Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once, There was a Prithvi Theatre Restaurant...

My last working day, diwali preparations almost over, I go and give Diwali cards for priting (finally) to send across the I am done for the day, well I meet my partner Heena and we head for one of our favourite hangout joints – Prithvi Theatre...there are quite a few reasons behind me going there:

1) amazing tea we get there (well people, if you want to know where you get nice tea in Mumbai, you know whom to contact right?),

2) the best place to have anything made of eggs – be it bhurji, sunny side up, full fry, omelet etc.

3) best place to crib about. Once you enter there, all the frustration comes out automatically and you feel so relaxed..

4) the ambiance – those wooden benches and tables, dimly lit paper covered lamps, a very casual and chilled out place...

One of my favourites there is the menu gives you all the information about movies and theatre work done on the city, for eg, it has yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan song lyrics, few plays made on the city...additionally, it gives you information and serves you the most famous items available across Mumbai – like merwan cake, city bakery’s mawa cake, chaupaty’s bhel puri to name a in short, one place gives you the whole Mumbaiya feeling in a go...

We had not been to this amazing place for quite sometime...this morning we entered with the intentions to crib about every other thing (I feel we should do that sometimes helps to rewind and it is better than the gossips about people around us and even people we don’t know)...the place still looked so welcoming...we took the best possible intentions apart from well cribbing was to click the images of this wonderful place and post them here, images of the menu card above all, to know more about the restaurant, the history etc...and, a perfect year-end post (don’t be so happy, I won’t spare you for such a long time...I only mean the Hindu year end, which ends on Saturday :D)...

We are there for last five minutes, but no signs of the waiter for taking the order...nor we can see anybody on the food Heena goes and inquires...the reply she gets – It is a self service joint...she is a bit surprised at that person’s rude tone, but ignores...she asks if she can get the menu card, again she is denied outright and told to check the board outside and come and place the order...she still keeps her patience and asks whether she will get anything in egg or not...she is denied, and we leave the place next moment without having anything...

The place that was so special to us, so very close is no longer existing in our heart...the service and replies disappointed us and left us sad...the reason behind this? Well this restaurant was always full of theatre people chilling out, smoking and talking...sometime back, smoking was banned in public places which included restaurants it started losing crowd...earlier it was difficult to find a place there, lately you could choose your seats...the most selling items were chai, eggs and bun maska, but people hardly came there...this morning, only 3 tables were occupied...we were surprised initially, but not anymore...

I will still bring myself to visit that place in near holds mumbai together so closely...many struggling actors, directors etc. got their first dose of fame there for the first time...the theatre is still one of the bests in Mumbai, but the restaurant, well I hope it gets its soul back soon...but for now, I have lost a very important place that stood by me in my rough patch and helped me unwind always...I always came out smiling from that was different and I hope today was the last time of it being different...

PS: I had to google the images, as I didn't feel like clicking any myself...
PPS: wishing you all Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year...


  1. neha advance greetings on divali dear friend..also to your family and near ones...cheers

  2. So sad. All good things must come to an end. On a lighter note, Happy Deepavali to you and your family.

  3. Things change...sometimes to bad, sometimes to good. but still it stays in our memory forever.

    advanced happy diwali to you

  4. @ R. Ramesh, thank you buddy...wish you and your famiy too, a very happy diwali and a prosperous new year...

    @ SG, I know, it is really sad...I will miss this place dearly...wish u too a very Happy Deepawali and a Prosperous new year in advance :)

  5. Ahh!! I am visualising mumbai through your posts! great work!
    Happy diwali to you and your family members!

  6. @ AD, you are right...certain things are hard to forget...wish u too a happy diwali..

    @ Shruti, really? nice least my posts are helping somebody :) wish u too a very happy diwali dear :)

  7. May be early morning hours - The reason.
    Try @ evening hours And you And friend will be smiling.
    We are are human. May be The person who not happy???
    It could be any reason. Pardon And try again. If not, complain.

  8. @ Hobo, 12 pm - not early morning hours...
    rudeness does not see the hour of the day...
    I know we are human, we don't demand special attention either, but at least the purpose for which the restaurant is there - serving food - that should be served right? trust me, I am very polite with words right sadness and rage is much more than what I have expressed...I will ask my partner Heena to write about our experience...

  9. Hmm, from the last two posts I am feeling as if I am being a part of your city :)
    Happy Diwali to you and your family, dear! :)

  10. U really should hav been a tea tester n not a lawyer :)!!
    Things change u see...nothing is permanent in life!!
    U really seem to love that place very much that made u come up with a post on it.

  11. @ Sreya, thanks babe...wish u too a very happy diwali and a prosperous new year...n wait for the trivia mail :)))

    @ Nazish, tea tester? anyday...I would love that...yeah I did love hat place, and I even know that nothing is permanent, but then the service industry cannot have this attitude right?

  12. happy Diwali
    i feel u really enjoyed the tea.
    like the pic.

  13. Change is the only constant they say. And there is just no dearth to the circumstances that keep reminding us of the same !

    Thanks for letting us know of one more place where i could look up.

    Many many wishes for a very happy Diwali !

  14. @ sm, wish u too a very happy Diwali...I love tea...thanks :)

    @ Kavi, very well said...this place is indeed very nice...the theatre part is still as beautiful as it used to be...
    wish u too a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year in advance...

  15. Oh thats sad. But changes are inevitable. What matters is, you carry the sweet memories with you. Dont worry, you will find a nice palce to go, unwind, relax and crib

    Happy Diwali to you :-)

  16. Another tea spot?! :)
    Well, the tea centre you mentioned in your last post seemed better.
    It is disappointing when we come to know that our favourite place or its charm no longer exists, isn't it? More than the place, the memories haunt us, esp. the times we spent with friends.
    Nice post once again. Maybe I don't know these places personally, but your write-ups make me relate to my own experiences with such addas. Thank you. :)

  17. Neha,happy Diwali to you and your family.
    I remember the famous Irish Coffee at Prithvi Cafe.

  18. Your printer is good.. we are still pending with the cards.. Nice post nice memories!!

  19. Interesting... Oh, have a happy happy diwali!!!

  20. Happy Diwali to You and Mander.

  21. Sorry for the typographical error. Happy diwali to you and Mandar.

  22. @ Insignia, thanks for ur concern, I am sure u can understand how important a cribbing place is :P...wish u too a very happy diwali..

    @ Karthik, yeah, tea centre is indeed better than any other place...but nevertheless, this is special in its own way...these addas are like home away from home, ain't they? I am glad you liked the post :)

  23. @ BK Chowla, the coffee there is too famous, but i never tried it myself, as m not too fond of coffee...and wish u too a very happy diwali :)

    @ Swatantra, the printer happens to be a very good friend :D

  24. @ Zeba, thanks girl..:)

    @ Mr. Rainmaker, after a long time...wish u too a very happy Diwali...when is ur post coming up? eagerly waiting..

  25. thanks neha u r such a good wishes to u too...this piece was excellent..looks like a good report for newspapers to folo...u write for midday or afternoon..they may take this...and then gimee a treat for the suggestion..hey...where r u running?

  26. @ R. Ramesh, I will give u a treat, but I don't think I will give this piece of news to any guys liked it and enjoyed reading that is more than enough for me..

  27. Hey Neha,
    I will contact you when I come to Mumbai.
    Happy Diwali to you!!

  28. Nice post, Neha. Am like you..always longing for the way things used to be. Cafes and restaurants that change with time always make me nostalgid. I hope it gets it's spirit back,
    Happy Diwali to you too:)

  29. @ JJ, sure sure, contact me :D wish u too a very happy Diwali..:)

    @ Panorama, u r so right...with the change in the look, the restaurants and cafes lose apnapan too na...i like them to be the same for ever..

    @ Khalid, welcome here...wish u too a very happy Diwali..

  30. ohhh, i miss mumbai....happy diwali to you....hope u had a blast....plan to go there year....TC:)

  31. there is a restaurant called SWAGATH HOTEL....which serves all Mumbai delicacies....veg though...I am a regular there....I love their Poori Bhaji...The bhaji is the best i have tasted so far.....

  32. Hmm..That must have been really a bad experience! Hope those people realize how a friendly and polite service is imporant for a restaurant to run successfully..
    Anyways, Wish you a very happy Diwali..

  33. thanks for yr divali msg wishes to u always

  34. @ ZB, thanks for ur wishes...this Diwali was too hectic, but nice...and Poori bhaji? I just read u r on a weight loss diet, so only daal rice na ;)

    @ novice writer, even I hope they realise this soon...I love that place..hope u have hd a nice Diwali..

  35. Awww!I feel so sad for you:( There are only few places to which we can connect and when that connection starts faltering, it feels like hell!
    The description of the place and the menu-card is good. But anyway, hopefully they'll realize that in time, and you'll get back the place which is so close to your heart:)
    Wishing you a very happy Diwali and Bhai-dooj.
    Nice post!

  36. Great girl.. the next time I am going to visit Mumbai, you will be the one whom I am going to consult for hangouts in Mumbai :) but felt sad after reading this :( The managements change and so do their service.. dont worry.. I am sure this management will change and everything will be back to normal again :)