Friday, October 30, 2009

The Status Update Bug

“I need chicken, goats and horses for my farm please”

This was my status message on facebook few days back. Sounds stupid right? But it made a perfect sense to me and those ten odd people who commented on this status and sent me these gifts. It was a serious business for all of us and we were (few of them still are) very proud of our status of dedicated farmers. Few days after that, I quit playing Farmville. I was no longer that eager looking, waiting for trees and animals as gifts and dusro ke farm se kauve udaane wali stupid farmer. But I am not here to write about my ex-obsession of Farmville. This post is indeed about another obsession – another stupid one about updating my status with all possible kind of status messages.

Before that, one question pops in my always curious mind – why do we update our status every now and then? Well I know the basic motive behind this is to inform your friends what you are doing at that moment, but are they really interested? I mean, few of the things they may find useful if you write that you are visiting their city soon with lots of gifts for them and staying arrangement already made in a hotel with your vehicle at your (and their) service, otherwise, most of them do not care even if you are burping non-stop or your gas is making ten people faint around you. But this status update bug has bitten most of us around on these community sites.

The status messages are of various breeds. Few of them are motivational quotes (yes, people still are hopeful that nutters like me will learn something), funny one-liners, your current status – whether you are working, holidaying, partying, heartbroken, talking over the phone or sleeping(once my status message said – sleeping Zzzzzzz), the status message updater addict like me will exactly mention that. And I find my status updates too funny when I go back to them after say a week of posting one. So silly of me to mention friendship breaker stuff like “The chicken Biryani was amazingly tasty”. A friend of mine and a hardcore fan of John Ebrahim got so offended after reading this update that she expressed her displeasure and removed me from her friend’s list. Then few days back, she added me again. When I asked her the reason for the same, she said that along with her love for John Ebrahim, she started to believe in PETA too, and turned a vegetarian. Now her current crush is Ranbeer Kapoor, so I am back on her friend’s list.

I have not only offended my friends, but I have hurt ego of many with my status updates. Well on this point, let the image below do the talking.

(click on the image for a better resolution)
I don’t know how many more egos I am going to hurt, but I am not able to stop at all. This addiction is going over the board simply. I type something, and eagerly wait for people to comment on it. Sigh, am I turning into a lunatic? Help me please. Tell me what should I do? I want maximum number of opinions. Uh huh, let me update this on my facebook page. I will get my answer sooner.

PS: In this post, I and Me words apply to all those people(excluding me) who update their status regularly on community sites.


  1. Hahaha!Addicted to too dear :O....but I feel it's real fun reading your friends' messages or some inspirational quotes too.I mean that's what social-networking is all about...everyone should know what you are feeling, thinking or doing. very few people have time to keep in touch with all their friends, so FB and orkut are helpful tools in maintaining the connection and these are less intrusive too:)
    What do you say??
    Loved the John and Ranbir one....

  2. I know what your talking about. One of my friends is into this game that all her status updates are about what she needs for her farm. I dont really know this game and havent never played it.. I know this comes a shocker to most of my friends as i used to spend so many hours on FB but never played this game.

  3. hmmm I got glued to Mafia and Crazy taxi for quite some time..then got fed up and quite left that game...he he wait for a funny comment from me next time yu post something on yur status! :D, i always think of updating status and finally forget! ..

  4. This is the "in" thing now....and helps everyone know whts the mood of the person like...specially for those moody!!!
    Thanks to twitter and the way they hav marketed their product....status updates are now a part of our everyday activity.
    hurt ego of!! ppl with ego are bound to get hurt so dont worry..or like a great person that i know says "WHATEVER"!!!

    Interesting stuff...u always come up with interesting topics and with your fresh ideas...n i mean it!!

    take care :)

  5. That friend of yours... I shouldn't say anything... tho' a couple of words did ome to mind... lol...
    I'd love to update my status often, but 'going to the loo'... I feel too conspicuous :P :D
    But motivational I understand, like I am trying to tell myself to study by posting the same on Twitter :) :) :)
    But post 'our BUTTER session', I frequent the status-update machine a bit more :) :) :P
    Never had people who gave a damn before! lol...
    Funny idea for the post, girl, and even better execution! How do ya' do it? :P :D

  6. So very true, Neha!! FB/Twitter are getting us addicted, insane and lunatic. They ask us, "What's on your mind?" and we obediently tell the world about the food we had or our insomnia or amnesia!!

    An interesting post!!

  7. @ Varsha, thank you for ur comments on last three posts...well i m using the shortcut here, hope u understand :D yes, the community sites do help to keep in touch with ur friends, but certain status messages, well errrr, its better to skip them na :P

    @ Harini, welcome here...farmville is indeed a very bad addiction...i was playing it for quite some time just to get total 50 neighbours...once i got them and rest of the levels were almost crossed, I stopped playing it...n I had all farmvile status messages...:))

  8. @ HaRy, yeah, i saw many wall post updates of urs about mafia wars :D uh huh, i will be waiting for ur funny comments now :)))

    @ Nazish, does it help moody people? well if the moody person has the mood to update status, he/she will write anything...u still won't know the mood exactly...and twitter is indeed doing a great job..."WHATEVER" sounds amazing...I will use this next time onwards for this kinda situation :D
    and thank u very much for appreciating my efforts...I mean it too :D :P

  9. @ R. Ramesh, thanks buddy...:)

    @ Sreya, u wicked girl (like me :P), well our buttering sessions at least helped twitter a lot...and yes, i keep reading about ur updates, how u force urself to study, but somehow come bck on twitter to update ur status and butter us :D how do I do this? well the way u did thinking out loud and there is a reason :)))

  10. Was so waiting for it, finally its here...

    Your facebook status, I read it and a couple more...That's so witty; need special intelligence to write such wacky ones.

    I do tend to get a bit irritated when I read motivational messages. Social service I know, but...isn't that boring? I once updated my status as "Tamil Rap and Chai Latte". Most of my friends pinged to know what was the relation between these two.

    So in a way, someone who doesnt ping you ends up talking to you out of curiosity.

    Its fun, isn't it? I enjoyed reading it. Can we get few more of your one-liners? :-D

  11. neha..anki kaai vishesh amchi gr8 mumbaila re? ani tumi family paranth kadhi yenar dubai la? hey, is my marathi still alive neha?? hey dont throw anything on me yar..u know how much i lov mumbai..cheers yar

  12. I survive without Facebook and Orkut. Does that mean something to you? (I was on them till October 2008, then got rid of them) I've been thinking of joining Twitter now for some time, but I know I'll never really get around to it.

  13. Nice post. To me, status update and reading other people's replies is an addiction. Therefore, I stay away from it. I am already addicted to writing blogs, reading blogs, posting comments and reading comments. This is taking lot of my time.

  14. "apply to all those people(excluding me)".. why does it say "excluding"? :) Let me add you on FB and bug you with my status updates :P Most of mine are motivational quotes :)) but yeah I joined FB recently (had disabled the account for quite sometime) and hence not that much addicted. But I see some people who keep posting updates every min. The most irritating ones are the fortune cookies. Why would anyone else be interested in it? Good post girl! loved it :)

  15. few of the things they may find useful if you write that you are visiting their city soon with lots of gifts for them and staying arrangement already made in a hotel with your vehicle at your (and their) service...loved this part:) true !

  16. I have always been amused by the likes of Farmville and Mafia.I got a DM on my twitter feed...i invite you to my mafia family or something like that.

    I replied that,i invited him to my real family. Which in any case would beat down the best of mafia in town !

    I havent heard from him !

  17. Neha, it seems many are addicted to these status messages! Its been a long time since i updated such things! Just am bored of doing such things!! But i loved ur post :)
    I mean it!

  18. @ Shilpa, so very true ya..all are going crazy behind this status update fact, I was planning to title this post as "What's on ur mind?" but half ppl wouldn't have understood it, so kept this one instead..thank u for understanding my POINT..:)

    @ Hobo, Ego? well, this space is too little to explain what is ego...I will soon write a post(s) on this topic..:)

  19. @ Insignia, and it is here...wacky one-liners are not always original, but yeah, I post what I love..:) social messages - hmmm, I am glad you understood that point that I am trying to make...u will find many curious ppl commenting on a random status message all the time..innit amusing?
    I will surely share my one-liners with u...keep watching my space @ facebook :D

    @ R. Ramesh, whoa, that was some marathi...I can't speak that much too, or i would have replied to u in marathi :D Mumbai is missing u buddy, when u coming here?
    n Dubai, dunno when we r coming...but whenever we do, u will be the first one to know :)

  20. @ SG, i exactly know what you trying to say...I am addicted to blogging too...commenting on other's post, reading their reply and a disappointment when they miss your point completely...same goes with our posts too na, when people don't understand what you are trying to say?

    @ Avada, excluding me - that's the catch girl, and thank u for noticing it :P there are many silly things, like cookies, predictions etc...but many do it jus outta boredom...
    I have accepted ur request...but lemme warn u, I am very wicked when it comes to serious beware :D

  21. @ Ramit, I would call u a sensible human being...if u can survive without FB and orkut, then I dont think twitter will affect u or u even need it, until u interested in reading other's status updates that they cram in 140 letters..

    @ Antarman, I like that too...:))

  22. @ Kavi, hahaha, thank god i didn't invite u as my neighbour in farmville when I was playing it..but now we can always catch up on fb, as all the virtual game obsessions are outta my mind :D

    @ Shruti, u r right, many are addicted to this...ain't we these days? what we call - buttering gang? :D I am glad u loved this post, I mean it too :)))

  23. Hey Neha,
    My mom is sp proud of my sister becuase of her farmville achievements. Apparently she has the biggest farm among her friends and the sounds from her farm is de-stressing at times..where else in the city can you hear cows, crows and horses, may be it is a lil bit escapist too, isnt it? otherwise what is the success mantra of this game?
    I am surprised your friend removed you from her list for chicken biryani.
    cheers. happy weekend!

  24. I have no interests in games...whatsoever.....i dont know why or how, but i have totally been absorbed in the materialist world...Its only work, career, investment, retirement and getting rich for me these days. Hummmm. wonder how long would it go like this.....

  25. @ JJ, farmville was too addictive...when we friends used to call each other, we only discussed farmville...I used to spend around 4-5 hours on fb cos of tht...thank god I am outta tht now...n that friend of mine, she removed me as she was a big john ibrahim fan...n to annoy her, I said few bad things about him n called her silly etc...thus she simply removed me from her friends list...too silly n immature girls can be i tel u..:P wish u too a happy weekend :))

    @ ZB, lucky u ain't into virtual games...wish mandar stops playing cricket :D
    I understand ur point buddy...even I want a rich and peaceful life asap, for me and my child when I have will soon be over my friend, u will achieve it

  26. Even updating status is an addiction? I didn't know that as I don't do it. :D
    I am using these sites nowadays to only update about my latest blog posts.
    And that John Abrahim thing is the silliest thing I've ever heard so far. :P Remove a friend from the list because she ate chicken?? Height of craziness!

  27. i am totally addicted to farmville. I am out of town this week and i'm planning to seed something which wouldn't harvest for atleast 3-4 days. silly me ;)

  28. Lovely and hilarious :)

    Hey you are tagged at my blog..check that :)

  29. I dont know about this game,but you are right all the messages are not important may be few.

  30. Hi Neha !! Interesting !Few days back i was on my way to getting addicted to these updates,tweets,blog comments...reading and writing both and one fine day i realized that it was getting more important for me to know that how far my friend has progressed in Farmville or Farlkle...or why my other friend is not publishing a new post in his or her blog and so many other things like much that i was ignoring my loved ones near me ...yes i admit it very honestly.I reviewed my own actions and made some changes .

    One of my frn is happy becoz her husband finished Delhi Marathon in 2 hrs,another is wishing SRK happy birthday,another bought lovely flowers.....thanks to the updates and tweets for keeping friends and relatives connected .

  31. @ Karthik, well it is indeed an addiction...but if you are thinking that I am addicted to it, then i would request u to read my post script a bit more carefully :D and as I mentioned in the earlier comment, me being removed from the frds list was due to me saying much more on john issue...:D

    @ COMMUNI, welcome here...I was like you only some time back, but now i m completely outta it as I have got most of the ribbons including total no of neighbours...:)

  32. @ Nu, thanks girl...and thanks for the tag too...will surely take it up soon :))

    @ sm, u r right, few which are for us, are don't you think e-mailing is a better option?

    @ Kavita, welcome here..:) I understand what u trying to say as I have gone through the same many times my poor husband used to wait for me for dinner and I was busy harvesting and collecting down feathers...waiting for new comments on my posts, waiting for ppl to reply to my comments etc all...but now I have come to my senses thankfully...sometimes the status messages does help, but most of the time they give me a good laugh, so well they indeed help :D

  33. hahhah..neha..u made my day yar..i laughed so much i swear..your mother in law threw a sada hua papaya from the window?! i just surmised the scene and laughed..keep up your humourous spirit my dear friend...cheers

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