Friday, September 04, 2009

Thank You Teacher!!!

I was too young to hold a pen. I drew a straight line, and you congratulated me for writing my first number…

I was crying because I wanted to go home, you kept your hand on my head and said, don’t cry my child, you are in a temple…

I did not do my homework; you punished me to teach me that we should realize our responsibilities…

I passed my exams; you rewarded me with a chocolate – teaching me to appreciate other’s efforts and success…

When I could not solve a problem you made me write it ten times; I learnt the lesson of determination…

You guided me, you motivated me, taught me to respect my elders, equals and inferiors likewise…

Your name changed, your face changed, but your role was always the same – teaching me and making me a better human-being…

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me so that I attain what I have desired for, and I can’t thank you enough for directing me to reach the stage where I am today…

"Guru Govind dou khade, kaake laagoon paye,
Balihari guru aapki, Govind diyo milaye."

– Sant Kabir.

I face both God and my guru. Whom should I bow to first?
I first bow to my guru because he's the one who showed me the path to God.


  1. wow..lovely!!!
    your teachers changed but what about u neha...did u change...hahahah!!!

  2. Lovely tribute to your teachers ! And it is indeed fit that a country like India has a day like 'Teachers Day' !

    With education being so very important, teachers become the corner stone for development !

  3. @ NR, thank u...I am what i am (aah, don't I sound conceited sangat ka asar I tell u) ;)

    @ Kavi, thank you for your wonderful comments always..:)

  4. Beautiful.. A great tribute to your teachers.. I am sure they will feel proud of you today..

    My both parents are teacher and i have always felt great in telling others, when they asked me about my parents..

  5. ha.. u could hav posted tomo na..would hav been fitting..anyways a nice tribute to u r teachers!! :)

  6. Teachers' contribution to our life is a depth which can never be paid. India is a great country which has a special day dedicated to the teachers.

    Now an entire blog is dedicated to them !!!!

  7. @ swatantra, thanks ya...i bet it must be a nice feeling na...

    @ benny, doesn't matter really na when we post it...a tribute is a tribute, the day is not important right...thanks :)

  8. @ adamant soul, I agree with u...thanks :)

  9. Very well written peice about the importance of teachers. It is imperative in todays's volatile society to teach the students to respect the teachers. It is however depressing to note that our materialistic outlook in life casts away the guru-sishya unconditional respect and love. Very sad indeed. Very noble of you to remind people.

  10. Nice one. There is a saying Matha Pitha Guru Dheivam (God in Tamil). So, guru comes before God.

  11. @ abstract scientist, thank u for you comments...

    @ Chandana, thanks doc..

    @ SG, thank u for always sharing nice quotes..:)

  12. nice tribute....though i have some bad experiences with teachers. I remember my chemistry teacher cursing me that i would never make it in life and i would one day remember her words regrettably .I do remember her words, but would like to tell her that i am in a better position than she is.Incidentally she is now the principal of the school.

    Teachers can get very judgmental. They form a judgment about a student without understanding him and that stays throughout.

    Our teachers need to understand that each student is unique, some of them are good at studies, some in sports. Some in maths and some in arts....Mugging textbooks and scoring high marks shouldnt be the judging criteria.Nice post.:)

  13. @ ZB, well, not all the teachers are nice...I have had bad experiences with them as well...but there are few, whatever I am today is cos of them...

    thanks for the comment..:)

  14. Hi... a first timer here... Loved what you ve written... a fitting tribute indeed...
    You ll be seeing me around... you ve got a great blog.. :)

  15. @ Laxmi, welcome here...thank you for your comment and compliment :)

  16. very thoughtful of you to dedicate a post for teacher on this day.They do play a great role in every one's life .I liked it .

  17. memorable musings on behalf of teachers

  18. teachers...poor teachers..and my wife one among them..

  19. @ Ashish and Hobo, :)

    @ Apanatva, thank you very much for your comments...

  20. @ Tomz, thank you for visiting and leaving ur comments here...:)

    @ R. Ramesh, haha, I hope ur wife didn't read this when u called them Poor Teachers ;)

  21. Nice post, Neha though I must admit no teacher left an everlasting impression on me but am quite fond of my sons teacher who is really really nice..firm and strict but very fair and caring:)

  22. Hey!!! dropped off your blog and i'm glad i did!!

    "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
    joy in creative expression and knowledge" - Albert Einstein

    It is one of the best known facts that parents give us living, but teachers help us to live well. They make us good human beings. If there is a great force of influence after parents, it definitely our Teachers. The greatest lessons they teach are seldom from books that they carry. More often than not its their life,their way of living life, their personality that teaches and influences us a lot. I'm thankful to have some great teachers who gave more importance to "life" than merely the academics and marks. i'm sure you might have had some great memories of such wonderful teachers.

    No wonder they say teachers are Gods in mortal form!! .. A tribute to all those wonderful teachers who gave their everything for the noblest cause :)

    well written :) .. awesome.

    P.S: thanks for reminding the Kabir Ke dohe. It been pretty long since i've seen that particular one :)


  23. @ Panorama, it is a saying na, that you find weirdos in all breeds...same way, thr are not so good teachers around in all of us ka life...but its better to remember the good ones..thanks award awaits u btw :))

    Rammy, you have left me speechless (that rarely happens)...thank you for visiting and leaving one of the best comments I have received on my blog so far...I am glad that you liked it...kabir ke dohe are very grand pa used to sing them for me...and this one reembered this while i was penning down this post :)

  24. well this doha is the ringtone of my cell...

    "Guru Govind dou khade, kaake laagoon paye,
    Balihari guru aapki, Govind diyo milaye."

    simply soothing and evokes our inner-self...

    keep up the good work...

    tke cre
    b well...
    Yogesh Goel

  25. Hey Neha

    This a really cute post. An overdose of cute.

    i hope ur teachers are reading it and


  26. @ yogesh, thank you for ur comments:)

    @ Indian Pundit, smsed them a simple wish...not this...c'mon, this is a random post...
    thank u for ur "cute" comments :))

  27. Neha wrote:

    "thank u for ur "cute" comments"


    It was an "overdose of cute" comment!!!

    There is a difference between "cute" and "overdose of cute"!

  28. now don't is not cute, not nice...nothing in front of the the posts that you guys have written...