Monday, November 16, 2009

The Surprise Day

Certain things happen in your life that you can’t help but to flaunt in front of people. I had such an amazing day too, on children’s day. After two and a half years, I finally received my Law degree Certificate – it is called a Sanad. Now we all are already thinking about where to display it? Which wall will be the most appropriate one? Accordingly, we will select the frame. Oh yes, we are going to display that. It was one of the best moments of my life – a dream come true.

(thanks to our post service, the certificate already has wrinkles, but it is in one piece thankfully)

Second surprise of the day – my holiday finally got finalized. We got all the bookings done, as we wanted; with no adjustments on dates, leaves and staying arrangements. So a well deserve break on cards confirmed now.

Third Surprise – my post on Public Interest Litigation got picked up by blogadda for their Spicy Saturday Pick. Well, I really appreciate their gesture; as I have not even pasted their badge on my blog. But nevertheless, I am thankful to them for giving an important post that place. I feel we all should have basic knowledge of the legal rights and benefits available to us.

Another good thing happened was that I spent the weekend at mum’s, with the whole family and the new member around – my niece. Now she has started to express her various emotions – happiness, anger, frustration, dislike and her love for music. Play something all the time and she is happy and singing alongwith.

And last but not the least – can there be a more apt post for the 50th post? Yeah, it is my 50th post; and thanks to all my blog friends that I am writing this post. Your feedback is the biggest encouragement for me. It helps me keep going. Thank you and awaiting many congratulations!!


  1. ME FIRST!!!
    Yay neha!!
    Congrats n many wishes to u!! For getting the certificate (Ofcourse its the evidence to prove u are a lawyer :P :D) and also for the 50th post!!
    U are going on a holiday?! WOW!! Awesome!!

    P.S:Iron your certificates and the wrinkles will go off :D

  2. Congrats Neha.....
    So have great time with Articles and Sections :)

  3. Hey congratulations, Neha! Am sure you are going to be a real hot shot lawyer! And your post on Public Interest litigation absolutely desrved to be noticed. Am a big fan of your blog:) Keep up the good work!

  4. Whoa! Life at the moment can't be better than this, can it? So many good things happening at the same time!
    Congratulations! :-)

  5. wow.. so i hope u wont charge me..
    life is full of surprises.. enjoy ur holiday peacefully..

  6. Double Congratulations!

    Look forward to be more frequent here :)

  7. Congrtaulations!

    Have a great Time! And Best of Luck for some more surprises in the coming days. :)

  8. Neha, Y my update is nt showing for u?! In ur blog-roll mine is missing!

  9. Congratulations on the Sanad finally arriving. And be carefully when you "iron" the wrinkles, you never know the quality of the ink. And of course, the Blogadda selection !

    Have a wonderful time on your holiday, and come back and blog all about it. ....

    Great 50th post too....

  10. Awesome indeed ! All three are important milestones on the career, on the blog and with the family !

    Soak it all up. Frame up the certificate. And raise a toast to the 50th post !

    And keep them coming ! Many congratulations ! :)

  11. Like the saying, when it rains, it pours . Congrats for each of the pleasures u have penned down...

    Good Day

  12. Congrats. Its raining good news for you. And lets propel it o the century and past

  13. This sounds soo You!! :D
    Congrats dear girl! On every thing!! :))

  14. Congratulations on the certificate, the blogadda pick and and the 50th post.The finalization of the holidays is also not a mean achievement! Great going girl!

  15. CoNGRATS, Thats great news, wheres laddu?

    And have a much deserving BREAK. Where to? TC:)

  16. wow, thats great. Its the best time to go to kerala. Enjoy, post some photographs....T:)

  17. Congrats on ur Golden Jubilee post, hope you hit ur century soon :)

    Does that certificate mean that ur officially a lawyer now?

    Enjoy ur holiday, whenever it is :)


  18. @ Shruti dear, yes you first..:) I already have my lawyer's identity card as a proof...this is a certificate for my walls :D ironing the certificate does not sound so good...I will try to keep it under my books for a few days I guess :))

    @ Mahesh Kalaal, thanks..:)

    @ Panorama, hot shot lawyer? wow, that sounds good ya :P I am glad you liked that post...

    A person whose write ups I admire saying this to me is one of the biggest compliments...thank you indeed :)))

  19. @ Karthik, life cannot be better at this moment at least :) thanks buddy..

    @ Vishnu, I won't charge firm will do :P
    oh yes, I am very much looking forward to this break...thanks :)

    @ Insignia, thank u thank u thank u :D

  20. @ Mohan, welcome here..thank you for your comments...looking forward to see you more often here :)

    @ Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky, thank you for your wonderful wishes :)

    @ Ugich Konitari, I am not going to iron the certificate...I will keep it under my books...hopefully the wrinkles will be gone..blogadda pick does not matter, the information is useful. hope more and more people read it..and I am already looking forward to blog all about my holiday :)) thank u...

  21. @ Kavi, your presence is a celebration...thank you for your wonderful comments and encouragement...and the ertificate will indeed be there on the wall...will click and post that too :)..thank u :))

    @ PNA, thanks buddy for your comments here as well as on means a lot dear :)

    @ Holy Lama, amen...hope you will bear with me for the next 50 posts too :) thank u..

  22. @ Guria, I know, this sounds sooo like the real me na :) thanks girl...:)))

    @ Ramit, thanks :)

    @ Aparna, oh yes, holiday is an icing on the cake :) thank you for your wishes...:))

  23. @ ZB, meet me at Kerala next month, there will be many laddus waiting for you :)) photographs will be there for sure :)

    @ Pawan, thank you for that wonderful wish...hope I reply to your comment on my 100th post too...the certificate has arrived pretty late...I became the official lawyer the day I got my result..:) thanks :))

  24. Hey Many congrats! the post was indeed very informative and deserves to get more limelight....

  25. Awesome.. Amazing when God gives it gives from all the sides..

    Blog,family and carrer.. Enjoy all the moments and frame each one of them..

    Many congratulations on the way!!

  26. Congrats1Neha. Will be nice to see you as 'The Chief Justice of India' one day. Best wishes.

  27. Keep the certificate in between two cloth. Take a third cloth and wet it.
    Put the wet cloth on the top and iron it out. The wrinkles should go.

  28. congrats !!! post on Public Interest Litigation was an inspiring and informative one !

  29. Congratulations on your 50th post and also for the award. I would like to reciprocate here. I would like to comment soon on your 500th posting here.

    Couple of questions. Which place you are going on vacation? Within India or outside India. Why it took so long to get your certificate. Is it normal in India?

    I am glad all in all your day was very very happy.

  30. Neha,how wonderful!Congratulations !Oh i completely understand how excited the whole house specially you must be feeling..i bet you must have rechecked THE SANAD so many times...choose the best frame and the best wall .This post reminds me of the day i got mine degree certificate,it is a high of different kind.

    Kerala..just the perfect place to spend a good time ,have a great time.

    Congratulation ...that post of yours was truly deserving one...not only by blogadda but also this post of yours was discussed at my home during this morning-tea-time adda.Happy for you..keep smiling !!

  31. wow... wow and superwow... congo on your half century...super!!!

    Hope to see you cross the milestone soon also...:D

  32. Congrats girl for getting the degree.. you feel sooo elated when you receive it right? Can understand. finally all the effort became fruitful kinda feeling :) And congrats for completing 50 posts!!! :) May you complete 50 more soon :D And congrats for the blogadda pick too.. that post reallyyy deserved it!! Have fun playing with your niece:)

  33. @ Vishal Pore, thanks...I am glad you liked the post..:)

    @ Swatantra, thanks a lot dear...I will for sure frame all of them :))

    @ nsiyer, thanks a lot sir...I am so overwhelmed after hearing this from you...thanks a bunch :))

  34. Sanad.My best wishes and congratulations.
    I am not surprised that your post has been picked up by Blogadda.The best is always found by those who care.
    Also congratulations on your 50th post.I am sure ,you will do better

  35. @ Haddock, you sure it works? the certificate is so dear to me that I can't see it getting spoiled u know...u sure wet cloth won't damage it or the ink?

    @ Priyan, thank u for your comments...I am glad u liked the post :)

  36. @ SG, thanks a lot for your wishes... I am now sure of at least one person reading my blog till the time I blog right? :) 500 is too far away, but will surely write here as long as I get bored of it (which I doubt I will ever)..

    I am going to Kerala for a week's trip...:)

    As per the rule, the certificate arrives within 6 months of applying for the same, but in India, things never happen as promised...they didn't misplace it and it reached me safely, that was an achievement u know; for they have lost my one convocation certificate, I applied for it again a year back and still waiting for it to arrive...

  37. @ Kavita, thanks a ton...oh I see the certificate at least twice a day these days...n the wall is gonna be the one opposite to my bed :D

    it is such an awesome feeling...u know I remembered my graduation was my father in law's dream that my husband becomes a lawyer. but he was never interested in law. So the day I became law graduate, he threw a big party; and now we are planning for another party too...please do come :)))

    I am looking forward to Kerala trip too...

    it feels so nice when efforts are appreciated...I am so very touched Kavita. my post being discussed at ur house - I am speechless...thank u dear :))

  38. @ Rawan, thanks...but I prefer to call u sid...:) milestone? there are many...hope I cross them all :D

    @ Avada, thanks a lot dearie...the feeling is amazing ya when you see the certificate...can't describe it in words..50 more...well, wait for few months, and 50 more will be over :)))

    BK Chowla, thanks a lot for all the wonderful wishes for me...they really mean a lot :))

  39. late but latest....hehe.congrats my very dear friend..happy to know u r happy...wishing u more such cheerful times..:)

  40. Neha! Congratulations on this eve of your triple surprises..:) Good luck with your practising on duty of care, negligence, blah..blah.. (I had a chapter on Contracts Law in my is interesting)

  41. @ R. Ramesh, late, not latest, but at least you r there :D thanks buddy for your good wishes always :)))

    @ Musings of a lonely traveler, welcome here...thank u for your comments..oh nice to know that you find law interesting; very few do :)

    @ Madhu, thanks ya :))