Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Story of Armaan...

Friends and readers, the post below is a very long one...the story is not a fiction, it is a true story but in my words...hope you all enjoy reading it...

I opened my eyes, it was all very blurry around whole body was aching...I tried to sleep again, but the pain was becoming unbearable...I tried to recollect where I was and what was wrong with me, but my brain was too tired to respond to the storm of questions coming into my mind...I again tried to sleep on my side, but couldn't move an inch...I was too weak to call out on somebody...I slowly opened my eyes, and saw somebody sitting on a chair in the far corner...I tried to recognise that person, but couldn't...God, please stop this pain, I thought...suddenly ma called, beta, are you awake? how are you feeling now? I tried to say that I am in a terrible pain, I want to know what is happening to me, why I am not able to move, but I couldn't open my mouth...I saw my mother going away from me, but I could not stop her...

she returned moments later with couple of more of them opened my eyes and asked me how I was feeling...I managed to say two words "in pain"...He said that I would be alright in a few days time...the pain is very much at the moment as I had just come out of anesthesia...He advised another person to give me a pain-killer injection so that I would feel better...The instructions were followed immediately...i got the pain-killer, but still the pain was becoming way too unbearable for me...I only know how I passed those terrible seven days in hospital...I finally got discharged on the 8th day, entered home, on a wheel-chair...

I had a very comfortable life earlier...I was never very much interested in the academics, but never flunked either...I was a football player and had represented my school at the district level along with the other players...I was the caption of that team, always very popular, naughty, out-spoken and well lazy....regular football practice had given me a very lean look...I was not skinny, but i was not even muscular...After completing my school, I got an admission in a college - in sports quota which goes without saying...and there started the fun college life...

My family was a regular Mumbai ki middle-class family...I stayed in a 1 BHK flat in suburban, and my college was at Dadar, in the south like millions of regular mumbaites, I too started communicating by the local train - the lifeline of Mumbai...I used to get student's concession on my monthly pass, so my mother insisted me on buying a first class pass in stead of the general one...though it doesn't really matter as both the compartments are equally crowded, but the only difference was that in general compartment I had to bear the smell of sweaty armpit, stamping on my feet, pushing one-another even without any reason, no place to even stand without getting some stain or wrinkles on your clothes in short, I was at least saved from those things...

The days passed by, my academics never improved, and football always in full force, I entered my last year and didn't realise...after four years of rigorous practice, finally my college football team got its first big victory and was to represent the college in Pune for all Maharashtra football championship...I was too excited about the whole thing...the competition was in the month of August and we were already in July...we all were practicing very hard...from morning 7 to evening 5, we practiced, practiced and practiced...there was no looking back...our professors also rarely nagged these days and exempted all the members of the team who were in the last year from submitting the assignments...

One such evening, after a very tiring practice, I was returning home in the usual, it was the peak-hour...the train was jam packed, but I had managed to find a decent place to stand at the end of the compartment...the moment my train reached Jogeshwari station, I don't know what happened and the next day I found myself in the hospital, in the unbearable pain......That evening, I had become one of the victims of the serial bomb-blasts in the local train...I don't remember a single detail of that blast ...I didn't hear any noise, nor i saw any was all blank for me when I sit and recollect that day... I don't remember how I lost my one leg and how the other one got paralysed, but I was now handicapped, my dream of playing football for my college shattered forever...

I started staying aloof, not talking to anybody, snapping at everyone whoever tried to speak with me...Nobody understood what I was going through at that moment...all everyone said was, "beta sab thik ho jayega" (everything will be ok)...what ok, I will never ever be able to walk on my own, run or play anymore football...I had never felt so helpless in life...I stopped meeting people, started avoiding my friends...I didn't even talk to my family people properly...I started hating everything around me...I started staying home all the time as I didn't want anybody to take the pain of pushing me around ma tried her level best to keep me happy, but I was adamant to b angry and snappy at everything...days and months passed by, and I started hating my life more and more...I even started feeling suicidal and started going into mother couldn't see me dying like this everyday...One day, my cousin came home to see me...she was my favourite cousin...she spoke to me like she did before, no sorry or sympathy at all for my condition...first time in days, I smiled...I felt like talking to somebody...I told her how I was feeling...we decided to go out...she took me to the nearest park, me rolling the wheels of my chair though she said I was being stupid, but it was a matter of my ego...there were so many people, walking, jogging, kids playing, running around...I again felt very depressing and cousin noticed the look on my face and decided to take me around the park...we passed by so many people, all on their feet, and giving me sympathised look...I wanted to go home, but she told me to face this situation and not run away from it as this is going to happen all my the far corner, i spotted one lady making paintings...but her method of making the painting was different...she was using her mouth to make those beautiful painting...she was way too good at it...nobody could make out that the whole creation of her painting was done by not her hands but her mouth...we went closer to her, and then I saw - she didn't have hr me, she was also a handicapped...but she didn't let it kill her, but she made it her strength and continued to live her life happily...she spotted me and gave me a smile...her smile conveyed it all I needed to know...

I had learnt a very important lesson of my life - Accept your life unconditionally. Be happy with what you have got and make most of it. Running away from the situation will not help you in any of the ways. Face it and fight it to make your own space in the world...

And Armaan was born again!!!


  1. Oh its a story that really touches your heart...i feel for that person who went through all this. Its actually hard to even understand the pain that person went through!!!

    Thanks Neha for sharing this story...reading this our problems seems nothing. We just think our problems are big.

    These lines speak a lot..
    "Accept your life unconditionally. Be happy with what you have got and make most of it. Running away from the situation will not help you in any of the ways. Face it and fight it to make your own space in the world"...its true n i will follow it.

    Thanks Neha once again!!!....great post!!!

  2. thanks nazish for those wonderful comments...they mean a lot...:)

  3. Hi Neha,

    Tears in the eyes.. You made a difference to me by reading this and the last line.. make the best out of the situation.. I am sure the person in the story will surely excel in life.. GOD bless!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Great post!

  4. Very inspiring post.
    We should not let life defeat us. However big the problem may be, it can always be faced.
    I am thinking about the boy's mother. If I were the mother, I would be certainly happy that my son was still alive. If he stood in front of me, I would not see his handicap, I would just see god's blessings.

  5. I agree with you aparna, we should not let life defeat us...

    during the serial bomb blasts, there were so many lives person lost his life cos he was helping out in rescuing others after the blast...he died cos of the poisonous gas tht he inhaled while saving all those lives...

  6. oh... is this a true story? whoever that guy is, hats off to him.. he is really brave... ya true. everybody shud face what they have. smile so much that sorrow runs away from u :)

  7. yeah, the basic story is true...

  8. Nice work Neha. And then, 7th post of the month !!

    Hope you haven't left your work behind.

  9. thanks Anand...this month I was relatively, couple of tags were there, so didnt ve to use my brain much..:)

  10. You have a nice blog. I read a few posts and enjoyed reading them. Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope you keep visiting.
    Keep blogging:)

  11. thanx for ur comments on my blog.
    i was deeply moved by this post of yours. the way you have described speaks volumes about your writing talent.
    keep it up

  12. thanks Panorama for the comments..

    @ Anjugandhi, thank you for your appreciation :)

  13. Nice post...very wel written! emotions filled with inspiration!Hats off to Armaan n u!

  14. very emotional and touching are a talented person.keep writing.

  15. thanks Apanatva for visiting and commenting...:)

  16. Nice writeup, deeply moving. Brilliantly told. Sad but truth.

  17. Thanks Neha. Your words are a real honour. TC:))

  18. c'mon ZB, brilliance has to be appreciated...its my honour to be a part of ur blog...:)

  19. thanx for your visit on my blog. we all are looking for understanding in our partners and I am sure they also look for the same in us

  20. Amazing girl! And you said you are not that good! I could feel his pain so acutely, beautiful write...
    And I applaud his zeal and strength.

  21. wow , an amazing piece !!!! great work !!