Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A story of four idiots!

Movies! Most of us love watching them, discussing them, and well sometimes we even end up changing our style to look like our favourite actor/actress; and behave like them too! I know you won’t agree with me on this point; but how many of you have shifted to bigger for your face sun glasses; or a huge bag in which your three bags of regular size can fit!

Sometimes, these stars use various publicity stunts to make certain accessories famous; and what not. Our brain stops working after looking at those promos that promote jewellery, clothes and products! But this post is not about fashion trends that we follow after watching movies. This post is indeed about the kind of publicity stunts the bollywood use to promote their upcoming movies etc.

There was a time when the only medium of publicity was the posters of that movie outside theatre. And these days there is publicity of the upcoming movies are done through all possible mediums that you can think of! All the news channels show them, all the serials and reality shows have stars in them, posters at each corner, free distribution of cds, lucky draws, premieres promising a live performance by the leading actors, newspapers, and what not! Not that I watch any of these soaps or shows, nor I have attended a premiere show, for it always starts at least 2 hours behind schedule; but i do have to tolerate the discussion about the movies as well as stars and their various methods to give more and more publicity to their movies.

The latest one in news is three idiots! Whenever I switch on the television, I see many products using “All is well” as their tagline. Well there is a song in this movie with the same title line! And Amir Khan in his different looks is seen everywhere; from a farmers house to hunting for Saurav Ganguly. He is looking for Ganguly in altogether a different look – long and unkempt hair, beard and what not – still you can make out it’s Amir; and we are idiots because we recognized him!

There is another method that they have used this time. I spotted it while travelling by an auto. The auto ahead of me had “Capacity – three idiots” written behind it! I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I even managed to click that image. Then I spotted three people sitting in that auto; yes three idiots, and i so wished for a transparent cover for that Auto so that I could have clicked three of them with three idiots written behind their back. Ah brilliant idea and I don’t share it? I immediately called my friend and laughed about the whole thing like I had actually got my wish fulfilled!

I reached home, paid the autowala. He took the payment and grinned at me. I asked him the reason behind his grin. He counted the money and told me; "Madam, look behind my auto!"


  1. Excellent post. Loved the punch line. Nowadays Indian movie advertisements go beyond the normal. They even take 30 minute infomercial in the television. I think many people do not know it is a paid 30 minute commercial.

  2. lolz..even i had seen that on an auto... nice stunts for publicity

  3. Thats damn creative...these auto drivers, i tell you ,are much more than auto drivers. Nice post. :)

  4. Oh yes, I see Three Idiots merchandise everywhere now a days. Indian movie promotions have come of age and they are finding all wacky ways to promote the movie.

    And lol!! at the 3 idiots capacity auto...:-D

  5. LOL @ 3 idiots capacity. Seriously, trophy at that line =)) This one was hilarious. The auto tag lines really get me :P What with all the hindi movie names and all :D

    Good one, neha =)

  6. "All is well"... vasse this 3 idiots concept is very good, but what will happen to those like us who bride autowallas to accommodate even 4... :)

  7. interesting promotion ya, Aamir always has his crazy ideas...
    remember the time where all malls had Gajhini look...

    i wonder if same autos are in Delhi.

  8. The rickshaw wala thing was too good. Seems like Aamir is too much into publicity these days. Remember when ghajini was released most of the theatre worker had shaved bald.

  9. Admaking is finally moving past the routine ghisa pita posters and videos...

    Awesome punchline though!

  10. @ SG, thanks...I am glad u liked the are right; many do not know that it is a paid commercial..

    @ Chandana, oh yes, it is indeed very funny..

    @ ZB, true, tht's really very creative..thanks :)

    @ Insignia, so true ya..the ways used these days for publicity are indeed wacky..

    @ Anamika, 3 idiots capacity only made me the fourth idiot :O but it is funny if u ain't the victim :P and u get to see hindi movie dialogues too btw on the auto :D

  11. @ Saurabh, all is well is working well with insurance companies too.. and bribes no longer work in per auto, only 3 idiots are allowed..

    @ Sid, who can forget gajani...that time people were bald idiots..

    @ communi, true girl, amir too has to do publicity these days..

    @ NesQuarx, welcome here..thank u for your comments..but don't u think we enjoy those ghisa pita sa ideas more now? n yeah, its a great punchline indeed!

  12. he he he I cant stop laughing, this made my day .. I just popped back from work, searching got here..

    I had to read the article twice, first time round i did not see the sticker.. Duhhh me I know .. but hey i am tired been working on a 12 hour shift, with idiots all around, not just 3 but many more.. idiots doing silly things while us coppers are made to go on a wild goose chase..:)

    Excellent write up...

  13. Very innovative. I remember Aamir Khan actually cutting the hair of people and giving them his Ghajini look, last year. They certainly know how to sell their product.
    Lovely post. And the twist in the tale was damn good. :D

  14. LOL Neha :) hahaha.. i'm still laughing :)

    And did you notice one more thing ? Below the 'capacity: 3 idiots' there is also written MAHAN ;)

    So what is the interpretation? May be something like this:

    1.3 idiots and 1 mahan [driver]
    2. 3 idiots are actually mahan
    3. the one who is clicking this photo is mahan

    LOL !!

  15. There was a news in Chennai newspaper that one autowalla earns handsome money thru these ads.

    Even I dislike this type of publicity..too much of any show the same people, same movie is being talked about and too much of anything so many time backfires.

  16. :)

    Anything for some publicity ! maybe they should get other ideas too. Perhaps distribute it to people who can stick it on cars parked wrong.

    On MPs not turning up at work. On scowling bosses and lousy snobs.

    All carrying an 'i am an idiot' certification !

    hmm !

  17. I too saw this written behind an auto," Capacity: 3 Idiots"!

    Very articulately written article!

  18. What was behind your auto?? People love to follow what their stars do.. i remember seeing everyone from a kid to an uncle sporting the Ghajini hair style when it released. And you know it was a tamil movie which got dubbed into telugu... so i had to face that fashion trend twice... once thanks to surya and then to aamir. You know every star comes in crappiest of crappy shows to promote their films. MY friend who watches perfect bride (dont ask me why) told me that kat and ranbir were in the show.

    I really wonder... if a movie is good wont it sell on its own? I agree ppl need to know about the movie but is so much publicity required?

  19. Lol, Neha...I came to this blog for first time..rather myself new to blogging...I have just reading ur blogs and finished the 3 couldn't stop imagining urself moving towards th back of your auto and reading the damn ad...Anyways..I myself hate ads...if u watch to sit a program of the end u start wondering..."WAS I WATCHING AN AD which had some other programs filling in between or WAS IT REALLY A PROGRAMME THAT WAS JUST FILLED WITH ADS AND ADS ONLY"...Keep bloggin..and I will surely go thru ur rest f the blogs..and also pls do see my blog... and do comment...

  20. ROFL....Neha !My oh my its really very funny.One way i am fortunate that there is always a animation movie being played on my tv so my TV is never free to inflict these painful promos on me.

    Before more stress used to be on the story line,the script and the acting promos are huger than the actual movie.I wonder if these promo really help the movies because to the audience it is a nuisance.

  21. LOLZ. So, you enjoyed more idiotic space. I guess all our kinds will watch the movie for sure.

  22. or is it 'mohan' written there ??

  23. Competition is @ its best these days.
    Earlier the medium to entertain was very less but now-a-days there are many. To invite an audience to watch movie is a difficult task. I like the way Aamir has shown courage to do a task which is difficult for a known actor. Movie is already a superhit - I am sure 100%.

  24. Neha, it is all about marketing a product-MOVIE- which is becoming very expensive.Some of the big ones have a publicity budget running into crores.
    It is not only Amir Khan. It is same with AB, Salman,Srk.
    If the publicity is good and the first week collection at times is enough to recover the costs.
    I think what these people are doing is a great job and may be one day some of these could be the case studies in some management institute.
    It is just marketing.
    Yes,I am a great movie fan and take a lot of interest.I keep myself upto date.

  25. Neha, ROFL, all the way i was giggling :P
    My brother is in mumbai and he told about these auto-publicity.. Aamir is creative and we are Idiots!

    Good one neha :P :D

  26. That's a unique way of marketing :-) . I'd much rather take this than the product placements within the movies.

    Good one !

  27. thats the way to captivate the audiences ....nice post

  28. What a post :D
    Btw, I haven't watched even one trailer of three idiots, so does that count me as one ? :P

    Nice ending :D

  29. @ sm, thanks...I am glad you liked it..

    @ Bikram, welcome here..thanks you for your comments..idiots all around us, hmmm...but here i had become one sadly..

    @ Karthik, Gajani gave us the new hairdo to laugh at and a name for people with short term memory! twist in a tale was good? well, u like me being called an idiot. what else I can add!

    @ Nu dear, your second guess was is Mohan and not Mahan...still, fabulous observation...and thank u for sending this post for nomination :)

    @ Antarman, I never minded these publicities so far as they never made me an idiot; but not anymore..

  30. @ Kavi, what ideas...Will you help me in making my firm famous please? :D

    @ Shama, thanks :)

    @ Harini, Capacity - three idiots. this is what was there behind my auto...and gajani trend to be faced twice? that is something indeed..and I don't even have words for your friend and perfect bride..publicity is required my dear...we are talking about it thanks to the publicity right?

    Jzt for me, welcome here...thank u for your comments..what u say is true...I will visit your blog for sure...couldn't find your profile though..thanks :)

    @ Haddock, yeah, tht was indeed a quick thinking..

    @ Kavita, promos..only they are nice these days...movies are horrible..lucky u, for you dont have to tolerate these crappy stuff...

  31. @ Holy Lama, I am a big Amir khan fan, si I wil for sure watch the movie :)

    @ Hobo, movie a hit - i hope so...I am looking forward to it...thanks :))

    @ BK Chowla, I am a big movie fan too...and I am quite impressed by the publicity stunts - most of them...but calling passengers idiots - ummm, no na...and making an appearance in tv all the time - foolish..thanks :))

    @ Shruti, thanks buddy...I am glad you liked it :D

    @ Madhu, thanks :)

    @ Rohini, thanks :))

    @ Pawan, I would call u sensible...thanks :))

  32. Hahaha. that was funny. Loved the capacity: three idiots things :D :)

  33. This made to the final selection for voting :) Good Luck