Friday, November 06, 2009

A Day with Her..

After a long hectic week, and a lot of running around round the clock due to various reasons; and lack of sleep, I finally took a break today and decided to go to mum’s to catch up with her, have food made by her (nothing beats that, I realised it post marriage), meet my niece, sleep and back to in laws.

I reached mum’s place at around 10 in the morning. There along with usual faces, a smiling and most adorable face greeted me. Oh i had so forgotten how beautiful she is, for so far whenever i went to mum’s, she was sleeping most of the time, and today she was laughing, playing, making noise and welcoming me like she was waiting for me all along. With all tiredness gone, I start playing with her like a kid.

An hour passed in making different funny faces, cuddling, laughing and i realised all this while she was holding my index finger. She loves doing that. She will hold you so tight and with so much of warmth, that you don’t feel like leaving her and going away. I had to send some mails, so i started doing my work, with her lying next to me. Our princess started missing the attention, so she punched herself and started crying really loudly. I freaked out, but mum said it was one of her traits to grab attention, the same thing i did too as a kid. So again the whole attention is on her, the same playing, laughing and cuddling start.

Can anybody leave her and go if she holds you like this?

12:30, she becomes really restless, I am once again provided with another piece of information – it is her massage time and the lady who does it is late. Bhabhi, mum and i are trying hard now to make her smile and she is making all possible faces and throwing tantrums. The lady arrives ten minutes later, and madam is all ready to get pampered. I get really scared by looking at the way that lady is massaging her, and this girl is all silent, enjoying it thoroughly, giving a lazy smile once in a while, almost ready to sleep.

Mum warns me that she hates taking a bath. The moment water touches her body, the whole building knows that she is getting soaked in hot water, she is that loud.just before entering a bathroom, she gives me another smile, as i am following her all the way there. She has taken bath, without crying even once – first time ever. For two minutes, we all are wondering whether she did it purposely to prove these people wrong in front of me. Well at least that is what her smile conveyed. Ah you tend to think on these lines if you have a kid at home na; for that matter, anything is possible.

She goes off to sleep, so do I. She gets up at 4, I am still sleeping; so bhabhi leaves her in the other room. Madam is now missing her usual place where she plays everyday, and since I am sleeping there, bhabhi ignores her tantrums. She is making faces once again, looking all sad and helpless. Mum cannot see it and wakes me. She comes next to me now, and the usual playing and smiling start.

Another hour passes by, and I have to leave now. She is not leaving my hand. The moment i get up, she becomes all sad; when I sit and hold her hand, she plays, not smiling at all. I want to leave after seeing her smile once, but all in vain. Another half an hour passes like that and I finally manage to make her smile once – a small one though, but that is enough for me to leave from there all happy happy.


  1. yes home made mother made food has no match.
    i like the pic.

  2. Neha U made me remember all those good ol' days with my mom :(
    Had a blast eh? Good..
    But to be frank, your description is not that good, since i've read your other posts!

  3. @ sm, thank u..:)

    @ Shruti, I had a wonderful time there...and about the description, well I could have made a story outta it using better words and sentences, but I wanted it this way, exactly how I viewed and experienced the whole thing...

    thank you once again for ur honest opinion girl :))

  4. this reminds me of my niece. She would be all day at our home and wouldn't even leave my mum when deedhi comes to take her back home. She was so little then. Now she's all big and going to school.

  5. This post made me miss my mom...I miss her home made food and even miss fighting with her:)

  6. This post is straight from your heart and i loved it trust me. The way u have expressed was as if i was with there playing with the angel :)!!
    The pic was really too good...when babies hold the index fingers really tight...really its a different feeling!!

  7. Hey reminded me of my cute little cousin. The day she was born, we went to the hospital and she was sooooo cute :) She used to hold my finger the way you have shown in that pic. She was sooo cute and she still is cho sweet. I love her the most since I saw her from the day she was born :) I used to love playing with her! This was a very sweet post!

  8. This is the sweetest post ever. :-)
    I love babies and kids. Somewhere in the middle of reading this post, I got severely jealous of you. :-(
    And you are right. Nobody can leave those angels when they hold our fingers.
    Wonderfully written. I felt like I too was playing with her. :-)

  9. aww..loved the post..and the pic is so cute..
    I love it when kids wrap their hands around your index finger..
    they just makes your day with their sweet smile..
    i am sure you had a very happy day..:))

  10. Its that selfless love; pure and sincere that so beautiful. One wouldn't get this happiness for any money thrown isn't it?

    I recall an incident about a kid's innocence. Err...This is just one of the phrase that I made fun of in my post right??? :-P So I wont leave that incident here. Its on my blog. Please visit it when possible -

  11. Very nice. I know your niece was born on August 25. Same day of the week, Tuesday, as yours. Your niece knows that. That is why she has a special affection for you. That is the reason she did not cry when she took a bath in your presence. By the way, what did you guys name her? Neha?

  12. Even such little kids follow their routine:)...little ones are always a pleasure, stress buster.

  13. Wisps of wet hair,
    Radiant eyes
    amidst whiffs of
    baby powder
    and turmeric
    and milk,
    she twinkles,
    playing with
    BIG finger
    of a favourite

    the finger
    prefers the ABCD
    and she wonders,
    if the aunt likes them
    because they show pictures
    on a screen.

    A reproachful look,
    a conspiratory,
    toothless smile,
    and she turns
    to the side,
    holds out her palm
    encircling the big finger.

    The aunt,
    in her clutches,
    The screen gives up,
    goes dark.
    The little one,
    sees herself
    and smiles....

    Yes, Girl Power !

  14. Between you & me, I'd say I cook some things better than my mom. Some things she used to cook better. I like kids too. Other people's kids. ;)

  15. I know it is fun for girls to be with the mother.It becomes an event.I enjoy seeing it because it happens with us also ,periodically.
    Tell me,why are daughters so attached to the parents---more than the sons???

  16. Mothers are indeed special ! They way they weave their hands and hearts around our souls is something that has to be experienced !

    And every one who has experienced mothers love is quite nostalgic about it !

    Lovely post here ! :)

  17. This reminded me of the time when I had gone home to my mother to deliver my first baby. She used to pamper me both before and after the birth and took really good care of the baby as well.
    My mom is very good with newborns and did the massage and the bath routine herself. She taught me too when the baby was not really so tiny any more and I wasn't afraid to break her into a million little pieces every time I held her.
    I am glad you had such a special time at home. Theres nothing like a mother daughter relationship.

  18. Lovely Post :)

    And thanks for your comments in my blog.

  19. hummm, i can so understand how it feels. My daughter is ditto the same. And kids are such stress busters. Really good to read this. TC:)

  20. Sachchi! Totally agree with ZB! Babies are actually God who comes down to remind us how to love, be loved and be trusted. They soooo make us fall in love with ourselves... making us feel as if we were the most special person in the whole world to have allowed them to hold our finger for so long in their tiny chubby hand!

  21. @ COMMUNI, kids are always so very adorable na..they always make you feel so special..:)

    @ Panorama, even though my mom stays just 20 min away from my in laws, I still hardly get time to go and meet her...n we still fight over the phone all the time :D

    @ NR, you are so very right...the feeling of kids holding u is heavenly...when they make u feel special, you know for sure that they mean it..thank you..I am glad you liked the post :)

  22. Read ur 'Wierd' post...You might want to visit mine and let me know your thoughts :)

  23. @ Avada, thanks girl...I am glad u liked the post...babies are very special...even I have seen her since the day she was born, I named her, her first ever piece of cloth that she wore post hospital was a gift from me..oh it feels wonderful :)

    @ Karthik, when I started writing this post, all the scenes kept coming in front of me, and I penned them down the way they took place :)

  24. @ wishesgalore, so very true...n yes, I had an amazing time there :)

    @ Insignia, i remember this song by beatles can't buy me love when u say "One wouldn't get this happiness for any money thrown"
    I read that post...such a nice one...wish we could get a kid's innocence...
    errrr, on the other hand, I m happy being sarcastic..but sigh, people don't get it...wish I could help u :(

  25. @ SG, wow...thank you for remembering those feels nice to know that few people like you actually value my write up...thank you more similarity between me n my niece - we have a same colour and size birthmark, at different places :)
    her name is Ruchi :)))

    @ Hobo, so very true :)

    @ Antarman, oh so very true...they follow a more strict routine than us...thank u :)

  26. Thanks for your reply Neha. Ruchi. A very sweet and nice name.

  27. @ Ugich Konitari, I am honoured and touched... I mentioned this earlier that I never commented on your posts even though I read them because I always lacked words...n I used to feel a bit jealous of people who used to receive your comments in the form of a poetry...when I read this one today, all I can say is that this is the best comment I have received so far for the post closest to my heart...can't thank you enough :)

    thank you for extending my post :))

    @ Ramit, u cook better than ur mum? ur wife is lucky i must say...n yeah, most of the men like other ppl's kids..:)

  28. @ BK Chowla, oh question all of us seeking an answer for na? why daughters are more attached to parents...well maybe as we get to spend around 25 odd years with them...and once we get married, we realise their value truly...:)

    @ Kavi, so very true...nothing can beat mother's love...u know, whenever I am not feeling well, I insist mom to come and see me...her hand on my head for a while and I am fine...:)

  29. @ Aparna, I can imagine how wonderful you must have felt while holding your baby for the first is indeed a wonderful feeling...thanks :))

    @ Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky, thanks :)

    @ ZB, thanks buddy...m glad you liked it :))

    @ Kaddu, I so agree with you...they make us feel really very special...their touch makes us forget the world...u know, she was holding my hand for an hour without me realizing it...mum made me realize :))

  30. @ Vishal Pore, welcome here...I will for sure read your post..thanks :)

    @ SG, thanks...I named her na, it is got to be sweet right? :)))

  31. Would love to see the whole baby. You left me wanting. With two sons, I have a weakness for lil girls.:)

  32. Awww! You must have really felt sad leaving her na? Babies are so cute, sweet and innocent..I just LOVVE Kids!! :-)

  33. @Neha, some things I cook better, some she does. Mom doesn't cook anymore now because she has been handicapped since 5 years now. That's how I learnt to cook. And about my wife being lucky, be my guest to update her ;)

  34. Excellent post!!
    You've been very impressive in your thoughts and expressions.....

  35. I like your smooth narration and realistic presentations with minute nuances :)

  36. Oh Neha ,what a cute post...reminds me of my mom and the very initial months of my first born baby my daughter....time !!! just few years back she was so tiny,smaller than my pillow and just this morning she was telling me look mamma your high heels almost fit me(she is not yet6)....soon a day would come this niece of yours is going to make calls to you discussing various issues(cute and sweet ones).

    mOm's food is always best because it is prepared with lots of love and warmth.Thanks dear for sharing this.

  37. @ Holy Lama, oh I can very well understand that... whole baby pic, i will post soon :)

    @ Novice Writer, I feel like going there right now :(

    @ Ramit, sad to know about ur

    @ Priyan, thanks a lot for your comment and compliments..:)

  38. @ Mahesh Kalaal, thanks :)

    @ Kavita, she is so very adorable...I can completely understand ur feelings and emotions know what, I want my niece to remain this cute little adorable always, but I want her to grow up fast too, and discuss things like you mentioned...

    mum's food is heaven...ummm, i m hungry and I have to eat food cooked by me...poor me :(

  39. friend. how r u? wishes

  40. Wow! That's a day well-spent and well-expressed too :) Your post reminded me of my niece, they got shifted to Delhi this summer and I miss her so much. Every time I call them, she tells-Bua hai, Bua hai! and won't handle the phone to anyone else without talking to me :)
    Good one :)

  41. Beautiful post ! And a comment via a beautiful poem -- that's a first I've seen :-)

  42. hey wow... this really is a good write up...made me remember the olden days...

    now i have not seen other writeups so cannot truly say if this is good or no...

    and for this emotional write up i spare you...:D

    Hi m, Sid aka Ravan, the cartoonist.

  43. @ R. Ramesh :)

    @ Varsha, one gets attached to the kids very fast...these days I keep looking for an excuse to go to mums to meet my niece..:D

    @ Madhu, thank you for your comments..the poem is equally close to my heart as much as this kind of extended the post na..:)

    @ Sid, welcome here :)
    thank u for ur comments..i am glad you liked the post...n thank you for sparing me this time...I will try to be spared all the time :P

  44. It's a wonderful post, and a sweet experience.... :)
    And I love that picture, touches some unknown chord in me.... makes me feel woman, I guess :P

  45. I know how u feel (well to an extent). I have many cousins and few of them are married and have kids... and i am especially close to one cousin and her kids... every time i go visit them i feel so happy. I hate it that my nephew is growing up so fast. I still think of him as a child. Now, he is so grown up and prefers to play with boys than sit with me and talk :(. But thankfully my niece is still that stage of i wanna play with you... I am kinda hoping she doesnt grow up as fast as he did :P.

  46. This is the second most touching post on your blog till now, the first being "The Weird Post" :) I enjoy the ones with the personal touch the most.

    I am very attached to kids, especially to my nephew, and so I know what you feel. I hate not being able to be physically with him because he is back in India! :(