Tuesday, December 01, 2009


People! Different kind of them around you and me; each one unique, still we call a few of them “normal”. Knowing me, I am for sure not going to talk about the normal sort; and no, not even the weird ones, for I like my monopoly there. There are few stepbrothers of weird kind, and i will be talking about them.

Always Confused – when you talk to such people, you feel you are the dumbest person alive on this planet earth! They always have confused look on their face, even when you talk about your gender to them which is very clearly visible due to obvious reasons; but you still cross check whether you are still a male or a female!

That’s not all; these people make simple situations complicated. They interpret simple things in such complex manner that confusion will get confused too! No personal examples, but how many of you have faced this problem in the form of comments on your simplest possible post? Leave a smiley, and i will understand your point :)

Perpetual Question mark – they are very close to always confused, but they at least express their concern, and don’t make you look dumb from the very beginning. But eventually after their 15th question on your particular statement, ummm, you will doubt your intelligence/dumbness – you are at liberty to interpret this for yourself!

God save you if the Perpetual Question mark happens to be your boss!

Or even worse, your wife!

Don’t be so frightened. I am not going to mention mother in law here!

The classical Dancer – my personal favourite category. These people cannot talk without moving their hands. Yes, they cannot talk! I once held hands of such an artist; she couldn’t utter a single word. I had to let go, as it is very difficult to survive without a non-stop entertainment.

My ex-boss was a Classical Dancer too. While explaining directions to our office to a client, the dancer boss simply gestured with his hand and said “take this turn after the signal”. Poor client kept asking which turn, and my boss kept repeating this turn without realizing that the client couldn’t see him and his hand! (Hope you guys understood what i am trying to say, as sadly I do not have the video clipping of the same.)

Exceptionally intelligent sorts – these people have more brain than required; so they keep distributing their spare intelligence all around us in the form of gyaan, comments on blogs, proving non-existing theories etc. etc. I am really scared of such sorts. They talk non-stop in alien language, using the most complicated and unheard words which even our MS word fails to display in its synonym list! I wonder, am I so dumb that I fail to understand them or their intelligence has driven them to insanity. But they still leave me looking like a dumb weirdo.

Exceptionally Dumb – This category is mentioned specially for few of my very dear blog buddies including myself; for we come across such species very often. i guess most of you have had such experiences too, if you don't belong to this category, right? For the rest of you, who are still fortunate enough not to have come across them yet; well these are the most dangerous people specially sent by god in the blogsphere. They too specialize in making you look not only dumb, but you think 10 times before posting anything! They have the ability to make you doubt about yourself and your writing ability. Gosh, if you write "she was dumb and deaf", they will ask in the comment section, "was she actually dumb and deaf or she simply could not hear or speak. Sorry i didn't understand this!" Phew, what will you reply to such people? Mind you guys, i am not exaggerating here at all. I can post a link of such comments thread here, but I don't want them to get my point this time too.

I have blabbered enough. Venting out my frustration i guess, or expecting your comments that say i am not dumb, but they are. Hope you all are intelligent enough to understand what I am expecting as comments now!

PS: After reading this post, you will for sure agree with me that I indeed need a break. So I am taking one. I will reply to all the comments for this post when I come back. But my blog will be updated from time to time as couple of good friends of mine will be writing guest posts here. So ciao people, and Miss Me!


  1. Wow...only these many? I thought the list was endless :-P

    An Extremely Intelligent is more worse than an Extremely Dumb!! Know why? Even though they have the ability to simplify; they complicate!!!

    One more new set of people - Who can forget the "Ever knowing - Been everywhere, done everything" people who flaunt. Can find many people that way.

    As usual, extended your post :-D

  2. Insignia, will reply to the whole comment later, but one thing - Part 2 is coming soon :P

    n yeah, thank u for extending the post yet again..love u buddy :)))

  3. Hi! Neha
    Aha! That was a real cool observation that uve layed out as a post,reading thru i realised these kind have definitely come thru in ones life,but never dared to classify them & think likewise,intresting & it was fun reading thru. :)

  4. hahaha, cool classifications. I wonder which category i fall into?Perhaps always confused. this is a great post. TC :)

  5. lol.. :D
    I'm now wondering which category you are gonna fit me into. So lemme not say more (just to be on a safer side). :D
    It was hilarious. Waiting for the next part.
    Happy vacation!
    Happy days ahead! :-)

  6. Ahhh... everyone is going to think "I'm not exceptionally dumb"... and whoever does... 'ahem! ahem!'
    And the example you have given of them, they actually, really think they are exceptionally intelligent... if only they knew better! :D
    What are we, you and the other two in whose able hands you have left the blog? ;)
    And didn't you nicely leave out some categories?! Smart move! :D ;)

  7. Ha ha .....I think I am a bit of that classical dancer. I too have realized that and tried to correct myself. But in the animated conversation I forget that my hands are flying.

  8. no no neha plz dont put me in that Exceptionally intelligent category...heheh..i am already blusing yar.plz y do u do this friend?! whattttt? u dint?

  9. I am always confused. That makes me fall into the first category. But, now I am confused about which category I fall in. :D

  10. I thought i fell perfectly in the first category. Then i was quite confused about it all, when i read the second.

    Was thinking about it when i went through the whole thing. But when i came to the last one...well, it all fell in place !

  11. You hv left me wondering to which category i belong to.. May be im confused :)
    that was a hillarious post.

  12. He he I guess am the classical dancer..I use my hands and heads so much that my physiotherapist has to shh me all the time:)
    Nice post, Neha:)

  13. Interesting read. Sure to make the reader think about what sort of a person he/she is.

  14. i am scared in which category you will keep me?

  15. The holy one knows it all. But good work posting it for the other disciples.;D

  16. I was just thinking to which one i belong.. and i was confused..

    haha nice post!

  17. objection my lord..dnt permit neha to take one week leave...the blog world cannot be ditched....:)

  18. It took me time ,but with the details posted by you, I have \been able to define the category I fall into.

  19. those were some categories.. :)
    these kind of people r all around..n its a good way to through ur frustration.. i m too thinking of describing who i like, like anything, one by one, so that i too lose some wait... :)

  20. It just occurred to me that you have a talent for sizing up people, and attributing certain qualities to them. This is possibly an excellent qualification to have when you are in the profession of standing up and convincing some person about something systematically, to your own benefit.

    Neha, you have a great future ahead as a lawyer !

    Having said this, I still can't figure out which category I am. May a hybrid ? ....

    But one thing for sure. i will never make a good lawyer. ....maybe a fine defendant or something :-)

  21. Good you did not mention names. I was worried I would figure somewhere or the other.
    Waiting for some more descriptions.

  22. Can God can pick sense out of a confused prayer? I am always confused.

    I remember going to to my friend(who happens to be a Neurosurgeon)with a problem.

    He prescribed MRI...And I did it..

    Interesting post Neha...

  23. If it hadn't been for the "using the most complicated and unheard words" bit... I would have considered myself in the "Exceptionally intelligent sorts" category! But alas... I cannot bask in self-glory yet! Sighhhh! I wonder which category would I belong to now ???? Kindly enlighten me on this as soon as you get back.

  24. Nice post. Excellent observation. After reading this, I am very clearly confused. ha ha ha.

    Have a nice vacation and come back safe.

  25. interesting
    and thinking in which catagory you will put me ?

  26. am always the confused lad...!!! god my blog explains me better!!!

  27. @ RD, hahaha, thanks...I am glad you enjoyed this post...well we do come across such kinda people in our lives, but as u mentioned, we are scared to categorize them...:)

    @ ZB, always confused? that's interesting..but I am sure you don't make others feel dumb :))

    @ Karthik, i am nobody to put u into any of these categories, until you do one of the acts mentioned above..

    @ Guria, my my, girl stop reading my mind all the time...it's scary you know...since insignia has written part 2 already, how about part three of this? :P

  28. @ Haddock, c'mon, with the talent that u possess, i am sure you ain't a classical dancer all the time!

    @ Ramesh, I won't put u in that category at all buddy...that term is used sarcastically ok..:P

    @ Prathamesh, you said it all urself :D

    @ ah Kavi, finally things did fall in place, right? hope the confusion is cleared now :)

  29. @ Rajlakshmi, thanks girlie...i am glad this post gave u some laugh :)

    @ Panorama, hahaha, thanks buddy...nice to know that you belong to the safest category mentioned here :D

    @ subu.ps, welcome here..thank u for your comments..well my intentions are to make people notice such other people having various talents and share those as a post :))

    @ Hobo, are you confused about it or something else? :P

    @ Antarman, I won't put u in any category...I just want to give u all some smiles :))

  30. @ Holy Lama, hahahaha...good to know at least you are with me :D

    @ Swatantra, hahaha, thanks :))

    @ Ramesh, I AM BACK :))))))))))))

    @ BK Chowla, hope you are in the safest category :))

    @ Saurabh, oh yeah...best way to take out frustration...do let me know when you post it ok..:)

    @ Ugich Konitari, oh my, thank you...that's a huge compliment... actually these categories are the result of total boredom..:) you don't belong to any of the categories here..n good defendent? ok, now I know whom to contact if my client is sued :)

  31. @ nsiyer, no sir, you do not belong to any of these categories..n names I could not have mentioned for most of the categories as I do not know the bloggers personally :))

    @ Ajit Keshav Nair, welcome here...thank u for ur comments..oh my, you belong to the confused category? never mind, i am sure ur case is not of the extreme sort right? thanks..I am glad you liked the post :))

    @ kaddu, you are a dear friend...i will never ever put u in that exceptionally intelligent category! but u r intelligent for sure :D

  32. @ SG, ah, good you worked it out urself :P and i am back :))

    @ sm, thanks...ummm, i wil decide n let u know, ok?

    @ Hary - the confused cartoonist!

  33. Good observations!! And I am leaving a :)

  34. Hey guess what i fall under Exceptionally Dumb category...cos most time i do not understand a particular post on visiting 3ce in row.

    I have funda of giving honest opinion, and not some fake you are nice...good going etc...so i simply post, i did not understand...nd then forget to check back...:o