Saturday, December 19, 2009

I love to read them

I have been thinking about writing this post for a long time. But I was not sure how to execute it, what to write about bloggers I love to read. And finally, a blog buddy persuaded me to write this post. I won’t waste much of space on my ranting, I will straight away come to the point.

Shrikant – my college friend, my one and only source for the songs I want, designs I want to create for blog or myself (remember Nehatrix image in the last post? If not then click here and here and see them all yourself), the co-author of “our” dream blog – Crap Station and above all ONE OF THE BEST BLOGGERS I have come across. Humour and Wit are gifts presented by god to him. I started to blog after reading his posts. So people, go and hit this guy as you all have to tolerate me because of him.

Kavi – if you ask me to name one blog I am addicted to; or one blog I have to pick up as my favourite; it has to be Kavi’s Musings. I love all the blogs I am going to mention in this post, but his blog is somehow very special to me. Kavi always takes me down the memory lane with his posts, he brings a smile on my face with his write ups and I wait for his next post for two reasons – 1) my eagerness ends for the next two days; and 2) my curiosity of reading his reply to my comment ends after two days!

ZB – I started reading him during my early days of blogging; and fell in love with his fiction stories. I have never read anybody as good as ZB when it comes to fiction. He is my favourite fiction writer after Ayn Rand. Whenever i write a fiction story, I make him judge it. His approval is the ultimate comment for me. Thanks buddy for teaching me the art of fiction writing. I owe you big time.

SG – The first time I visited his blog as he shares the same name that of my firm. And I am glad I visited his space, for I found the ocean of knowledge there. I admire him for his knowledge about history, sanskrit and anything related to general knowledge. His each post and the comment section too is loaded with all possible kind of information about the topic he has blogged about. It is my dream to be his student one day.

Anand the Rainmaker in waiting – Well you need to read his post at least thrice if you are visiting his blog for the first time! I love his style of writing. He has been off the blogger for quite a few months now, but one of the bloggers I still look forward to. I am waiting for him to make a come back soon. If you cannot understand the difference between wit and sarcasm, then his blog is not meant for you!

Insignia – one of the few bloggers who understands my posts always and helps me extend them by posting wonderful comments. I love her blog for her unique style of writing about any topic, her technique of bringing out wit in her write ups and of course, the quality I love – sarcasm! But most of the times, like it happens with so many of us, most of the people don’t understand her sarcasm. But one thing i can promise, even when she does not have time to post anything and she just posts the images clicked by her, you will see those images also at least ten times.

Guria – The queen of sarcasm, the Maverick, the girl who reads my mind faster than myself; and her posts – after reading them, I always feel, I wish I could write this way too! Though she loves to embarrass me all the time (can’t disclose the reason behind my embarrassment now), I love her for that. She is one of the best gifts and friends blogging world gave me.

Kaddu – she is my most helpful neighbour. And thanks to farmville, I found a great friend and an awesome blogger. She is very clear about her thoughts, she can make an old denim sound interesting too with her write ups. You will end up laughing your double chin off after reading her disclaimer too; so imagine what is in store for you when you read her posts. And she is the one who persuaded me to come up with this post. Thanks friend, owe you big time for this. And she has given me a nice name too – Neha Nautanki. I so love it guys. Thanks Kaddu for this too. I will send u a fence as a gift for sure ok?

Karthik – He is the king of awesome narration. He usually writes very long posts, but I enjoy reading them a lot as the narration is flawless. You want his posts to go on and on. His each short story has a unique plot, he does his research well before writing any post. So if you are a fiction fan, you know which blog to join right away.

Madhu – An awesome writer. I am a big fan of his posts. He is again one of the few writers on blogsphere I look forward to read. His simplicity scores each time he writes a post. His posts and comments always bring a smile on my face. I admire his modesty the most. Ok, i think I should stop here, or he will fly to India and sue me straight away.

I love to read all the blogs on my list; and they all hold a special place in my small world.

Thank you all my blog buddies for your support always. I will write a similar post again in future and soon about few more people whom I love to read as this post is already too long.


  1. This is a wonderful gesture Neha...:-) A perfect and fitting explanation on each blogger. Thanks much for finding me worthy enough to have included in the list. I am so very honored.

    As you tell, I feel stupid many a times when my sarcasm is not understood...Anyways..I always take that there are very few smart people around :-P aren't they?

  2. Good to know about so many nice blogs around :) I will strive to make my blog getting listed here!

    Happy weekend.

  3. Heyyyy Nehatrix, that was very sweet of you. I'm honoured. Thank you so much. King of awesome narraton, did you say? Whoa! This is a superb compliment. As Mark Twain put it, "I can live for two months on a good compliment." So very true! :)

    It was a wonderful post. I have now discovered some splendid bloggers. Thanks to you. :)

  4. Neha Neha Neha,

    I am speechless. I am honored you included me in your list. I hope my future blogs are worthy of your praise and expectation. You made my day. I am very happy.

  5. I could say so many things here! But this time I'll refrain and say:
    Thank you. And you know, that the feeling is absolutely mutual. love you, girl!

    P.S. You are signing 'Nehatrix' and drowning us in butter!! ;)
    As usual however much I try to resist,I never can!! :D

  6. @ Insignia, thanks...I am glad you liked this post...and each word I said about you and others is true...thank u for being a great blogger :)

    @ Mohan, I am sure you own an amazing blog too...I will for sure visit your blog...thanks a lot for your comments..:)

    @ Karthik, 2 months u gonna live now? ok. then lemme throw all kinda criticism towards you now for the next two months...but darn, its hard to find re..well, i will still find my way :P

    @ SG, you make my day whenever you have a new post on board...I love your blog and posts..and they will give me the same kinda happiness that they give me now...

    @ Guria, thanks u! and nehatrix indeed :D

  7. Wow, Thats such an honour to be in your list. Thanks a ton buddy. I feel honoured and also awkward. I wonder if i really deserve this. You are no less a writer yourself, so i accept this. Thanks again. TC:)

  8. A very nice way of acknowledgment. I am happy and honoured you are on my blog list.

  9. Now I will get down to read all these blogs! What an idea!

  10. Kavi is a creative person And I love reading post/s.
    And Neha, Thankyou for mentioning blogger/s. Will read them sooner or later. Friends, I am coming...

  11. Among all the bloggers i too love to read KAvi's , SG and even yours too!!
    And ya the dp looks awesome...great!! :)!!

  12. thanks for writing down the names of good blogs

  13. Hi,

    That was really nice post! I like the name nehatrix...

  14. My God ! ( I almost exclaimed like Jim Carrey ) reading this huge compliment !

    Well, well, what can i say..but thank you. And maybe wish your tribe of people grow ! :)

    And all the accolades seem to be coming in exactly when work is peaking ! Sigh.

    Its been fantastic knowing you and reading up your blog too ! Its all about a degree of connectedness and happiness it brings too! Well done !

    Now. What do i write next ?

  15. Didn't make to the list:( Got an award though:)Not seen you there since:( Just another phase, I hope:)

  16. Hi! Neha,

    That was so nice of you to acknowledge them,Thanks for sharing... :)

  17. @ ZB, oi, zyada modest mat are the best ok...

    @ nsiyer, the honour is all mine...thank u sir :)

    @ Shama, thank u for appreciating :))

    @ Hobo, Kavi is one of the best bloggers i know..thanks :)

    @ NR, good to see you here after a long time...thanks ya...i love this dp too :D

  18. @ sm, thanks :)

    @ Swatantra, I love nehatrix too...thanks :P

    @ Kavi, I don't care about increase in number of tribe people...I want to read you and few more people; that's all..and what do u write next? well, you can write on anything, right? :)))

    @ Holy Lama, i will be writing another part are a good writer, and i am way too small to judge opinion does not matter buddy...I did read your post, but have not commented...will comment soon...:D

    @ RD, thanks a lot :)

  19. Sorry, stupid me missed stopping by yesterday !

    Thanks Neha. Appreciate the gesture. Most of us do leave a nice compliment when something we read touches us. But if it touches you, you go all out and let people know. Kinda rarity these days..

    There's another doll that does the above just like you and I cannot begin to thank the both of you enough. (I'll take no rebuttals on this your honor. If any, they will be over-ruled...)

    On a lighter note, I'll pray I stay here and not make it to your worst blogs list. When is that coming ? ;-)

  20. Excellent thought that.. At least now I can too read some nice blogs and thoughts.. Good good good..