment you made a come back? :(

    Rice - I can't live without it :)

  29. No leg pulling... just didnt expect you to become a celebrity so soon :) But happy for you!! After all you are the only lawyer I know :)

  30. @ Merlin, I am no celebrity re.. that post was a normal one but went on a wrong track..otherwise I am still an ordinary blogger :)

  31. Rice and tea....both my favourite too..I can also take tea before food, with food and after food:)

    Indian chinese is always better then authentic one:)

  32. You know i realised today , you are in Mumbai and not in delhi ..
    Not been there much , but recently last year i had to visit it twice for 3 or 4 days visits from here.. Did not go anywhere ..
    So tell me where to go for FOOD good food.. Been to Leopolds cafe only for food, well that was the nearest cafe I was told of..