Monday, November 02, 2009

Critics and Criticism - my weirdness continues...

A holiday is a blog hopping day for me; my passion for reading always takes me to different places thanks to the user-friendly format of our blogger. This is something most of us do during our free time, and we do this more frequently during our initial blogging days to know what people write about, how they write; most of the bloggers are avid readers who after reading a particular piece think about how they would have written it, or even if they find the article appropriate, still they tend to find some room for improvement there. Few who voice out and write about that point of improvement are our critics whom most hate.

Coming straight to my point, while blog-hopping, I have come across many famous blogs, for they have 1000+ followers, 400 to 500 comments each posts, all raving about how much they love that blog, blogger and the posts whether it makes sense or not; at least it didn’t to me, whenever I read them, not once but many times. Me and my biased mind playing tricks I guess because every time I find these people over-rated; my reason being – they always criticize everything, there is not a single positive thing written about anything and anybody, their success mantra I guess or rather, their success preservation mantra. Any which ways criticism is good but criticizing for the sake of it, or to gain publicity, and people supporting it is, well, nothing but encouraging them to write off more and more people; and sometimes good people.

Come to think of it, I am actually weird in this case. Well my regular readers who read my post last month know that by now, but those who are new here, please click on WEIRD to read that post. Back to why I call myself weird once again, well I have never been a fan of people on top, be it in any field – mostly in sports. I am not a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar, though I do like his game; I have been Rafael Nadal’s fan since long time, and I keep criticizing Fedex; I liked Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane more than Roonie or Ronaldo; I have never liked Shobha De’s write up much, as I find her criticizing more than writing happy things, I have never been an Amitabh Bacchan or SRK fan, I prefer a test match over a 20-20 as it lasts long, etc. etc. the list goes on and on. So I believe here too, my weird (or sadist? Hope not) belief works, thus I am not a fan of amazing write ups, but well, what to do, I can’t read the awesome most write ups if they are wrongly criticizing others for the sake of it; so what can I do? Well what I have been doing for so long – read, sigh, decide never to go back those blog pages, but still go back there. When will my weird mind actually accept that most of the famous writers are not over-rated? Very few deserve that title and 1000+ followers?

These are purely my views and I have not written this to hurt anybody’s sentiments. I am still learning in this blogger’s world, maybe this is the reason I do not like those amazing blogs so much; why amazing? They have so many followers and comments; it cannot be for no reason at all right? So something is wrong with me only, and my mind being biased and hopeless and above all weird; I don’t think I will be able to bring myself to read them in near future.


  1. hey neha..nothing wrong ya..what u said is justified and u have a right to hold yr opinion..i c ya as a very intelligent person who works hard..i told u na, once a good friend told me: "boss, u r an elephant.y do u even look at barking dogs?" tht made me feel good. so just ignore critics ya..there r millions out there..but there r good ones also out der...what say? best wisehs to u always

  2. "most of the bloggers are avid readers who after reading a particular piece think about how they would have written it" Is it for everyone? I only thought I am like this and used to feel shame and always used to question myself "am i trying to copy"

    Regarding those amazing blogs and etc, I remember one of my boss once told me. I dont remember the exact words but it was something similar to "for everything existing on this world has its takers, has its own reason of survival" I guess that holds true for blogging also. BTW, did not get why do you go back to those blogs then?

    And I am also test match fan, hate 20-20, hate Shobha de's writings and curious to know why you dislike Fedex? :)

  3. @ R. Ramesh, thank u for ur wonderful comment, and a special thank u for thinking that I am really means a lot buddy...ur boss said holds so very true...I will also remember this always..thank u buddy :)

    @ Mustaf, the improvement part is my personal opinion and observation about people...nothing wrong in attempting to make something better right? u are copying if u are just changing couple of words of that write up and presenting, but writing a topic from ur own point of view about which something has already been written is an art..

    thank u for sharing those beautiful lines shared by ur boss...about why I go back to those blogs? well I feel I am sometimes very biased and judgmental, so I go back to try that my belief may change about them...but alas, I am way too stubborn I guess..

    I have always liked rafa, and no specific reason for not liking fedex...n mentioned na, I am weird :D

  4. Neha, what I really look for is sense or beauty in whatever I look for or hear. Discard others and assimilate the good. It has worked for me.
    Sorry I was out of circulation for sometime and will be writing shortly.

  5. people ask for criticism...but want to be praised...thats what i have seen in most of the blogs!!
    Shoba De ....she just know to criticize and do nothing!!
    Well i dont know why u dont like ppl who are on top....thats really stupid!!

  6. yeah Neha, I agree with the wierd ways of the web. This phenomena of over rated creativity is found in other art forms like painting and photography too. I will write a separate post on the same topic.
    There is a familiar guy in our circle who comments on my posts regularly in two words, 'Thank you'. This is I guess his way of acknowledging my sincere comments in his writing. This very gentleman has all the time in the world to comment on other blogs, (read women authors). strange ways.
    There are few people who have had tears after reading my stories that were meant to be funny.

    blame my writing or blame God??

  7. but barking dogs are rightly ignored right?

  8. Agree with you Neha.. sometimes people criticize just for the sake of it. I have come across such blogs where people do nothing but criticize and such people have tons of followers too! But I dont think they are amazing writers, just because some people praise them for no reason. I dont think you are weird in this case, because I agree with you too. I stop reading some blogs if they have too much of nonsense on them.
    I love blog hopping too :)

  9. The world has choice. And technology provides the opportunity to choose.

    And i have been trawling on the waters of the web for a long time now, and sometimes left perplexed about what ( & how) others write ! ( And the comments / followers).

    One day it dawned on me, that it didnt matter at all. If they got comments. Or followers. Or even, if i got a few extra comments or lesser ! For i write in creative trance. It gives me release ! And whatever is there, is there !

    I have had many readers come back regularly ( like you :)) and encourage me. I have had others that have melted away. The essence is to stay true to oneself and keep relating to the world.

    You are unique, and i guess that uniqueness will strike a chord somewhere ! :)

  10. Neha,

    I am with you. :-) Having 1000+ aaah, 1000+ is too little Neha. I know of a blog which has 8000+ followers. And why 8000+? The author of that blog writes all juicy stuffs and gossips involving famous people; undercover. People like gossips. And criticizing, everyone and everything is absurd. I haven't read Shoba De, AK, Big B or any famous celebs who have a blog. I am not jealous, its just that I haven't!!!!

    Sow weird of me :-)

  11. I agree with you, even I have wondered so many times, if famous people have many followers, I can understand, because they are the followers of his/her persona, but otherwise I wonder..even I like positive writing.

    Did you ever read that story of premchand..Chimta..I am just like that child who bout chimta for his grandma..I always take the side of underdog and then will defend like anything:)..never salute the rising sun.

  12. hey nehaaa gr8 2 hear fm u..and confident words.ya..plz continue to write even if only when time permits..but dont give up plzzz. and yes..if i can count my best blessings, it's the kind of friends i have..cheers friend..

  13. I agree. I too have had similar experiences. A certain blogger has more than 150 followers and lots of comments for each post. I thought he was a good writer, but when i went through his write-ups, they were too shallow. Only noise, and no music. :P
    It's the content that matters, isn't it? And certainly not the number of followers, comments and attractive templates.

  14. @ nsiyer, welcome back sir...good to see u around again...I will soon read ur post...I have started writing for myself these days...there was a short span when I actually bothered about comments and good views, but it all doesn't matter anymore...thank u sir :)

    @ NR, true, very few can take criticism, as for them, their work is the best, and nothing wrong in loving our own work right? again, it depends from person to person..shobha de, well I have given my opinion about her in this post...and again, why I don't like people on top? well, lemme put it the other way, people I don't like end up being on top :)

  15. @ JJ, please come up with that write up...waiting..and this comment part thing I have also is not unheard of...but it is better to ignore such people right? it is better to write for ourselves and not for others...I do get so many stupid comments on my posts asking about the meaning of my post, innit a tight slap on my work? but I don't bother anymore, and reply to them patiently...people say I shouldn't be taking things on my heart and look at the positive side of the things, while i m being sarcastic hurts, but as u correctly put, it's better to ignore a barking dog...

    @ Avada, so true, people just criticize for the sake of it, weird na? :P blog hopping is a better activity for me these days than farmville :D :D

  16. Thank those critics who gave the idea for this post. It takes all types to make the world and the blogsphere. Anyways, only birds of same feather flock together

  17. @ Kavi, thank u...this is the reason, I am ur put things with so much of honesty and simplicity that I can't help admiring you all the does not matter to me either what people think about me...I write because I love it. this is the reason I don't read blogs i do not believe in...
    and I am repeating myself, if I have to name one blog I am addicted to, then Kavi's musings will be my reply :)

    @ Insignia, you are one of the persons I can relate to ask the opinion about what I what we think is weird, then ain't we happy being one?

  18. @ Antarman, so very true...
    No, I have not read that story...why don't you share it on ur blog? I would love to know it though...

    @ R. Ramesh, thanks buddy :)

  19. @ Karthik, I agree, the content is all that matters in the end, and not the numbers of any kind...

    @ Holy lama, very true...I do wanna thank them, but above all, I will be grateful to them if they do their job with honesty...thanks :)

  20. Oh why not? I am absolutely happy being weird; I call that being unique and I am proud about it :-D

  21. You are not weird, Neha. You have your own likes and dislikes and as ramesh says, it is your right. Imagine what a boring world would it be if we all liked and disliked the same things:)

  22. There are all kinds of bloggers around.Number of followers is not a yard stick to decide on the status of the blogger.Even I have read such blogs ,but if you decide to read the posts,you will be surprised--those are not meant for us.
    Weird!!!In my opinion.a blog should write a post and consider it like poetry.Those who have the class,will reach your blog.Do not look at quantity,it is the quality.
    Neha,you are doing good and at I am very fond of your posts and hope that will continue to write similar posts...don't worry about followers.It was third month of my blogging that I had the first follower and I am not a great writer.

  23. @ Insignia, your comment is the exact reason I can relate to u :)

    @ @ Panorama, oh yes, so very true...thank you :))

    @ BK Chowla, no. of followers or comments don't affect me between it did, but then i grew outta it as it was making me too conscious and I was losing my touch again I am back to writing what I feel like :)
    I am so glad to know that you are fond of my is a huge complement...I will surely try my level best to improve more and more :))

  24. oh dont worry abt being weird...try and beat me! :D! yeah thats y we have blogs dont we? we can be as weird as we can!

  25. Hey so true.. I have wondered about blogs having so many followers and comments needs to do a bit of justice to whatever they write! But all those posts contains some blah-blah's! But see na, people do support ad comment on those stuffs! But i have seen blogs and writers who really strive hard. But they don't get mopre than 10 comments!
    I hate SRK's, Shoba de's!

  26. Neha
    i dont think its weird, i feel we blog because we are not weird but creative.

  27. @ HaRy, I am proud to be a weird actually :P try and beat u? well it's better to be in a gang of weirdos na rather than fighting with each other?

    @ Shruthi, good writers write, that's all...comment is something they don't really care for...I know ur point about blah blah blah, this is the reason I wrote this point in following somebody only cos he/she is a celebrity or has many followers...lisa ray writes really well, follow her, but not others who are there just to fill spaces by disgracing others...

    @ sm, exactly...we write because we love to write :)

  28. We live in life for reason and seasons... Writing on web could be a different reason for everyone..

    I write as i want my son to remember how his life been.. and how i loved to make a note of small things happened in life as they give me joy.. and yes i like comments.. But i will keep writing as i am waiting for the day when my son will start commenting or not.. Both is acceptable..

    Technology has provided a unique way of writing, sharing and expressing thoughts..

    Take care..

  29. Individual perspective,right ? That's that..nothing right or wrong..that's why this blog world exists :) So chill and don't think that there is something wrong with you :) Absolutely Normal lady :)

  30. Those 1000+ followers blogs are mostly written by celebrities. People are like voyeurs who love to know what is happening in their lives. It has nothing to do with their writing skills.
    Writing should be a stress buster. I blog because it gives me pleasure and I keep reading my old posts to see how it could have been better. Your follower list or your number of comments have nothing to do with how well you write. I have also noticed that people like to comment on frivolous posts. The moment you write something serious, they don't comment.
    BTW I like SRK. Not because of his acting skills or his looks. I like him because he has reached the top of a tough world without any family support or godfather.
    He represents for me the triumphant human spirit and grit. Does he blog?

  31. I agree with Aparna totally... and as i said it's our freedom to just write and chill..:)

  32. hey it seems that we are just jumping blogs of each other :P LOL Jumping ladies !!

  33. Sorry for this late response.

    I like what you say. Having a lot of followers does not mean they write quality stuff. If I start writing sex related blogs, I can have 50,000 followers in no time.

    Also, I like those people (like you and Insignia) who write simple day to day stuff. I also do not care to read those blogs in which the author does not reply to comments.

  34. SG,

    Thanks, I am honored to have a follower as you. :-)

  35. That's not weird, Neha! I believe, you know what you are clear about your likes and dislikes... your that's pretty normal and sensible!!
    No. of comments and followers... not a yardstick for a blog's success. Have seen loads of wonderful blogs with hardly any comments and some superficial, run of the mill stuff blogs with comments in tons!!

  36. @ Swatantra, I love ur blog...and u write for urself and ur family - that is the best part of it...nothing else matters..thank u :)

    @ Nu, thank u for those wonderful me, the numbers do not matter anymore, and thru this post, i want to convey the same thing only...hope people get it at least after reading this comment section :) and well, we were reading each other's post at the same time :)))

  37. @ Aparna, numbers never determine how good u r as a writer...I have seen so many over-rated bloggers around, but what to do? it's people's choice to make them so popular, right? some bloggers simply show off and write nothing worthwhile, still they have 100+ followers, and people raving about them...but it doesn't affect me and my work...i write as I enjoy the journey..for u it is a stress buster...
    So far as i know, SRK doesnt blog...if I happen to find his blog, then i will surely send u the link..

    @ R. Ramesh, :)

  38. @ SG, thank you for ur comments...u read my posts and give ur feedback, that is all I expect as I really value it..u r so very right, few obscene posts, and the blog is moving up...but the numbers is not our purpose...thank you once again for those wonderful words about me...
    btw, even i do not like it when the bloggers do not reply to the comments...:)

    @ Insignia, you are one of the best bloggers I have come across :)

    @ Shilpa, thank you for understanding the post...u r right, the nos. are never the yardstick for judging a blogger...a blogger friend of mine, he has 3-4 followers, but he is one the best ones around...thanks :))

  39. A nice discussion Neha. I have wondered about the disparity in bad write-ups getting a ton of comments while quality writing gets shunned.

    Kavi put it the best . Couldn't agree more.

    While there are quite a few sub-par celebrity (ghost) written blogs that do not measure up and have comments that pander to the demi-god of a writer, there are some that are genuine and well worth the following. I follow, participate,x-post at this blog called . It has class, quality and a critical,knowledgeable commenter base I would kill for. If you are looking for quality blogging and not the 'My dog Skip' kinds, do check them out.

    Caveat : It is Bangalore-Mysore centric and un-apologetic ..

  40. The wonderful thing about blogging, is that you simply have fun and enjoy writing. For yourself. Number of followers is an incidental thing. It changes. It hardly matters. Those who enjoy what you write will be back regardless. Those who value what you write will never hesitate to disagree if they so feel. And there could be so many folks who read your blog without being a documented "follower".

    Forget all those celebrity blogs. What is WEIRD is that all these folks supposedly find time to blog. (It doesnt pay). Between flying to 5 countries in four days, judging competitions, giving speeches, socializing , and doing fancy photoshoots, and spending the sort of money on clothes, that would actually fund the railway season tickets for your entire office building for a month.......

    Forget what folks think. Blog away. We enjoy it so much ....

  41. You know, the day people realize that blogs are just an outlet to let out pent up creativity and not a platform to achieve super-stardom, half of these problems will be solved. At the end of the day, I think blogs should be written for the reason they are supposed to be written - for the love of writing. Period.

  42. Weird?
    What's that?
    It depends on individual tastes and preferences, it doesn't mean the content beyond our tastes are bad, and as all the above bloggers have mentioned, comments and followers are not a measure of the satisfaction.

    I guess one will realize that after a long period of blogging!

    Btw, I dont find your tastes weird, they are normal :D


    P.S: Someone reached the 50 followers mark!

  43. I am visiting your blog for the first time and I am quite impressed. I will try to visit it as often as I can.

  44. @ Madhu Rao, welcome here..thank u for ur comments...well as i said earlier, comments do not intention of this post was to convey that there is no point in following a blog blindly only because 1000 others are following it...
    thank u for ur suggestion...I will surely check those blogs...and I do know few bloggers too who are class apart, and I am very happy reading and following them :)

    @ Ugich Konitari, "there could be so many folks who read your blog without being a documented "follower"." - i am one of them on ur blog, and I gave u my reasons on ur blog :) I never find apt comments for ur wonderful posts, so I just read and admire them..
    well, a very good point about celebrity blogs...what I wonder always, is that when they talk, they cannot give satisfactory answers most of the time, then how come one post every second day in the polished narration? hmmmm interesting :)

  45. @ Parikshith Kumar, welcome here...thank u for ur hit the nail on the head...I blog as i love to write..i read other blogs as i love to read..I leave comments only when I am either convinced about the post or the blogger...

    @ Pawan, welcome here..thank u for ur comments and marking a milestone :)the purpose behind this post is to show many people on the blogsphere that the numbers don't matter..many have said here that to them, comments and numbers ain't important, but I have only seen them always cribbing about less number of comments on their posts...what to say now, for they are making me understand that I shouldn't care for numbers, while nowhere in the post I say that I care..this is the reason, if they are all normal, then i am happy being a weirdo :)

    @ Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky, welcome here...I am glad u liked my blog...thank you for ur comments :)

  46. Hey, your Weird posts are indeed much more interesting than so many blogs which have very serious contents. We are here to share, understand and get to know people, so such posts are really interesting.News and matter of fact posts are there all over, and i dont read them. I love(and believe most people) blogs which are personal. keep writing.

    I too am no fan of Ab or SRk, but i admire them as people. They have come up in life from being nobody. And AB has the most calm, cool and gentlemanly personality i have come across. SRK is really humble which makes him all-the-more better person.

  47. sorry i am late...missed few days of blogging and then new blogs kept piling and old one got lost....Just dropped and saw ur new post. TC

  48. Neha,
    good one. Once my friend wrote, everyone writes for eternity. To leave a mark of your own. I downsize that vision to my convenience, I write to reassure myself that there's always something happening in my life.
    Blogs for the sake for followers and comments is quite a show off. I hope no one does that.

  49. I thought I wouldn't comment but cannot resist! :P
    I think you are WEIRD!!! And I like you just fine, and wouldn't trade that for anything in the world!! :D
    As for the blogs that we know, you and I don't like, well, it takes all kinds to make the world... :P :)
    And no. of followers and comments: most followers don't read the blogs they follow, so, they are actually not "followers"... Comments are mostly a sign that 'yes, I've read your post', sometimes it tries to say just that, whereas sometimes the reader tries to share what he thinks or gives his reactions. But yes, there are worthless, meaningless comments from people who just comment to make u check out their blogs and don't read the post at all, and say some inane stuff that most un-seasoned bloggers can understand.
    If you can subtract all these from your followers and comments, then I guess what remains is the true popularity of a blog.
    Following is a psychological thing... when someone sees that a blog has 1000+ followers, we automatically assume it must be something great, which isn't true more than half the time, isn't it? :)
    I follow Shobaa De but never read her. :P
    And SRK doesn't blog, okay people?? Why don't u talk about Aamir Khan who does and talks about how he was late for his shoot??? :)

    Long comment, Neha, but as you know I have an exam tomorrow so, I just had to!! :P :D

  50. know what some of my favorite bloggers whom i follow religiously are either my teammates or bloggers just like me ... the material they write is so genuine and straight from the heart that you cannot but enjoy it... I dnt follow much big names... I once went to Big B's blog and that was it... nothing much to read... nothing much to gain... though the number of comments there were awesome...

    I guess theres nothing weird in not liking those blogs... personal choices :) and definately you are not alone... :)

  51. have never liked Shobha De’s write up much, as I find her criticizing more than writing happy things, ........
    totally agree with you.
    Some how Shoba De and Ms Godrej fall in the same category for me.....want to be in the lime light without actually doing anything.

  52. Hahaha!Nothing wrong with you, Neha! Even I dont like the blogs and write-ups which criticize anyone or anything. I mean isnt there is enough negativity around us? Why do we need more? Why cant we look at the positive side of people and things around us?
    And the blogs with 100 plus comments....absolute NO-NO!
    Your weird post was good too :)