Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kerala Part 1 - Houses

All thanks to my laziness, I was not able to update my blog soon with the Kerala posts. But I am back now, with my posts on the wonderful Kerala.

When we were to land at Cochin, the view below us was splendid, with the tree-bed spread all over, seldom we spotted a house, or a small colony! Beautiful trees, with rays of sun falling on them; the early morning rays, the combination of golden and green – breathe taking!

And my dear husband breaks the spell – huh, I am already bored of greens!

Sigh! Well, let me move on, or the post will be more on my husband than Kerala.

The Cochin city was no different than Mumbai when it came to heat and traffic. It was 36 degrees when we started our journey with Unnikrishnan as our driver who spoke broken English, little bit of Hindi, a big music and waterfall fan and loved watching shootings. With his super car and driving; we headed to Munnar.

With our eyes so used to look at tall buildings of Mumbai; most of them painted with pastel colours, it took our eyes quite some time to get used to the bungalows that we spotted after half an hour of commencing our journey; bungalows with all bright colours like dark pink, violet, bright orange, florescent green, neon blue and such others. All scattered, beautifully designed, you spot the next bungalow after 3-4 minutes of the first one.

I kept wondering about those houses - The colour, the architectural beauty, the space, gardens, the names of the bungalows; and what not! It clicked me after quite some time to capture those beauties; but I still managed to get few clicks. They are not very clear, yet they give you an idea of those bright colours.

I am sure the owner of this Bella Vista has not yet seen MHADA logo which looks like this:

And Mohanlal!

I have written couple of guest posts on other blogs. One about Kerala; to read that, click here

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  1. Nice post Neha. Waiting for more posts and pics from Kerala :) I havent been to Kerala so far so I am gonna believe in everything you say here :P

  2. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictues Neha. Those houses looks lovely. And, your narration is excellent. Looking forward to reading more on Kerala.

  3. Ah, finally! We are in Kerala. :-)
    Didn't really know there were even colours like neon blue and florescent green. Knew only blue and green. :P
    Very nice pics, by the way. I liked the first two houses.
    This post was just about houses, wasn't it? Lot more to come then. Waiting for the next part... :)

  4. i never liked kerala... people there are losers...

    people eat more veg there...:D

  5. For minute i thought MHADA had an offsite campus in Munnar too ! :)

    I must say, that the featuring of Mohanlal alone on your blog will cause quite a bit of angst amongst the Mammooty fans ! :)

    Munnar is a wonderful place. Have been there quite a few times. I wonder if you did Coimbatore and Ooty as well, or if this trip was restricted to Kerela.

    They are all wonderful places. And as i write this i wonder, if i am saying all of that because i have experienced this 'wonder' !!

    Glad to hear. Look forward to more ! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures with excellent hoses all over.It is almost like being there after reading your post.
    I have been to Cochin ,but that was a long time back.

  7. Could have met up in Cochin. Those bright colours sometimes make you blind in peak summer.

  8. You can see those loud colours even in the suburbs here(Kerala). Waiting for more about your trip....

    @Sid,ahem...there are people from Kerala here, MIND IT!

  9. @ Avada, I will have u tel u the truth only, as there are people from Kerala here...right DC? :D

    @ SG, thanks..I loved those houses..initially it took me a bit of time to get used to the colour, but later on they contributed a lot in the beauty of Kerala...more coming soon :))

    @ Karthik, yes, Kerala is here indeed..such colours do exist..and the clicks have been taken from a moving car..we didn't have time to stop by and take the clear glad you liked them...and few more posts to come; maybe 2 more :))

    @ Sid, my my, that was a very rude comment dude...I am a pure vegetarian, but my husband had a better time there when it came to food thanks to the kinda non-veg food that is prepared there..I think you should research more before calling people losers..
    thanks for your comments..

  10. @ Kavi, :) MHADA indeed...isn't it amusing to see that name plate? the moment I spotted it, I was dying to blog about it..oops, you reminded me of next post will have him for sure :D
    we went to Munnar and Alleppey only..didn't want to travel a lot...Coimbatore and Ooty - maybe next time, cos i am for sure gonna visit this place again :) thanks :))

    @ BK Chowla, thank u very much..I am glad you liked the post...this was my first trip to Cochin.:)

    @ Holy Lama, oh yeah, we could have met..I was there in Cochin for 3-4 hours doing time when I come there or you come here, we will meet up :)

    @ DC, thank you for your comments..those houses look beautiful na...more on my trip coming soon :)

  11. Arguably, one of the finest States we have in the country.

  12. nice pics and a gr8 post. truly kerela is a gr8 state. wish to visit it soon...thnx.

  13. Neha
    ;) Good know what I mean :D
    Me likes, me likes!

  14. Nice pictures Neha, I hav always wanted to travel to Kerala, esp. the Kovalam beach.

  15. Each house was so captivating. Mohanlal is cute :-)

    Waiting for more!!

  16. Wow... I like... I like :D
    My land.. God's own country...
    Waiting to read more :D as there is definitely more to Kerala thn wat u ve shown...
    N it is interesting to view it frm another's perspective :)

  17. Hey... Merry X'mas... Hope u have a good time :)

  18. @ exposemaximum, welcome here..thank u for your comments..agree with u totally :))

    @ Rohini, thanks ya...I am glad u liked the post and the pics :)

    @ DC, glad you liked it...:D

    @ Panorama, do visit it...its a lovely place :)

    @ Insignia, oh thanks a lot...I am glad you approved of Mohanlal here :P

    @ Laxmi, there is a lot more to kerala...I visited two places and mention as much as I correct me wherever i am wrong...wish u too a merry christmas :)

  19. Neha,

    Oh yeah!! Cute Mohanlal :-P

    You have an award waiting in my blog. Please pick it up. :-)

  20. lovely green green post...
    Kerela is indeed beautiful... a beauty hardly visible in our concrete jungle...
    lovely post :)

  21. Oh, that was lovely. Kerala has lovely houses and coloring them bright is a recent trend. I was surprised myself to see bright orange or blood red houses.

    Kerala is a great place, like any other place in the world. Hope you had good time in Malluland. TC:)

  22. OMG.. The Betrayal was awsm.. :)
    ***** stars.... I absolutely loved it... esp the ending....Brilliant work di... :D

  23. @Neha:Nice post Neha. I always thought the bright colored buildings look awful, but they look great in pics. My mom and me are having big time fight over painting of our house. Mom is supporting such fluroscent colors and I am for the softer shades. :)

    Hope to read more on Kerala.

  24. I so wanted to go there when my sister and her hubby were there but things dint work out :(. I think Kerala is one the most beautiful places in India (I am totally a green fan... leave me where their is nature you wont have any complains :P). I wish that i could go there someday.

  25. Great at last u had a can stay at these places for a week not more than that..nice break!!

  26. me back after quite some time as well...goood vacation eh...oo i luv kerala!!!nice pics! :D..merry xmas..cya around yu doin

  27. Neha, I love those wonderful houses and the tiled roofs. But you talked about colour, and it is our Company's paints that adorns most of those houses.

  28. Thanks for sharing beautiful pics

  29. BeautifulPictures!!..I finfd kerala to be completely enchanting.

  30. I haven't been to Southern part of India but very soon.

  31. Nice post Neha!! Indeed very nice collection of photos...

    Look forward to more!!

  32. @ Insignia, thanks buddy for the award..I am honoured :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, thanks girl...I am glad you liked the post :))

    @ ZB, I had an amazing time in Malluland...awesome places yaar...loved it :))

    @ Lakshmi, hey thanks girl...I am glad you liked the story :))

    @ Communi, the houses look wonderful in the images..otherwise it all depends upon your preferences...hope you have settled for the shades of your choice :)

    @ Harini, if u r a fan of green, then you will love this go there :))

  33. @ NR, yeah, at last a vacation, and an amazing one :) I can stay there for a month re...thanks..

    @ Hary, I should say, welcome back...I am doing good buddy...Kerala is indeed beautiful :)

    @ NSIyer, thank u for your comments sir..your company's colours? well I will contact you when I have to get my house painted sir :)

    @ sm, thanks :)

    @ Antarman, thanks :)

    @ Hobo, go there soon, it's beautiful :)

    @ Swatantra, thanks buddy :)

  34. how is Kerala? Have you done the boat house yet?

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