Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Harry "Blogger" Potter and a tale of comments!

Those of you not a part of this mad drive will be thoroughly confused after reading this post – My promise!

Those who are a part of it, enjoy it thoroughly – I hope!

Those who regret that they ain’t a part of it, please don’t curse me – A request!

It so happens that Guria uploads one image on facebook and tags me as a “not so good” character. So i decide to get back to her and promise her to tag her as wormtail! But alas! My bad luck – I don’t have any image of Harry Potter with wormtail in it. So I change the whole plan, and tag people from blogsphere as per my wish! Most of them loved their character (though few had to play a double role), and they all left wonderful comments below the image!

The list of characters goes like this:

Shilpa Garg and Pra – Prof. Mcgonagall; for they both are very sensible people!

Nu – Hermoine Part 1
Shruti – hermoine Part 2
Reason – they both are always nice to me, so I have to give them a good character right?

Avada Kedavra – Lord Voldemort; do I need to give the reason for this? Her name says it all, right?
HaRy – Lord Voldemort again! Well, voldy did resemble a cartoon created by cartoonist till the third movie, and forth too to a greater extent!

Vidhu – Prof. Snape; She requested me to tag her Snape. I was planning to tag her as Dobby withg Guria!

Kaddu – Ron Part 1
Pawan – Ron Part 2
For Kaddu, I mended one rule – instead of chess champion, I had farmville champion as the criteria!
For Pawan – his comment said it all. He was more concerned about Harry than himself!

Madhu – Dumbledore; second sensible person around blogsphere

Rawan – Hagrid; don’t they sound like synonyms?

Guria – Dobby the house elf; just to take my revenge!

Insignia – Harry Potter; I gave her the best character, and she hasn’t read Harry Potter so far! Sigh, all my buttering got wasted!

RSV – Draco Malfoy; don’t ask me why, for even I don’t know the reason!

Me – Sirius Black; Do I need to tell you why?:D

The comments I received on that image were thus:

1. Vidhu - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
yey yey yey yey yey yey !!!

I'm Snape !! and Guria is Kreacher :D :P :D :P lovely !

2. Guria - Nooo... that's Dobby, plsss!! :D :D

3. Vidhu - oh :(

yeah :(

Neha - tag her as kreacher na plz :D

4. Guria - shruti hermione?? Ravan as hagrid?? avada kedavra voldemort obviously!! ROFLMAO..........

5. Pawan - Im Ron,wow :D
But who's Harry?

6. Avada Kedavra - Nehaaaaa.. I am Voldy??? :O :( :( :( y yaar? :(
I like Guria's..hahaha.. Dobby.. Mine is better than hers :P :D I am atleast powerful :) ;) :D

7. Guria - @Avada....spoken like true Voldy..... underestimate other's powers.......
i can Apparate n Disapparate where u cannot... how's that???

8. Avada Kedavra - @Guria: then lets match the power of lord voldemort, the heir of Slytherin against the little elf Dobby :P

9. Madhu - "..And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.."

" Harry.., Haaarry.."

[Johnny Lever's voice] : Abbey Harry Kidar Margaya Be ?

PS : Ignore Rowling, Dumbledore is straight :-)

10. Kaddu - Are there 2 Ron's in this pic? Oh! Thr 2 2 Hermoines & 2 Harrys also. So Pawan and I both get to be Ron? And Shruti and Nu Hermoine. LOL! I'm not being Ron! I'm not as lost! And I'm pathetic at Chess! Find some other post for me! ;)

11. Nu - wow,what an idea :) Me hermione...hehehe..

12. Neha - @ kaddu, u r perfect as ron. just replace chess with farmville

13. Insignia - Neha!!! whats happening? Am I The Harry? Lol!!! I dont know ABC or XYZ of Harry Potter. But I trust your choice :-)

14. Shruti - Am hermoine? :P
I dunno anythin about HP except for characters!


So this is what happened when I tagged people. Isn't it good to be crazy sometimes?

This post is a special dedication to all those who are a part of this craziness.


  1. A re-released movie with new actors & actresses And is free to watch.

  2. quiet ideal that am Lord Voldeee...considering i try to plot something and end up goofing myself or !! HaRy not Harry and Volde....ironic eh!! :)


  3. Apt roles for those whose comments are read regularly.
    You have a great sense of imagination.
    Remain on line--just in case Salim-Javed decide to come back together.

  4. Oh Naice :D and why me as dobby, pray tell me :P :P

    I seriously think, Sreya would be fit for Kreacher's role !!


    Keep the craziness alive ! Its good fun !

    And wait till i upload the lord of the rings Pic !!


  5. You put it here; dear me!!! But I must say that you seem to have made best use of your "reading Harry Potter more than 40 times" knowledge :-)

    I haven't read HP; only heard about it; all I know is Harry Porter and the Hogwarts school.

    Now I feel like reading the series.

    Thank you Neha; I know that the protagonist is Harry Potter and you have named me. Thats such an honor. Is Harry's character very much like me?

    And finally; it was such a nice read; the comments et all. :-) Very different.

  6. Hahaha :D I never knew u could write a post from the FB event!! Even Guria told she will write about a FB event :P

    Am nice 2 u eh :D Guria gave the crown to u?! Ahem ahem!!

  7. Ooh La La!! Am I glad to be a part of this Harry Blogger Potter and a tale of comments??
    Thank you Producer cum Actor ji!
    I like my role. And the cast is very appropriate too.
    Just a thought...RSV and Draco Malfoy...Nah!!
    Guria as Dobby...that's not revenge at all. Dobby is soooo cute!! :)

  8. Hi!Neha,
    Tottaly out of this world of Harry Porter,so no comments...
    Appreciate your effort & ur light heart...

  9. Hi! Neha,
    Not in the world of Harry Porter,so no comments...
    Appreciate your imagination & your light heart... :)

  10. I didn't see Luna Lovegood anywhere here. lol... :D
    Very funny indeed. :-)

  11. Neha,
    What did ya have when on vacation ? :-) . You are back and back with a bang ! Loved it ...

    PS : You should try and weave your own story with these characters, add a desi touch maybe. A little elf we know has a fertile imagination like you and you have collaborated with that elf before :-)

  12. Ron here :)
    Im still scratching my head over my casting!
    But it's good to be the hero's aide!

  13. Oh...sorry i missed out the conversation on facebook, was unable to fit to through the doors...;D

    a quick question:
    don’t they sound like synonyms?

    erm r u referring to the size of body or the size of brain...hell yeah both match... nice choice..

    wondering what if I grow my hair, head and facial...interested...:D

  14. Hehe.. that was a cute post. I am the bad woman, err man here :) Everyone be prepared. I am coming to kill all of you. Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra. *Silence* :D

  15. Neha,

    You and I have buttered Insignia so much that she is starting to write her own book -- Harry Porter. Please look at her comments above. Someday we will say we knew Insignia way back when.

  16. Great Idea,
    with this post you hit a sixer

  17. Know very little about Harry potter, so cant say much:(

  18. FarmVille or no FarmVille, I still hold my stand! Me no Ron! Me Dobby, the house-elf! :D Always trying to help and creating more trouble! :D I'm an independence-fanatic too like Dobby! The proud FREE house-elf! To serve by free will rather than by obligation! Yayyy! I am Dobby, the free house-elf. You may now change the tag, for I now know who I am. :D

  19. And you... I suppose is the sorting hat.:)

  20. And You are ... I suppose , the sorting hat.:)

  21. You were right. I am totally cnfused! But I think it's a great idea...afterall each character in Harry Potter can be related to a real-life person..:)

  22. you have initiated such funny exercise :) lol :)

  23. @ hobo, yeah, free ka waise bhi hum sabko bahot pasand was a free entertainment for me too :D

    @ Voldy urf Hary, you got it right :P

    @ BK Chowla, ah they are sadly about a movie under ur production house...make wil b a sure shot hit :D

    @ Vidhu, dobby cosits cute like u :) waiting for LOTR pics...but i dunno anything bout it :(

    @ Insignia, ah, u mention it here...knowledge of 40 times read - i dunno, but casting is done to pull many ppl's leg excluding u :))
    harry is very talented like u, and has all the good qualities of a leader and fighter...ummm, should i butter u more? :P
    nah, its all true...thanks for appreciating the post :)

  24. @ nah shruti, guria didnt gimme the crown...remember Ash had come up with a similar post? i got the idea from there :D

    @ Shilpa, suggest me a character fr RSV then na..n guria, yeah she is cute..jus like me :P

    @ Guria, i know, my counterpart killed u...dear me, it killed me too re :(

    @ RD, thanks for reading and appreciating :)

    @ Karthik, loony is busy looking for wrackspurt :P

  25. @ Madhu, thanks..i had keralite food on banana leaves...i guess this is the outcome of too much of natural stuff around me :P a fiction story? will try n attempt, but can't promise :)

    @ Pawan, you are now won-won..thus Ron :P

    @ Ramesh, for sure buddy :)

    @ Ravan, consider the positive answer to all ur questions :D

    @ Avada, i m silent already :D

  26. @ SG, errrr, how come my interpretation is going haywire these days? I couldn't get the correct meaning of insignias comment here...on ur post too, I missed out on ur jovial and careful tone :( my god, its the biggest threat to my profession...thank u for bringing it to my notice dear :)

    @ sm, sixer? oh my...thanks :)

    @ Swatantra, hehe..thanks :)

    @ Antarman, please read it...its quite interesting :)

    @ Kaddu, dobby? well yeah, you are able to convince me dobby's character is all urs :D

  27. @ Holy Lama, me the sorting hat? ummm, wil do actually...uit has to work once a year :P and there r many ppl around who will write verses for me :D

    @ Dc, oh yes...make such a convo cum post for ur office buddies too wil b a great read :)

    @ Nu, hahaha, thanks :))

  28. That was hilarious. I wish I had met you earlier ,I would have got a role too. Anything for Harry and hogwarts...:)

  29. awwwwn. now the posts make sense!!!