Monday, November 30, 2009

Here I am

Here I am,
Looking back in life
when I didn't know the difference between
good or evil; truth or lie,
smiling at everyone, whoever passed by..

I played with sand, made my castle,
and cried when somebody broke it..
a small hug from mom then,
always motivated me to build the castle again..

Here I am,
Looking back in life
when a small candy was the biggest gift,
and a doll was like a sibling..
the fights with friends lasted for five minutes,
what is ego? I didn't know..

When ambitions in life changed every second,
from doctor, to astronaut and engineer.
When I didn't need a reason to laugh,
One smile solved every problem.

Today things are the same, but I have changed,
I don't laugh without a reason,
Nor do I have multiple ambitions..
I no longer make castles, nor get anymore candies,
Nor do I have any dolls to talk to.

But I still have the power,
Power to love unconditionally,
and live the life that of a kid,
and I have the power to rebuild my castle,
the sand is the same, the motivation is still there..

Here I am,
Looking forward in my life...


  1. I have read this earlier.
    This poem is very very simple yet captures the innocence that we possess as kids very aptly.

    The beauty of it is that you have captured everything and I can recall the poem of Rabindranath Tagore's.

    Just in case you want to read that poem -

    Try more!! :-)

  2. Your words are so true. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. A child is beautiful because of positivity within. When we lost child within we step towards old age.
    Excellent written And I am emotional.

  4. Bus yadein yadein yadein reh jaati hain

  5. It brings me to that very statement of mine which I keep passing to my siblings now.. 'Enjoy this life..this is never going to come back again..though you will get freedom,money and status in your future life..but not this time"

    I so always want to go back to school days..they were the best I guess..not that I'm unhappy today..but if at all given a chance I would like to peep into my childhood and live that one day again :)

    A nice poem Neha !

  6. very straightforward and from the heard Poem. TC

  7. Nice poem that has captured every little innocence of childhood.

    And great to find my namesake in the blogging world :)

  8. Cool!! In a sweet and simple way, you have captured the childhood.
    May you use that power within you and may you be happy always!!
    Cheers to life! :)

  9. Hi!

    That was nice & sweet ,but even when we have power how many use it for rebuilding the castle with the same old sand,no, anyone seldom does that,
    Surprisingly my 2nd ever poem attempt too starts with similar lines..
    "Here I am alone
    sitting like a stone
    with thoughts of behind
    swaying in my mind"

    wrote it years back,ur lines brought those days to my memory...thanks

  10. So difficult to get over the childhood memories.

  11. @ Insignia, I remember u reading this, but I was missing ur feedback in writing :P
    thank u for this link..i will for sure read that poem by Tagore...thanks again dear :))

    @ Holy Lama, oh yes, bas yaadein reh jaati hai..:)

    @ Ramit, I am glad you liked this. :)

    @ Hobo, thanks buddy...I love these memories, that's why re-posted it :)

  12. Wow! Neha, this is damn beautiful. I always knew you were a wonderful writer, but never knew that you even wrote poems so well. Fantastic!
    Every phase of life is beautiful as you said.
    Keep going! Cheerios! :-)

  13. @ Nu, we all love our childhood days minus the homework part...and given a chance, I would go back to my college days :P

    @ ZB, thanks buddy...hope ur office rooftop is repaired now :P

    @ Shilpa, thanks buddy..a special thanks for the wonderful wishes and thoughts :))

    @ neha, welcome here namesake :) thanks for ur comments :))

  14. @ Readers Dias, welcome here..thank u for your, this was my second poem too :)..I do not write poems..these were some random thoughts that i wrote in verses :)

    @ BK Chowla, so very true..

    @ Karthik, wonderful writer? oh thanks buddy..I am glad u liked it...n i m not a poet...just random thoughts i wrote down :))

  15. hey where did my comment vanish? has it not regd? anywy..good post in short..

  16. Dear Neha,
    First time here.
    childhood,the best phase of life,
    no tensions,worries n problems,
    love ,care n teamspirit,
    rule the hearts of kids!
    cherishing the memories,
    give us happiness n a smile,
    inspiring to live a better life!
    wishing you a wonderful December,

  17. Beautiful insights in poetry. My tributes to you for making me once again present to the fact that life is just pure simple and we need to live it that way.

  18. great choice of words !!!
    good work ! cheers !


  19. Build
    and look ahead in life....

    build castles
    in the air
    and bend
    the way the wind blows.

    Some build castles
    on the beach,
    with grubby fingers,
    and sand in your hair,
    patting into place
    a wall here
    a tunnel there
    a flag on a turret
    decorated with shells
    painstakingly collected,
    and a moat
    all around
    to fool the
    sudden wave that
    that ventures there....

    But the best ones
    are those
    built in the mind,
    by you,
    for someone,
    who has
    never seen
    a beach,
    never tasted
    the salty zing
    in the spray
    of opportunity,
    in a lopsided world.

    And should
    the last be your choice,
    I'll be honored
    to help
    with the scaffolding.....

  20. childhood is the best period of our life..those little joys and free life, nothing is same ever again.

  21. Such beautiful lines...made me look back at my childhood when Santa and Tooth-fairy were real .Neha ,i am glad you still possess the best power of childhood ...the power to love unconditionally.

  22. Hi! Neha,

    U can check the coincidence:

  23. How come your last 2 posts didn't show up in my FB account? :-/

    Anyways, very touching poem... could relate to every word... and you should consider it as a major compliment because I can rarely understand any form of prose! 2 lines of poetry, and I'm already bored! But I actually read this one right to the end! See...