Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Help me!!!!!

People I am suffering; suffering from an age old problem, but nobody takes me seriously. Be it my friends, family or my professors. After completing my Law, I thought I had got rid of that disease, but no; it is still behind my life. I tried to explain this to my professors, but they threatened me saying that they would fail me in the year if I don’t follow the rules properly. My god, can’t they spare a poor and ill soul like me? Oh yes, ill soul; for I have been a lecturophobic since my 5th standard. I cannot attend any kind of lectures; they suffocate me and depress me.

And friends, this is not the only problem. I respect my mother and the values she has nurtured me with; but my professors are forcing me to disobey it all. Mum always taught me never to insult my near and dear ones. But these professors make me insult one of the dearest things – my sleep. Oh yes, they force me to get up as early as 6 am and attend the lecture that starts sharp at 7.30 am. Sorry mother, I am not able to follow what you always taught me; but I am still trying my best. I do not completely insult my sleep. I make sure to snooze the alarm at least three to four times before getting up. My professors yell at me for being late; but your word matters more than their yelling.

And above all, I have been instructed to make four projects without any help from google (yes) within one week; and present them in class. Oh lord, why didn’t you make the lecturophobia and projectophobia the official diseases? Is anybody doctor here? Please contact me; we will file a petition and make them legal.

I hope you all can understand what I am going through right now from the quality and content of this post. Please help me fight the management and the rules that make me force my mother’s commands. I want to file a PIL against them right now.

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  1. Poor you. I can understand. I can never forgo my sleep for anything in this world. And why does lecture start so early? Your profs dont have anything else to do at home???

    I pray that your ordeal ends soon :-)

  2. Add another petition. For not using Google. Seriously, how can anyone do anything these days without google?

    I'm with you.

  3. ha ha ha.. lol..:D
    this is a universal problem, but i found a solution. I carry a novel to boring lectures and take the last bench and read it peacefully. It has always worked. :P
    All the best!
    Humourous post! Enjoyed reading. :-)

  4. When I was in college, I used to have the same feeling. Now, I feel worse, as I cannot bunk office like I did in college.

  5. That's spirit, girl. Stand up for the downtrodden and against those morons who are after age old values and traditions. Best of luck.:)

  6. Waking up at 6 am??????
    Waking from sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep?
    Literally sleeep, right?
    You mean 6 in the morning??
    that too winter morning????
    Ohhhhh My Gaaawwwwwwwdd. I cant believe this.
    It is indeed a gross violation of human rights.
    Has any one thought the pain of those tiny neurons when someone forcibly wakes them up?
    Is this the development?
    The total system needs a drastic change.

    It is highly atrocious, inhuman, insane.
    It is a conspiracy of ISI i guess. I condemn this. We should have a law to protect the Right to Sleep. We need Constitutional Amendment. A NSRA(National Sleep Regulatory Authority) should ne constituted to deal with such heinous crime. Very soon the word SLEEP will be listed in extinction list.

    Hey Neha.....How about Article 356/352/360?
    Shall we start the Sleep Movement or Sleep Bachao Andolan too?
    BTW, is your sleep Marathi or Hindi?
    We may get MNS back up too?
    What do you say?

    Also, Why dont people use common sense when they say 'Work without Google'? . sI it possible to live without breathing air? . Its too much na?
    Now i understand why this world is going to end in 2012.

    Anyway, do not worry buddy. We are here for you. We will fight till the energy of the last atom in our bodies .
    May God shower Sleep on you.
    Sleep tight
    Sleep Sound
    Sleep Healthy

    PS : I sleep at 4 am and wake up at 10 am :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Your sleepy friend

  7. i got so many clues!!! let me make an honest effort to help you out here :)

    If you are mandated not to use google, there is always a Yahoo! or Bing :) So chillax!!!

    One doesn't become great just by listening to all those lectures.. all it matters is what goes in whether you attend or not.. you aren't alone in this world with such phobia.. enjoy :)

  8. hahhahh...really laughed so much neha...lecturophobia and projectophobia..hahah good one..enjoy your sessions..v r with u...u want us to attend the classes when u make presntation?

  9. SOS post...you are going to hate me but let me suggest you a little something..after a high protein ,low carb breakfast leave the house munching an apple...it helps in keeping up the alertness ,it is much more effective than tea or coffee.Lectures ...i am yet to meet someone who really loves to attend one.My best friend had mastered the art of sleeping with her eyes open . A Blogger needs extra sleep ...i hope this BEDARD ZAMANA realizes this.Four projects that too without google....you are in trouble. I liked Mohan's idea above try Yahoo or Bing.GAWD help this poor soul pleezzzzzzzzz.

  10. Sleep is more important than anything... projects n that too now....your law is completed na....projects without google...neha u r going to hav a hard time for sure...all the best!!

    BTW congrats on getting your certificate..looking at it must hav given u a great satisfaction!!

  11. @ Insignia, see na, my profs cannot see me sleeping peacefully, that's why this atyaachar on me :( thank u for praying...

    @ Ramit, they are sadist, that's y no google...

    @ Karthik, I have to give a presentation...otherwise on a normal day I never attend...my phobia is a very serious problem for me...I am glad you found this post humorous :D

  12. @ Prathamesh, I can bunk office whenever i want :P

    @ Holy Lama, oh yes, I will, for sure...thanks :P

    @ Mahesh, thank you for jale pe namak daalne ke liye...btw, how about u file a petition on my behalf? I cant represent myself u know...please?? hope u are awake on the day of our hearing :D

  13. @ Mohan, wish the profs thought like u do...and thank u for the suggestions...I will for sure use them :D

    @ R. Ramesh, please come and attend with me...we will make a lot of hilarious anecdotes outta them...there are many namunas u know :P I am glad I could make a humour master like u laugh :D

  14. I am sorry they are disturbing your sleep. Sleeping is the best thing happened to human beings. Sleeping is really the best of both worlds. You get to be alive and unconscious.

  15. @ Kavita, you are my true friend...I cannot think of hating you in my dreams also...such a wonderful advice...I can simply say doc has advised me to eat apple, and have it inside the class :P you are a savior my dear friend..:)
    sleeping with eyes open? wow, that's something re...ye bedard professors mera dard samaj jaye filhaal wohi bahot hai...zamane se baad me hum dono nipat lenge ok :P
    thank u for all the wishes and prayers :)))

    @ NR, yeah, projects and now...see na...profs hate us all I guess..:(

    the certificate is indeed very special...thanks :)

  16. @ SG, you understand this so well...wish you were my professor..

  17. I have solution to your problems...

    see if you have to wake up early...sleep in class..:D

    so that way ur mom wont b naraz and also ur professor...:D

    now, if you cannot do ur project using google, use bing...;)...:D hozzat???

    See, told ya I have all solutions...:P

  18. Ha ha , for me it was the other way around. I wanted to bunk classes and see movies. So I invented the lecture phobia !! Well the end result I flunked very badly in the University exams. It was so bad that I did not even go the Bombay University to collect the mark sheet.

  19. This is indeed some problem ! that has been afflicting numerous generations before you !

    And it indeed beseeches a solution. Its time a solution came up. Well and truly indeed !!!


  20. Ravan has a point. If you cannot use google, use bing, or lycos, or yahoo or whatever.

  21. its a problem
    and without google even educated people will find it difficult.

  22. No help from google? Oh dear, you have my full sympathies on the project. But the smart woman that you are am sure you will do very well even without google help. Good luck:)

  23. Not that I am suggesting anything, but if you were a political type, the obvious solution would be to pretend to have some kind of pain (abdominal recommended; chest pain is now purana style), and get admitted t an ICU.

    Everyone will forget lectures, presentations , Google, and everything else.

    Then you can come out and blog about it.

    (Just read about Rane being hauled up by a court based on a PIL , and how he is now in ICU....)

  24. Do you remember that in one of my posts about 10 honest things about me, I said "i want to be a professor". That is my unfulfilled ambition. I would love to be your professor and share the knowledge about a few little subjects i know. Here is a quote you will love. Tamil poet Avvayaar said "Katradhu Kaimman Alavu Kallaadhadhu Ulagalavu" (Whatever we learned so far is only a handful, and those things that we are yet to learn is as big as this universe.)

  25. @ Sid, thanks buddy, but I have to give the presentation, so I cannot sleep in the class...and they have a problem with material available online...we have to refer to 5-6 books, find the relevant matter, type them and make a presentation...this is possible if they give us a months time, but since i was a late admission, I only have a week to prepare 4 projects :(

    @ Haddock, I never attended during my graduation period...I have to go now as the presentation is compulsory...n me to went for movies, but never failed :P

  26. @ Kavi, you suffered too? my my, now I will make sure generation next does not suffer :D

    @ sm, google has made us all handicapped, but I feel it is useful too, specially in the field of law where you need to refer to many books and cases...and, one of the topics that we have to study "importance of computers in legal studies"

  27. @ Panorama, you made my day buddy...thank u for that wonderful comment and compliment...you have really motivated me :)))

    @ Ugich Konitari, hahaha, best solution...thank u indeed...well I can still manage presentations, but lectures? my god, they are horrible...I will for sure use ur idea for the next semester..:))) and i agree, chest pain at 26 (ummm, almost 27 actually ;)) is almost unbelievable and too cliched otherwise too...abdominal - too believable and one month leave guaranteed :D

  28. @ SG, I remember that, that is the reason I asked you to be my professor :)

    I would love to be your student; and i will be regular too :) so you already have one "a must do" item on ur list when you visit India ok :)))

    as you guess it correct, I love this quote...thank u :))

  29. I totally understand when you say you are phobic to lectures. I am too, I dropped out college coz i couldn't sit in the class anymore :)
    Nice post, enjoyed reading it

  30. Aww..I'm a doctor in the making. My med school tortures us with classes from 8-12 then 2-4 then sometimes 6-8...for weekends they torture us with piles of assignments!!-thts something to make u feel good. But no google!!? OMG are they on drugs? and I'll have to get my dad to explain me all the legal terminology in ur posts :P

  31. @ Harsha, welcome here..u left college? my my...I made prof leave the class once, but never left the college...I am glad you enjoy reading the post :)))

    @ D. A., welcome here...thank u for ur comments..hey future doc, I am sure u will help me as you too are suffering...can your dad represent us? :D

  32. I take your posts very seriously and started looking at the Doctors Directory as I started to read.
    Your disease is curable.
    Has your Mom read this post?

  33. Oh careful before yu get to see wats Insomia !!... I get woken up by office calls all the time at odd hours..can yu write a petition for that:?!!

  34. U have lecturophobia? :P ROTFL
    U get up at 6AM?? I must say you are blessed.. During my college days, I get up at 5AM and my coll bus is at 6AM... My phobia starts at 8AM and it goes on and on and on...without ends...And we all compensate our early morning wake-up's by sleeping in the class hearing the lullaby sung by our musicians...err...Should I call as lecturers!!
    Huh!! I have projectophobia, assignmentophobia, semesterophobia and all other phobia connected with exams!

  35. Even I am suffering from Lecturophobia, Quantophobia, CATophobia (to be precise mockCATophobia). Its high time they start researching for an affable solution. I got one though- BAN ALL THE EXAMS AND LECTURES!!!!

  36. neha ji neha i can u file a PIL? a brat bit me and neha ji is laughing..bahhh:)

  37. Hi! Neha,

    I believe u have a lot of company in this issue,
    me too yaar,but have to right,
    anyway coool write up.

  38. Awww... you sleep deprived!!??
    So am writing a short comment so that you dont spend more time here and get back to sleep asap!! :D

  39. @ BK Chowla, oh really? that's really nice of you...these days I am doing all serious work, so thought to write a light post. hope you enjoyed reading it. and mum doesn't read my blog. but I will ask her to read this :)

    @ HaRy, poor you...we will for sure file a petition ok?

    @ Shruti, poor girl...5 am? my god...well saturday is my last day of getting up at 6...then I will be back to my routine...so many phobias? god bless you friend :)

  40. @ Communi, wish we could ban the lectures...well I have been doing tht, but this time 25 marks are at stake..:))

    @ R. Ramesh, lolz...kulhadi pe udi? no ways :D

    @ Cool drizzle, welcome here..thank u for your comments...I know most of us are suffering from this..I am glad you liked the write up :)

    @ Shilpa, hahahaha, u r my true friend and a rocking farmville neighbour :D

  41. oh god girlie! I can totally understand.. have been through those sleepless nights and all those phobias too. Dont worry, you will slog through it soon. :) All the best for your projects!!! I am sure you will finish them in time.

  42. Your honor you are barking up the wrong tree(s). You are complaining to a bunch of blog-o-maniacs ? :-)

    You want a cure from a caffeine high, sleep deprived , deprived by google (in ranking their sites) friends ?

    Good Luck :-)

    PS : Pun intended..

  43. @ Avada, finished my projects today, and scored pretty decent too :D now one more day of getting up early tht's all :)))

    @ Madhu, kya kare...nobody else takes my cribbing anymore :( so here people at least read (i hope so)..so when they comment, i know my pleadings have not gone to deaf ears :P and all troubles will b over tomorrow...

    PS: a bonus. My mother in law is going out for couple of days :D

  44. LOLz! I had been through this during my college days....But I feel that sleep is as important as food and air. So whatever you are doing, just make sure that you get 6 to 8 hrs of sleep, it;s very important for the brain to function properly :)
    Too much funda...I give lot of importance to sleep :)