Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weird Post

“Well actually I always like weird things more” – this statement of mine in the last post amused couple of good friends…so I thought why not a post on this? So this post is dedicated to few of those friends who, well read whatsoever I write…and rest of you, read it anyways…

My liking for weird things has been there even before I knew this word or the meaning of it…I have always been in love with most of the sports since the time I have started watching and playing them…in my earlier school days, girls of my age played with barbies etc., while I was learning to play cricket…that was the beginning of my love for sports…No, I could not master cricket, because my dear friend Jay never gave me a chance to bat for more than five minutes…and he mastered the game, so the other guys included him and me too (I bugged them by begging of them like hell) in their team…but I hardly got chance to bat or bowl, as I was the only girl in the team, but I mastered fielding, oh yes I was one of the best and I fell in love with it…so whoever asked me what I enjoyed the most while playing cricket? My answer was fielding…do I need to say that’s a weird choice?

One such day while fielding at mid-on, and mom called me for some work…I just looked at her to say I would be home in a while and the ball came with force on my face just below my left eye…I got this black-blue-red bruise on my face…I was lucky that the ball didn’t hit my eye, but at the same time I simply found that bruise cool…but sadly, that was the first and last time I was hit so bad…

Ok, now you don’t require a rocket science to know that I was (rather, I still am) a tom boy... my favourite pass time – hanging out with a bunch of guys in the noon, jumping from fifteen feet long tanks was our favourite pass time in fifth and sixth standard vacations, by the time I was in 8th standard, I started staying alone most of the times, reading each and every word of almost all the newspapers I could lay my hands on, never ever doing homework at school, stayed outside the class as a punishment for being so very regular at not doing homework etc. etc. So in short, I was a spoiled brat too…

Another thing I loved was to travel alone…I used to go to Pune to my nani’s place from Umbergaon alone…it was approximately a ten hour journey, changing three trains, and first time I did this when I was thirteen, and my sweetheart dad was the one to support me in this mission, ignoring mom’s angry glares and outbursts every minute (brave he is na)…

Then came the fun college days, and a new obsession – watching movies alone in the theatre…I simply loved that, but my friends could never see me happy, they always followed me and ended up being with me most of the times…so this obsession hardly lasted for few months and I gave up in the end, but I still go for movies alone sometimes…

Most of the people love beaches, and I don’t like them…they depress me so much, I don’t know why…I don’t find the sky beautiful at the time of dawn or dusk, nor I like chirping birds so much…I guess they keep shitting on me, I am their favourite target all the time, that’s why I don’t like it, but yeah, I don’t like that sound…first rain is the time for football in mud, but hardly any grounds left in Mumbai now, so that I guess is going to be a dream for me…I love the stitches mark – specially on forehead…not got that so far, but I wish I get one soon…

Now this post has turned out to be the most personal one – the post where I have disclosed so many weird things about me, my likes and dislikes etc…I will shut up now…this post is very close to my heart, and those who know me will like this…those who are bored after reading this, then well, what can you do now…you have anyways read almost the whole post, so don’t sigh...


55 – True Story

The Twitter Effect

They were laughing like mad after reading those few lines flashed on their computer screen time and again...the feeling they shared was mutual – craziness...then the idea popped in, the idea of a short story, the work was assigned to the queen, but she preferred to stay at the shore rather than swimming in the butter..

PS: This story will make sense to few people only and it is dedicated to them…rest of you please skip this part of the post :D


  1. neha....heheheh...i was really laughing like mad after reading this! Whatta entry u made :P
    ""the work was assigned to the queen, but she preferred to stay at the shore rather than swimming in the butter""
    Just like i predicted!! :O :O
    heheeh...started our buttering here too! The 3rd girl must see this and surely her sarcastic answer will make both of us go crazy again!

  2. the weirdest thing I read here is watching movie alone, that I never heard before. And travelling from Umbergaon to Pune alone at 13!!! what was the reactions of your co-passengers specially if there was any old persons :)

  3. @ Shruti, hahahaha, it is not buttering girl...innit true? :P and for me, one down, one more reaction to go :D :D :D am glad u liked it...

    @ Mustaf, oh yes, i love to go for movies alone...and i can't exactly recollect the reactions of the co-passengers...I was too young to notice that :P and about ur second comment, well I couldn't paste quite a few url's here...will look for another way to do so..thanks :)

  4. Neha, lets wait till the other crazy girl in the bandwagon reacts on this :P

  5. @ Shruti, oh yes, let's wait for her reactions...:D

  6. after reading this post...
    I actually found out that..

  7. Man I was trying and trying to post a comment but I was pushed into the butter!!! :D :D :D
    I am falling off my chair here... :D :D :D
    You actually wrote this girl!!! You are the craziest!!!:D

    I was reading about the tomboy and suddenly a BANG out of the blue!!!

    This is the best form of Butter for the Trio! Wow, we have been immortalized!! :D :D :D


  8. Sagittarius - The reason.
    Yes I read the post And is understood And had a smile. Thanks for writing. You know I never ever had seen a single movie alone but yes, if you can watch alone you could be a director or Actor.
    You said "I don’t find the sky beautiful at the time of dawn or dusk" but one gift displayed is about sunrise.

  9. @ RSV, thank u for the compliment :D

    @ Hobo, thank u for the comment...and nice to know that it brought a smile...oh I love to watch movies alone...try it out, it's fun..yes, i know the gift displayed here is that of a sunrise, and I really appreciate it...thanks buddy :)

  10. @ Guria, hahahahahahahaha...yes, I ACTUALLY wrote this...and enjoyed writing it the queen's turn...what say? :P

  11. @Guria and @neha
    He remember girls, I was on shore and its u both who jumped in the butter and started swimming!! So now let sreya write :)

  12. @ Shruti, looking for covers, are we?

  13. Definitely your weird...i mean how can one find that bruise "cool", but ya was impressed by your knowledge about cricket as most guys even dont know what mid on is!!
    Spoilt, dont require a rocket scientist to know!!

    Be the person u r....honest and loving friend that u r..if thats weird let it b !!!

    Take care

  14. @ Nazish, bruise is so colourful, that's why cool...I love cricket, and I used to play it a lot, thus this knowledge of fielding position..

    and thanks for that last really means a lot :)

  15. lol
    just laughing never thought fielding will be a choice.

  16. Hahaha.. ROTFL ROTFL.. I wanted to read the entire thread before commenting.. queen of butter you three are :P And the misfit is really a maestro at buttering.. queen come up with something for this na..
    And the tomboy thing reminds me of my childhood days.. the bruise reminded me of the bruise I got when a baseball ball hit me on my head once while playing (that ball is sooo heavy)..I started seeing stars :) good post girl

  17. @ sm, hahaha, I still love it btw :P

    @ Avada, sad our timings don't match, or it would have been 4 of us buttering :P and misfit? my my, nobody can beat her...I seriously hope the queen comes up with something on it rather than sitting at the shore :D

    u play baseball? cool cool...thanks girl :D

  18. Excellent Post. Nice Fiction 55. You were a Tomboy? How stupid of me? Now I know the meaning. I thought Tomboy is a desk-top note taking application for Linux and Unix.

  19. hey neha..
    you just won an award!!!:D
    plz collect it from my space..:)

  20. It's funny you should call all these things weird. None of the things you've mentioned seemed weird to me, and the post was not funny. It just shows that you are a thorough individualist, and I really admire that. In fact I could relate to some things, esp. going to movies alone sometimes, traveling alone, enjoying solitude, and even the thing about bruises, etc. (I enjoyed it when i fractured my thumb while playing cricket when I was in school. It was a proud thing for me.)
    Wonderful post! :-)

  21. Yeah girl :( Wish our timings matched, I cud have also jumped into the butter pool ;) I used to play baseball when I was a kid.. not into any sports now :)

  22. Sure,you are weird.Watching movies alone.?
    Excellent usual.Keep it up.

  23. ohh you really are weird;)) who other girl on earth wants to have stitch marks on forehead!!:O btw my brother has one on his eyebrow and i find it cool;D

    if you dont love beaches then i am sure you ll love mountains. come and you l fall in love with them!!

  24. I love fielding too, and remembering the time when I went and took the field with an injured bandaged foot, and the ball landing right on the wound again to be plastered this time... it was cool, I know...

    How much the ppl cribbed when we smashed their windows..abt 25 ppl b/t the age group of 3-10 yrs (girls and boys) playing the game during the hot summers in that big ground made of 7 plots together...

    Good to be wierd all the time

  25. I was waiting to read the weird things you liked. Few habits of yours matched mine...Liked reading newspapers that you could lay your hands on. I would not even spare ads on newspapers and magazines, read them all.....still do :-D

    I didn't like barbie as well :-D

    Having a bruise is cool? Hmmmmmm....Thats WEIRDEST.

    Really enjoyed reading this piece :)

  26. Excellent post. your post made me laugh on many things...It is superb.. and 55 fiction is icing on the cake..

    Nice memories... which is the recent movie u have seen...

    Life is fun nahi!!

  27. @ SG, thank u...I still am a tomboy...and for a change I feeded you with some information...hmm, see i am learning so much from you na..I am glad you liked the post :)

    @ wishesgalore, thanks a tonne girl for the award..:)

    @ Karthik, thank you indeed for understanding and putting it across so beautifully...but if you ask most of the girls, they will for sure find all these things many of them like stitches marks or bruises, or cricket...forget playing cricket, they hate watching it too...very few prefer solitude in the sense that going for a movie alone or travel alone...
    u enjoyed broken thumb? wow, you are one of the few people who exactly know how nice the feeling of injury due to playing ur fav sport is..:)))

  28. @ Avada, you did enjoy today's session, and I missed it :(

    @ BK Chowla, thank you for your comments...watching movies alone is fun, trust me...and thanks for appreciating my posts :)

  29. @ wishesgalore, this comment is weird for sure :P...I like mountains only for trekking..:)

    @ PNA, ah, we have similarities...hmmm...and don't ask how many windows we have broken...i so wish i could get my same old weirdness back :(

  30. @ Insignia, girl, you are one of the persons whom i have dedicated this post to...thank you for suggesting it :)

    we are indeed quite alike...we have discussed that na already :D many things that I have not mentioned here..lolzzz....thank u for ur comments girl :)

    @ Swatantra, thank u for ur comments...i am glad u liked this post and the 55ver too :D

    recent movie me, I saw Harry potter 6 night before the last - 4th time :D life is indeed fun if u know how to live it fully :)

  31. this is actually a great post........blogs are meant to be rambles and ruminates........personal blogs are always the most readable.....keep writing..:)

  32. Hey Neha… indeed a personal post…v came to know a lot abt yu ..yu don’t like beaches? Boy that’s my solace! Anyways..ha ha nice to know yu were jumping tanks as well…I did that all the time during my 6th standard!, boy and yeah going alone is so much fun and I have been too soooo many movies all by myself!.. sure I didn’t understand the last part yes!! ! Tak care

  33. Weird..? you are cute my dear .

  34. Thanks a lot Neha. A post dedicated to me!! Means a lot :-)

    Oh yeah!! :-P I do know lil' bit more of your weird likings :-)

  35. @ Apanatva, cute? oh thank u so least somebody found my weirdness cute..:)))

    @ Insignia, oh yes, let me not reveal those things here, or ppl will call me a mad weirdo :P

  36. @ ZB, thank you for your great comment buddy...u always encourage me so much...and when you like my work, i directly reach on cloud 9 :)

    @ HaRy, thanks buddy for ur comments...yeah, it is a very personal post about the weird things about me :D and movies alone is awesome na...last part is for Sreya, Shruti and Avada...crazy girls at work you can say :D

  37. this is not a weird post for sure..hehe..neha..take care and thanks 4 yr kind wishes yar...and say hi to mandhar though he never says a word..seems a quiet guy...and why not? u do all the talking hehe..just joking yar..

  38. wow.. we are all weirdos in this crazy world..
    lol@ the whole post..

  39. Neha, I need to tell you that you are a lot like me ! Trust me and you are not weird !When my friends were may be playing with dolls I played kabbadi and gend tadi. I started travelling alone when I was thirteen and my first trip was to Pune from Aurangabad...since then I have traveled alone loads of times to-fro varioud places..I'm a tom boy and prefer that status to being a decked-up female ! I too go alone to the theaters and watch movies and plays even when my friends think it's weird to go alone.

    So girl ! It's fun and no harm in being weird ! Enjoy :)

  40. LOl: at fielding, my daughter was also never given batting always either bowling or fielding by the boys group:) she stopped playing.

    Travelling alone at young age, I have done it all my life from early 70's:)

    But movie i couldnt watch alone in the hall, at hoem I always watch alone, as I dont like others talking all the time , so what if they are commenting on movie only:)

  41. :)watching movie alone is what i found weird..i didn get the 55er

  42. @ R. Ramesh, Mandar is not a quiet's just that i don't give him a chance to talk :P

    @ Vishnu, thanks..

    @ Nu, girl, we are indeed very much alike...our first ever travel alone had Pune somewhere, no dolls for us, tomboy status and watching movies alone, phew...btw, u too find bruises cool?

  43. @ Antarman, sadly for me, there were great bowlers in the team I played, so I never got to bowl also...but i was happy fielding and doing the maximum run outs :D movie and travel i prefer on my own most of the times...thanks :)

    @ ani_aset, welcome here...thank you for ur comments...watching movies alone is awesome according to me, that's why I am weird :D
    this 55ver is for 3-4 crazy girls...

    thanks :))

  44. Hey not thought abt them really...but now that you have mentioned..may be I won't want them too much :) But nevertheless we are too much alike :) Like lost sisters LOL

  45. Okay behna, hamesha sang hi rehna ;)

  46. Undoubtedly weird!
    For a person who thinks that it is sad that she never got a red-blue-black bruise on her face or stitches...i am at a loss! :D
    And let me add that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cute post abt a girls weird-weird fantasies! ;)

  47. @ Nu, for sure :D

    @ Destiny's child, hahahaha, thank u :) but yeah, stitches mark on forehead does look cool :D

  48. Absolutely lovely post,Neha! Good to know about you! Even I was a tomboy as a kid, but not any more, somehow!
    Three cheers for your Dad who fulfilled the responsibility to make you independent:)

  49. Chirping birds shit?
    An unknown fact!
    A good posts tho, but it looks like you are obsessed with physical gratification the punk style!

    Good post!

  50. @ Varsha, thank u for ur wonderful comment...I am still a tomboy, can't yet believe that god created me as a girl :P

    @ Pawan, a correction, chirping birds shit ON ME...:( they somehow don't seem to like me..I am obsessed and happy with my this weirdness :))) thanks :)

  51. …rest of you please skip this part of the post you tell me !!

  52. Haddock, this 55er is based on a conversation, or rather a praising session happened among few I made a story out of leaving those 4 ppl including me, nobody else will understand it, as it wont make any sense to them :))

  53. Hmmm...weird is the word...for watching movies alone!! :D
    And never heard anybody finding the beached depressing!

    But then each one to his/her own! :D
    Cheers :)