Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it Making or Breaking??

My profession gives me opportunity to come across so many different kinds of people...Apart from Doctors, we (as in lawyers) get the opportunity to bring smile on one's face by solving or safeguarding one's interest. But is it so always? ok let me share one particular incident with you:

Initial days of starting of my own practice, we (my partner and I) accepted all possible types of work that came our way which included typing out a forty page draft as well..because, we wanted to establish our practice and for that we needed money, and well beggars can't be rightly we did. Our first Real Case came our way in the third month of the practice. One lady called me up for consultation. She insisted that we discuss the matter over the phone, so we did. She was into her marriage for last nine years..She wanted to divorce her husband - the reason she gave me was that she could not get along well with her in laws and other family members and her husband did nothing to help her out of the situation where she had to bear the taunting and tantrums from her in laws. She further stated that she wanted maintenance from her husband and custody of her 7 year old son.

Probably our aim was not to take up the family matters practice, or our values and learnings which always told us not to break a relationship were not letting us to go ahead with what our client wanted us to do, we requested her to come and meet us once with her husband so that we could resolve the matter on one-to-one. But, she refused to do so. She wanted us to call up her husband and inform him about her decision. We were still reluctant about taking up this particular assignment but still decided to give it a try..So I called him up and informed him about the divorce..he sounded very sad and requested me if I could meet him once and discuss the whole matter..

He came to our office to meet us...He came across as a very simple and humble person and he even turned out to be one..I wont go into the details, but he told us that he really loved his wife and son, and he understands that his parents are giving a tough time to his wife, and he has tried all possible means to make both of them understand about the situation, but nobody is ready to adjust. He even said that he could have moved out of that house, but he cannot afford a new house due to his financial instability..

There was a lady on one side who wanted a peaceful life of her own as she was not happy there, and on the other side, her husband whose only fault was that he had a nagging parents and not enough money to buy a house for his wife..

We couldn't decide whether we could have helped out the lady to make a new life or we could have broken the house of that guy..We didn't take up the case in the end nor tried to find out what happened in the end..A friend said that we were fools to let go of a client as this is our job and we can't be emotional about it or we will never come up and succeed...Our point was that we couldn't break a family due to helplessness of one person..

We lost a client, that is all right, but we couldn't have seen pain on that man's it foolish, call it unwise or call it emotional, we were satisfied and didn't regret it even once till we got our first real client in the seventh Month..


  1. hey Neha.. this shows how good as a human being u are.... n this is what it takes to succeed in life... money matters.. but it is just incidental and will follow... good going...:)

  2. we can't be emotional about it or we will never come up and succeed

    Nice script

  3. Do lawyers bring smile on one's face by solving or safeguarding one's interest..its rare...lolz!!
    Lawyers most of them are money conscious and so are doctors these days. There are some good ppl in this profession but very few.
    I think u'll should have tried to strike a conversation between the couple..may be things could have been normal.

    Your a good lawyer..isn't it neha...lolz!! :)

  4. humm, you listened to your heart and defied your logic. Great thing. Or you would have lived with a guilty conscience. Rare to find a honest lawyer. I am glad that you are. Cheers, keep up the good work.Nice post.

  5. Nice post. I will be objective. I know we become emotional in this kind of situation. In my opinion (I could be wrong) lawyers are just like doctors. If a patient dies on an operating table and if the surgeon becomes emotional, he will never be able to practice medicine from that day. Same goes for lawyers too.

  6. @ Akhil, tht's very sweet of you..thanks for making my day..hahaha :)

    @ Abdul, thank you for visiting, but success and failure are the only two things we live for?

  7. @ Nazish, you are right, most of the professionals (why blame only lawyers n doctors) are behind money minting..and we did try to convince that lady to have a meeting along with her husband, but she wasn't ready for it..

    and about your last statement, I am still learning (ah, I love my modesty) :)

    @ ZB, Thanks buddy...yeah, I did listen to my heart, just to avoid that guilty feeling, just hope I did the right thing..

  8. @ SG, welcome here..thank you for ur comments..

    you know unlike doctors, we have this advantage of taking our own time before making a decision..
    In this case, may be I took a wrong decision, but I somehow didn't feel like taking this up..I am sure she would ve got some other "not so foolish" lawyer.. :)

  9. Are you for real ?

    Very surprising and refreshing to find such a lawyer out here !

    You lost out on a client, but i guess your conscience you have kept ! And ultimately, thats what will get you sleep !!

    Very inspiring.

  10. Hey, loved this I know who to hire as a lawyer if I need one in India!! Great post.

  11. And now I know that lawyers have a heart. Very touching!

  12. @ kavi, from a lawyers perspective, whatever I did was not completely right..but yeah, I could refuse to take up this case as this was not a part of my practice..thanks:

    @ Panorama, can contact me anytime :)

    @ Merlin, thanks ya..:)

  13. That was a gud decision by u..but as a lawyer u would see many such cases na? hw u dealing with that these days? did u get any such case later?

  14. I think lawyers need to be scrupulous(like all other professionals) and if that means losing a client then so be it.
    I think you should take up those cases which you know you are convinced about, your belief in justice will give you the winning edge. Money is important, not overly so. You did pretty good.

  15. @ benny, thank you for saying it..well I don't come across such cases as my practice is that of a corporate law..and so far no such case I ve got again thankfully :)

    @ Aparna, I agree with should not do a thing he is not sure about..I dunno whether it was right or wrong, but that's what I felt at that time..

  16. Kya kahu tumhare bareme? But again the same doubt?

    The girl has an issue. Came to you. You called her husband. Spoke with him. Resolved issue. You didn't get a pay.

    Now working for a corporate. The company has an issue. You know law. You can help. Why should you ask a pay? Aren't you saving the company from a law crisis? Doesn't it give you satisfaction?

  17. dude, there is a difference..don't you think you should do work you believe in? Secondly, as I mentioned there, family law practice was not my line, but since it came my way at an initial stage of my career, I decided to give it a try, but couldn't take it up...n corporate practice is totally different..:)

  18. hey friend my respect for you has multiplied multifold after reading this post..god bless u..good actions get good results yar...and btw, thanks for yr kind msg..

  19. thank you R. Ramesh for your means a lot..hope you get well soon buddy..:)

  20. nice post..can understand my dad is also a lawyer!!

  21. I cannot believe it!! But i liked your decision.. there are very rare mind like you..


  22. @ Rahul, thanks..

    @ Swatantra, thanks ya..:)

  23. At some instant you are right that, you didn’t take the case, but I am not satisfy with you, because if you didn’t take the case that doesn’t means that other layers also will not take the case.. other layers does not have heart like you.. they defiantly took the case and I’m damn sure that the family is now not a single family.. so that’s way I am saying that I’m not satisfy..

    Lord Krishna ne geeta mein bhi kha ha ki.. agar tum paap nahi kar rhe ho lakin chup chap paap hote hue dekh rhe ho.. to wo bhi galat ha!!