Saturday, August 22, 2009


This post is dedicated to couple of “Special” friends of mine…they are obsessed with cracking stupid jokes and pass on the buck to me…their jokes revolve around fruits, sarabhai characters (especially that of Dushyant), superheroes etc. all and they claim that I crack them…I should get a pat on my back first of all for tolerating this…and above all, these allegations are thrown at me on their blog, so I thought why not to give them a dose of their own medicine? Thus this post…

One of my very good friends, who prefers to call himself as “Hedonist” (oh, so very conceited) has even given me a name, an exclusive name for my love for “Harry Potter”…lemme first tell you the origin of it…there are few community sites have certain application, which are fun…one of such applications was “which harry potter negative character are you?” and my result came to Bellatrix Lestange…since then, he has named me Nehatrix…(actually, I love this one, as she is one of my favourite characters of HP ;) )…ok, moving on now, I mentioned something about stupid jokes on fruits tight? The joke goes like this:

Other than being fruits, what is common between an Apple and an Orange?

Think think...

They are both not banana!!!

And the killer one (according to him, sigh)

Its 1975… Spiderman, Superman and Batman decide to take a break from crime fighting and go on a world tour. Superman kindly allows the other 2 to hitch a ride with him (or may be u can say on him… but that sounds so… so… you know what I mean) While passing over India… suddenly all of them fall down.. DEAD… WHY??

Cuz in 1975, Gabbar Singh said, “Aadmi teen aur goli chhe... bahut na-insaafi hai” Dichkyaon… Dichkyaon… Dichkyaon (fired 3 shots in the air)

Teeno marr gaye... ha ha ha ha ha ha

Yeah, I know you all pity me…but this is what I go through at least once in a week…and kinda made myself used to these PJs…but he is not the only one…there are other conceited people around me, who love themselves so much that they have their own pictures all around them (some even admit to have kissed their own picture)…ok I will stop here, or will surely be murdered soon and this post will remain my last one…

I present this mug as a special award to the person whom I have dedicated most of the part of this post - the Hedonist..

There is another person who deserves this great honour, and he is Mr. NR...I am sure you all are Surprised and stumped by this one, well contact him, and thou shall know..

Cheers to all… :)))

PS: The title is vellagiri, because I don't have any work to do today, so I am doing nothing as such, that's why this stupid post!!


  1. Yours friends seem to be a positive energy surrounding you. Your definitely lucky!!!
    Dont mind but i liked those jokes were funny.

    I think we all take pride in ourself. Its very important to like yourself first...otherwise how do u expect others to like u!!!

    Nice post...your friends will love it!!

  2. @ Nazish, try to be on the receiving side, then only you will know how positive such things seem..but yeah I agree, those conceited friends will be happy as I have written something on them (a matter of pride) lolzzz...

    @ ZB, hahaha, thanks :))

  3. Nehatrix Blogstrange???? How is this ? Better i suppose.

  4. Anand, if this is the case, then I will have to dedicate this post to u as well..

  5. If at all you are Blogstrange, know who is "you know who"?

    Well, It is time to remind you that you are one of my followers!!!

  6. oh I very well remember that...

  7. Nice one. Laughter is the best medicine.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha.. The "subject, object, predicate, complement.... everything" of this post replies...
    I love this post... All hail the great Nehatrix

    BTW did you know.. Just now Marine Drive parr baraf giri...

    Ek baraf waala baraf lekar cycle par ja raha tha.. aur fisal gaya... Giri Baraf :) I wud call that Killer

  9. Baapre !! You have some friends. Indeed. That cover the ranges of Batman and Gabbar. And ofcourse, Apples and Oranges !

    Phew !


  10. Humour is what keeps us going most of the days. Good you have friends who can keep your spirits up.
    BTW i love the gabbar singh joke.

  11. @ Shrikant, as I mentioned earlier, gabbar was still better, this barf wala is...well lemme not say it here..

    @ Swatantra, thanks ya...ur comments are always so very nice and encouraging..:)

  12. @ kavi, I knw, it indeed phew..:)

    @ Aparna, True ya, humour keeps us going always..:) thanks..

  13. nice of u,,,thanks friend..and all the best..btw..ganpati bappa moryaaaaa...

  14. @ R. Ramesh, thanks ya...Ganpati Bappa Moriya.. :))

  15. reading the post was so much fun.. definitely.. u guys when together, would be only laughing and very little talkin :)

  16. Neha, it was fun.
    Some from me: Santa tells Banta: 'If I drink coffee, I can't sleep'.
    Banta to Santa: If I sleep, I can't drink coffee'.

  17. lol @ 1975 wala scene, life seems fun when friends are around and a laughing journey when such friends are around:D

  18. @ Akhil, true ya, we all (especially I ;)) don't need a reason for cracking up anytime for anything..but we miss u these days...come bck soon buddy..:)

    @ nsiyer, welcome here..and thank you for your on the santa banta joke..:)

  19. @ Wishesgalore, I am glad you liked it...cos I was literally pulling my hair after listening to ths one ;)

  20. i think that this post was seriously funny :)
    real bad jokes but...i've had so many friends with humor like this...that i exactly know what u mean :)

  21. thanks least somebody agrees with me..alas, I am feeling nice :)

  22. This was hilarious, Neha!! I was laughing hard! I have such friends too who think they are so funny!

  23. U bet Panorama...only ppl who have suffered can understand this:)

  24. lol... this was hilarious. I only wish you'd written more. And that gabbar singh joke! One of the best I've heard. Kudos to the person who came up with that. :)
    Write another post like this pls. And a bigger one. :)

    By the way, I didn't get the meaning of Vellagiri. :(