Friday, January 08, 2010

Don't I love chatting!!

There was a time when I loathed chatting; for isn't it a boring job to type non-stop? But a few friends got me hooked to this chatting fever. They always blamed me for not keeping in contacts with them after they left the city/country. And the chatting bug bit me too. Since then it has been a great source for me to simply burst the stress by ranting, venting out my frustration, subject discussion, ideas for so many competitions doing rounds on blogger and such.

And there are so many messengers around. So far as I remember; for me it all started with MSN Messenger. Then there was a major shift to yahoo thanks to the kind of option it had - one could remain invisible to selected people, group chat etc. Then I shifted to gtalk and till date loyal to it.

Tell you a secret people? My block list is longer than my friends list these days!

Why am I talking about chatting suddenly? Well; it has done a great thing to my brain; for it has become a bit creative. But along with, it has proved to be lethal for others. Me and my weird and dangerous ideas about different posts that we plan and plot (I won't name those bloggers here with whom I communicate), there are many who have become the target of our so called "already frustrated" brain.

And the chatting lingo - oh it was a nightmare for me; as i joined these chatters pretty late. These people had some kind of an alien language whereby they used so many abbreviations for most of the words. I was the odd person out when I was forced to be a part of a group-chat of the experts in this field. I am sure they had spent days in discovering and learning those shortcuts. BTW means by the way; LOL is laughing out loud, Your becomes ur; GTG is got to go, BRB is be right back, DND is do not disturb, you are becomes u r and what not. They didn't spare god too. Oh my God became OMG!

This chatting has affected many bloggers in this blogville too. They use this lingo in their posts as well!

I have a small gang of few bloggers on my chat list. We discuss bloggers there - whom we like, whom we despise, who comments what and how and why, what we feel when one does not understand our posts etc. - the list is pretty long. But I love these rants; for it makes me feel good that I am not alone and I have made few friends for life.

And how can I forget this! Chatting is too dangerous people; for they turn you into gossipers too. Tell me, how many of you have not ended up talking about others on chatting? OK, don't run behind me with a stick in your hand for making you realize this. I am one of you too!


  1. Hahahaha...Seriously Neha, I felt awkward about using short forms while chatting. My friends told me I was old-fashioned, but I was more worried that I might lose my language and grammar. Hehehehe

    I and my friend at work once had tough time breaking the code - "BRB"

    We couldnt make out what it was. And there's
    - BFN - Bye For Now
    - JLT - Just Like That

    and so on...

    you discuss about bloggers on your chat? :-O I will be careful henceforth!! :-P

  2. I love the invisible mode..its awesome, lets you talk to ppl of your choice.

  3. That i can buy that your block list is more than your friend!!
    I started chatting with yahoo chat rooms and only to chat with girls...silly i was :)!!
    Chatting has both positive as well as negatives..

  4. I usually avoid talking about someone not present in d conversation if I can avoid it...:P

    but there are people who stay hidden on chats...gawd, just masks...;)

    I always tell dem...simply remove unwanted ppl... i am rude, i have rejected my boss on gtalk...:P

    its my private space, hell, i will decide who i wanna add and who i don't...:D

    Oooh yeah... i like that evil plan...:D

  5. hmmm seriously i used to hate chatting, but then i developed this interest at idle time during office hours, so i used to chat as little as 8 hours every workday :) ...anyways...brb ,gtg, ta ,cya!

  6. Hmm well I am guilty in this case then, I have just got used to the shortcuts..

    But like insignia says i shall keep in mind when commenting here..

    So you mentioned Chatting is too dangerous for it turns you into gossipers so Hey whats the GOSSIP then :).. and no i dont have a stick.. I use hockey stick he he he

    Excellent read...

  7. I started off loving chatting. Then we broke apart. then we bonded again. So its been an on-off relationship.

    When internet was introduced, we thought it simply meant chatting. That was in late 90s. I was obsessed with chatting. Then i grew bored.

    Then i met my wife and then jab we met, we started chatting. We chatted and chatted and chatted for a whole year and then decided that we chatted really well so we might be agood as husband/wife. and then we got married. Soon after marriage we realizd that life isnt so easy as chatting and so started distancing with chatting....thats all.that my story about chats. TC :)

  8. and your profile pic looks super cool...looks like someone had great fun recently. TC.

  9. I thoroughly understand. :-)
    I personally hate chatting, but if it is with people who are not accessible on phone or in person, then it is perfectly all right, and I love it.
    And did you say gossiping? Nah.. It's information downloading. :P
    In the beginning I had one hell of a task decoding those messages lol, brb, rofl, etc. :D
    Now I'm a master at understanding these.. hehehe.. :P

  10. lol, rofl, lmao, phew! Quite a few ways to say u r amused, right? Chatting is fun, any day! :)

  11. Sending and receiving mails is better than chatting.
    And those short forms drive me crazy.

  12. Nice post. Chatting is an addiction. I do not chat with fellow bloggers. Therefore, I do not chat about any other blogger.

    I hope you have good things to say about me while chatting with your fellow bloggers.

  13. I really found ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing)hard to guess... i really had to google it to find out what it was... :)

  14. I dont cha with anyone except those whom I have met and known physically:)

  15. I was a total chat addict or 2 years. I used to log into Yahoo as soon as i get home from coll and chat till like 1 in the night. And during holidays dont bother asking. I used to have 10 windows popping every second and believe me i used to manage to reply to all of them and in time. My friends used to be amazed. But now i hardly chat even if i do i can hardly chat with 2-3 people and when we have a conference i find it hard to follow as we chat that fast. I have lost my chatting ability :((.

  16. hahaha the short forms used to bother me too when i first started chatting... but that was 6 years back... reminds me of the numerous chat and phone friends I had :)

  17. when i was new on Chatting world...i too had so many problems regarding shortcuts but now m used too of it...loved ur blog, m following u :)

  18. That's Great Lady!!

    I liked the short words...

  19. hihihi...its right neha...these shortforms make u think a lot...recently i found one...afk which means away from keyboard....hihii...
    and i agree to the point that it can lead to gossips...but for me it has alws helped me in various issues...


    yeah..its Too lazy to Type the Whole Thing

    you are absolutly right about chat lingo

  21. Frankly speaking, till this moment I did not know the real meaning of the short cuts---and I was very shy to ask.
    Ask who?To one of blogger colleagues and the whole world would know how ignorant(or outdated) I was.
    I am wiser today,Neha.
    Thanks for the interesting and informative post.

  22. Fab!
    I was a chat-worm have got bored with this stuff..but Neha u reminded of the days when my friends n me started at 6 in the evening and ended late at night...nostalgia...ahh!!

  23. @ Insignia, i had a tough time breaking the code - LMAO and SSDD...luckily google had the answers to both :D and sweetie, you don't have to be careful, as we do not discuss about you..we discuss about bad blogs; and yours doesn't qualify there..:)

    @ JJ, I love invisible mode and block option :)

    @ NR, yeah, that was indeed silly to chat with strangers..:)

    @ Sid, invisible mode is not a mask..sometimes you cannot remove certain people only because you want stay invisible na than rude..evil plan has been executed on you as well on KickAss by the great me :D

    @ Nu, TY :D

    @ Hary, yeah, those short forms..

    @ Bikram, the latest gossip is that you have been ranting on your blog about certain people :P

    @ ZB, kya milne bichadne ki story hai...waah..and i used to think the same - internet is all about chatting :D and the profile pic is that of Kerala :))

    @ Karthik, information downloading indeed :D master at decoding now I know whom to ask when i m stuck :D

    @ DC, chatting is fun with fun people :P

  24. @ Haddock, those short forms drive me crazy too..

    @ SG, no my blogger group is different from our common we do not discuss shoot the breeze..and even if I wil discuss, it will be nice only for sure :)

    @ Mukund, welcome here..thank u for your comments..I have used google too to find out many meanings of these abbreviations :)

    @ Antarman, good to know that :)

    @ Harini, that's some talent..try it again..I am sure you will get your touch bck :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, so very true re..thanks :)

    @ An Ordinary Girl, welcome here..thank you for your i am used to those shortcuts too :))

    @ Swatantra, now I like them too...thanks :)

    @ Holy Lama..TY :D

    @ Rohini, AFK? ewwww, that's aweful na..

    @ Sorcerer, thank u for enlightening me with few more :)

    @ Chowlaji, you can ask me anytime about these shortcuts..i will let you know without announcing your name on my blog :) glad you liked the post..

    @ Jaunti Anima, oh yeah, once we start chatting, we lose the track of time..glad you liked the post :))

  25. Thanks Neha. That's a great compliment and a breather :-D