Friday, July 17, 2009

Tweenhood Tag..

I have been tagged by here goes my take 12 on things I would like to achieve in my twenties…

1. I would like to write a this moment, i am exploring few subjects...will zero on one soon...

2. I want to be the world ambassador for all kinda sports so that i can view whatever sports I want to and be a part of it (this one beats ur answer nazish...u keep bringing the revolution and i will enjoy the change..lolzzzzz)...

3. To remove the reservation quota from everywhere (sorry for hurting the feelings of those who favour it)...but it decreases the number of seats everywhere for the deserving let's not only believe, but apply the principle of equality...

4. Be a part of last harry potter movie...

5. To be a part of our politics as an honest leader...

6. own the largest book and movie library....

7. ok, a realistic take, which i sure will achieve before going into my 30s - to make my law firm very well established as a first step to reach on the top..:) and start an LPO..

8. A fun holiday to Australia and an adventurous one at NZ...

9. spend one whole month at mum's...i really miss her n dad n bro...n post marriage the longest period i have stayed there was for a week...

10. go back to college and have a grand reunion party which lasts for few days...i miss my sydenham days:(

11. own a property in tht place...

12. end of terrorism and corruption - everywhere...and yes World Peace (beauty pageant ishtyle!!!)

I would like to tag all those who come across this i dunno anybody who is to reach 20s now...

PS: I don't ve much time left to achieve all these things.. (3.5 years left to be more precise)...but, will surely try and achieve all the sensible things mentioned above...:)


  1. Very interesting...write a book..i hope its nothing to do with!! I hope i'll get a copy of that when published...never mind u can charge me for that...lolz!!!

    hehehe...i agree with u neha your wish number 2 really beaten my!! the law firm will definitely be a big firm as they dont leave their clients easily...the meters on sir!!

    I wish all your wishes come true...conditions apply for wish!!


  2. Came over from Swatantra's blog.
    Entirely with you on the reservation thing.Merit should be the criteria and not the caste.
    Hope you achieve all that you wish to.

  3. wow, writing book, thats wonderful. and i tell you, you can do it. i too wish to write a book one day.

    may all your wishes come true. :))

  4. @nazish, don't worry, the book wont be related to law at all...i am contemplating between a fiction and non-fiction...and ur free copy is confirmed...tht goes without saying...

    thanks for your unconditional wish for making my wishes come true...sorry, i can't really read the 2nd half of last sentence...i ve turned conveniently blind ;) tc...

    @ Aparna, u r right...merit must only be the criteria...thanks for visiting and keep visiting...:)

  5. @Zillionbig..thanks for the wishes...all the best for ur book

  6. Super blog. I fully agree with you on Item # 3. Being a lawyer you must be familiar with the Allan Bakke case in California.

  7. Neha,

    I wish you good luck for all the things you want to achieve..

    Hey your photo with your mom is great. you r looking gorgeous.

    Keep writing and thanks for sharing!!

  8. @SG, I am familiar with the Bakke case...but I didn't think of it while mentioning the reservation point...thanks for drawing my attention there...keep visiting..:)

    @swatantra, thank u for ur comments and compliment...i am curious to see ur snap as well with siddharth...hope it comes

  9. Thought of commenting on the sensible things you mentioned in your list.


    end of terrorism and corruption - everywhere...and yes World Peace (beauty pageant ishtyle!!!)


    Which parlour would you like to try? There is one in my place. It is called Miracle Beauty Parlour.

  10. lolz...well dude, thank u for ur suggestions, but I don't think i will need the miracle parlour...I mentioned this particular point as while writing this post, the movie Miss Congeniality was going on...u will get this if u ve seen it...thanks for visiting.. :)

  11. Very nice post. And a very ambitious one, I should try jotting down my points as well :).. maybe in my next post!

  12. haha, well thanks merlin...i will be looking forward to ur next post then..:)

  13. oh this post reminds me how time is slipping away and soon i ll no longer be '20-something';)
    good tag will be doing this one for sure..:))

  14. I bet it does..:) thank you for visiting..