Thursday, November 26, 2009

Have we changed?

On this day one year before, Mumbai witnessed one of the darkest periods in its history that lasted for 59 long hours. So many people lost their lives; the whole country protested. For one whole week, we all were furious. But after that, things were back to normal. We all became busy once again in our so called fast lives, too occupied to notice what is happening around us. How come Kasab is not yet punished? How come the file and the bulletproof vest which were the prime evidences in the 26/11 case went missing all of a sudden? How come the same ministers are still ruling the state? Wearing white today only because few smses are doing rounds – will that solve our problem? What have we learnt from so many terror attacks that we have witnessed so far?

My rage is not coming out without any reason. An incident happened yesterday that really shook me and made me wonder whether we will ever change. While travelling in the local train, I spotted a parcel around 6 feet long and wrapped in black plastic on the luggage rack. I found it a bit fishy and asked people if that belonged to any of them, but nobody answered. I threatened them saying I would pull the chain as soon as we reach the next station and call the police if nobody is the owner of it. One lady with a kid immediately told me that it belonged to her. I demanded to see it, she refused saying that I am absurd as I am doubting a hindu maharashtrian lady travelling with a kid. I again threatened her that I would call the cops if she is not going to open that parcel right away. She opened the bag, and there were few wooden sheets inside which I don’t understand why she was hiding from us.

Everyone appreciated my move later, but nobody had bothered to pay any attention to that parcel lying above their head. Every day we hear so many announcements made on railway stations about noticing unattended and suspicious looking parcels, but do we ever bother to check the luggage rack or the area below our seats before taking our seats in the train? Do we ever observe people around us while travelling, walking, or even when we are waiting for somebody? So easily we forget the 11/7 train blasts, 26/11 blasts and many other similar incidences. We show our rage, attend rallies, wear whites, protest, shout, blog, appreciate the spirit of people; but that’s that. What do we actually do to prevent such incidences? Are we responsible enough to take things in our hand and start noticing things? Are we too busy to save our own life? Only because people who lost their lives were not our family members, we can afford to be ignorant? For how long we are going to play the blame game?

I request you all to read the posts mentioned below by few bloggers who lost their family members; who still feel for the country the same way they felt when such incidences took place. Maybe one of you will feel the same pain like they do; maybe one of you will vow to take things in one’s own hands by taking responsibility of our own country ans for the sake of your own life.

Jai Hind! 


ZB - My Hero

A wonderful poem written by Ugich Konitari - Remember


  1. I dont want to state a cliche.

    Its true that we tend to forget; or rather we tend to accept it and say this is our way of life; and proudly flaunt our resiliency.

    Remembering is a mark of respect for those who were affected; but real respect is when we do something about it.

    And yeah? whom to blame? But all of us; each one of us. For accepting it as a way of life; for thinking that it is normal; "chalta hai" attitude and the ignorance and "Its not my headache" attitude.

    All of us must change and contribute in whatever little way possible. And kudos to you for that incident on train. I could very well guess the reaction of the people before and after...
    If after was praise, before would have been stares and "what for her?" kind

  2. very brave of you to do this act. You are leading by example. Things u mentioned are very true.

    I feel its also bcoz people dont trust the judiciary or the law enforcement agencies. Police are known to turn a witness into a culprit. I guess our police and judiciary needs an overhaul. I wonder about the Rahul Bhatt case. He was supposed to be a witness but the whole thing has made him suffer so much.

    When the day comes when people really trust the police, i am sure things would change. Its very very important that we have a citizen friendly policewalas.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.We need more articles like this. please keep blogging. TC

  3. Yes I did read these posts.
    You did lead by an example.But,can a person on daily basis worry about all this ?What is the responsibility of the state?Are they there only to arrange their own security and live life kingsize?
    Have we learnt any lesson post 26/11?
    Are we safer today than we were one year back? Are we better equipped today ?Try and get these answers and you will be disappointed.
    Is there any visible change?Yes-PC is the new home minister. R R Patil is back.
    In my opinion,in the country only people who feel completely safe are
    1-543 MPs
    Try and find a fourth person.May be you find one.

  4. Insignia, the reason I always ask you to read my posts the moment i publish them is that you always extend my post...points that i miss out, you point them out candidly.. thank u indeed :)
    chalta hai attitude - because we have not yet experienced the loss personally...we are to blame for everything..I know the government should protect us; but when the wrong government is elected - thanks to us, we have no other option but to take care of ourselves..n why not?
    and the reaction of people in the train - you guessed that perfectly..

    @ ZB, judiciary, government, police etc all are corrupted..everyone needs money..for money, the cases are postponed, the lives are put at stake, people like your cousin lose their lives - thanks to corruption..and we are only responsible for this too..we give them bribe and encourage them..apne hath se apni kabar khodte hai hum..

    we need more articles like your post buddy..hope everyone whoever visits this page reads that...thank u for sharing

  5. @ BK Chowla, responsibility of the state? well state is busy filling its own pockets day by day..who elected the government? we did..I didn't vote for this government, but still they won..the same people are back in power..what I can do? just keep blaming the state and the government? rather, I can be little bit more careful like I mentioned in the post..we can hope to be safer..
    R. R. Patil is indeed back sir..

  6. U did a gr8 thing calls for guts and not all have that..proud of u dear friend..reg. politicians..y do v still discuss them..if any indian has progressed in life it is in spite of the politicians.. v all fight social hurdles like caste, communalism and class barriers..jai hind jai maharashtra

  7. Kudos! I do the same and sometimes people think I am a maverick, but who cares! Hats off.........

  8. Glad Neha :-) that we think alike. :-)
    And I scored a perfect 100 ain't it? :-P

  9. I am so proud of you and the example that you set.

    I take a bow. It is people like you who make a difference. Thanks for sharing.

  10. @ R. Ramesh, thanks buddy...well politicians have powers..if they want they make or break the country...a bit of honesty and loyalty for the nation, and so much can be taken care of na...

    @ Vishal, thanks..

    @ Insignia, u scored my dosa treat is confirmed na? :P

  11. @ Swatantra, thanks..

    @ Kavi, thank u..i hope at least few will be careful next time while travelling...

  12. The biggest downfall of our country is the "chalta hai" attitude of our aam junta.
    There are only a few who would point out an unclaimed parcel, and I have witnessed a few who are alert.
    Heard Mr Chidambaram yesterday and today on the TV. He is doing a good job under the present difficult circumstances (and among the goons that we have elected and send to rule the country)
    Once upon a time the Bombay police was considered the second best in the world (the first being Scotland police)
    Can we claim that title again?

  13. Hey yes, the incident is really sad...i was wondering if this was ur second post on the topic... apparently not...

    people are vigilanti but the famous saying goes in marathi is, 'Shivaji jalmava pan shejari' means... if Shivaji Maharaj is to be born let im born next door and not in my house.

    means, they will c see the bag, but pray it will be handled my someone else..:(

  14. Have we changed? No we haven't.
    The whole system is corrupted, and we can't change the system - unless we own the system, which of course is near impossible. The only thing we can do is to keep the fire burning in our hearts. Who knows, someday one of us might be able to change it. One of us might be able to make a difference.
    By the way, that was a brave move you took. Taking a note of the doubtful parcel in the train, I mean. Not everybody has the guts to do so. Hats off!

    P.S. Ironically, I too wrote an article quite similar to yours just now. We haven't changed - that's the gist of it. :-)

  15. Neha, Many folks notice these packages, but few have the guts to follow it up with action. Most folks will say , "Why me ?". Kudos for being the only one to say , "Why not me ?", and following up rigorously on it.

    On an interesting side note, I find that people in buses are more co=operative that way. You point out a package and folks get agitated there. Maybe the smaller immediate environs make it more urgent or something. And we as a population need to certainly change attitudes.

    Hopefully many ladies noticed your actions and will take inspiration from it and learn.

    Thank you for posting a link to my poem ...

  16. If we do not do our bit, we lose our voice in asking for accountability from others. You did a commendable thing.

    Democracy comes with it's price. The price of long delays on most things(Forget 26/11, 9/11 perpetrators are not punished yet). Add the desi tadka of corruption, ineptitude and politics and it just gets worse from there.

    Unless we are ready to tackle the problem at the root -- dealing with Pak deftly if provoked, we will get nowhere. But that has ramifications and Intl pressure play. So till then sahansheelta aka jaane do is what will prevail..

  17. Nice post Neha, and India needs more vigilnat people. But I think when terror strikes it is often so well planned that such precautions cannot hinder it. But you are a very brave young woman.

    I will definitely read the posts you have recommended.

  18. Hey Neha... let me stand up and salute yu first of all. Thats the problem with us is'nt it. We always want things to be perfect around us be it the country or the family, yet little do we realise that we contribute nothing to it.It just takes a little to open our eyes and brain, that we find it hard...o here i go doing it! Truly yu deserve an applause ! thanks gal...Jai Hind

  19. Neha,first let me congratulate you.Just think...what if ..i get shivers.You have set an example here for all of us .Kudos to you.
    We need to understand that each one of us is an integral part of the system.I count,my vote counts,my contribution to my country counts,i am very important to my country and the country to me.Salutations to citizen like you who never wait for others to bring the change but work to bring the change.I think this is the only answer we have right now.Proud of you my friend and wish to be like you.

  20. That was a really responsible act, Neha! Bravo!It's true that we aren't doing anything. Just electing our leaders is not the only duty towards our Nation. There are many more. But how many of us realize that. Everyone is busy in their own life, making their dreams come true or whatever, nobody gives a damn about our responsibility as a citizen of India.Cases like these go on for the lifetime of the criminal, many of them even die before the case is'd have studied more about such cases. No, I dont think we are any more safer than last year....human life in India isn't worth anything!

  21. we say blah blah blah about politics, society, corruption, religion, media, terrorism, pakistan, this ,that, every hell topic ..... but we never encourage ourselves, our kids, brothers and friends to join the duties of police or army.

  22. its not just they tend to forget all has happened it they have to come back to reality so they(some people) are trying to hide their deep sorrow....

    i have tried a poem on the evil event 26/11... just have a look

  23. For everything that goes wrong we know where to point the fingers... government. But firstly we should be asking ourselves are we doing our duties as the citizen of the country... then I am sure the answer would be no. We dont bother whats happening around us until it causes harm to our lives. We feel bad, we say stuff in the heat of the moment and then after a few days its all gone. I would never say that our political leaders are great but we are a democratic country.... we have the power to pull a government down but we never exercise our rights in the way that we should. We hardly vote... Anyways, what you did was a very good thing :).

  24. congrats on having the courage to do what you say..the biggest problem is thatw e want scapegoats anywhere and everywhere, we say..this is govt. job, but no govt can be so vigilant unless the citizens behave responsibly.

  25. Most of the people dont pay attention to the un attended luggage because they have not lost anyone in the bombings ! they dont know how it feels to lose something in such carnage

    They are totally ignorant to the idea that 'it can happen to them too'

    Kudos to checking that bag out !

    PS: How about joining the intelligence agencies :P ? lol j/k


  26. Wow, pat on your back!! U are really brave. People should come out of their shells. We must try to act brave when the situation demands that!

  27. You are Awarded at my blog :)

  28. @ Haddock, the title seems like a distant dream..don't you think? but it is indeed possible..thanks..

    @ Karthik, your post - amazing read...I was away so couldn't post a link of it on this one..but too good...guts, well I was being selfish and saving my own neck..n i wish we all do the same..

    @ Sid, this is my second post on this topic..but both are different in content..

    @ Ugich Konitari, indeed we need people to say why not me..I hope there were few who are now careful about such things..
    haha, buses - yeah, people are more co-operative there..reason - urs fits perfectly :D
    ur poem was an amazing piece on this topic..thank u for sharing :)

    @ Insignia, wow..thanks a tonne :D

  29. @ Panorama, the train blasts in 2007 - with such precautions they could have been well avoided..maybe not all, but we can for sure make some difference na...thank u for reading those posts..they all deserve to be read and commented..

    @ Madhu, your comment and post said it all...I read it, but couldn't comment as i was in hurry...

    @ Priyan, I read ur poem too...a nice peice on this topic...sorry, couldn't leave a comment there..thanks :)

    @ Varsha, so very true...thank u for appreciating my attempt :)

    @ Mahesh, you have a point there...thank u for sharing your views..

  30. @ Kavita, I was saving my neck there...just imagine, if we all think this way, so much can be changed and so many such incidences can be avoided...I am glad I have a company least few of us are now alert, right?

    @ HaRy, thanks buddy...Jai Hind :)

    @ Harini, welcome here..thank u for your is said na, when we point our finger at someone, we forget that rest of the fingers are pointed at us..thanks buddy :)

    @ Antarman, so true...thanks :)

  31. @ Rohan, welcome here...thank u for ur comments..intelligence agency? nah, i am happy being a lawyer :))

    @ Shruti, we must come outta our shells asap...thanks :)

    @ Nu, thank u for the award...i will soon pick it up :)))

    @ sm, thanks :)

    @ sp.ajay, :) and welcome here..

  32. U have really done the right thing a responsible citizen u r!! Really we people should b responsible but honestly we all should be alert and responsible!

  33. I am visiting first time to your blog and I am totally impressed! I read your guest post written on the blog of Guria.It is a wonderful story! and this post you write here is sooo true! i totally agree with you about it! We start taking caution when something happens and forget it really soon!We need to be more attentive!

  34. Voting rights And we have to realize the importance. Awareness campaigns/Television talk shows should be organized to educate people about Rights & Duties. I appreciate Kiran Bedi ji for the recent television show.

  35. Thanks for this mention on your post !Re the train incident: I'm glad that you did what one responsible should have done in that condition..I don't think many of us really ask question when we should be ! And that's where I think we all fail to protest against any anti-social act...

  36. Was out of connection for last four days. 26/11 can be avoided only with vigilance not only about things or packages but also other types of communication which might instigate hate and violence. Hope you read

  37. @ R. Ramesh, hey buddy :)

    @ NR, yeah, we should be alert and responsible..thanks :)

    @ Pra, welcome here..thank u for your comments..I am glad you liked that story..attentiveness is the key dear...hope all of us start being a bit more conscious..thanks buddy :)

    @ Nu, thanks is very important not only to notice things around us, but be bold enough to ask questions if we feel our safety is at stake...thanks buddy :))

    @ Hobo, you summed up my post aptly..Kiran Bedi's show, I didn't get a chance to see..but I have heard a lot about it...thanks :)

    @ the Holy Lama, so true ya...
    I read that post by Aparna, and commented 2-3 times...I was a part of one of the argument sessions..

  38. Neha by your post it is definte that you can make the change in the views and actions of the readers...nice and brave work done...
    i have many realtives in mumbai and when i saw the news i was scared of my cousin who works in Taj had a narrow escape.. this mental trauma had continued for many days....we live in India and its high time to think on our duties and responsibilities towards the nation...everytime the govt and the judiciary cant be blamed