Monday, July 27, 2009

My Hostel Days!!!

Finally my dream came true...I entered the city of Dreams - Mumbai...people say that this city is very addictive...well I will test that out myself, I thought...We always look upto our for me my brother was the ideal person...whatever he did was always right (though I never admitted that, you all know how it works with the brothers and sisters if u have one, the ego clashes n all that)...he is 6 years elder to me...he had moved to Mumbai for further I also started dreaming about it...and finally I got admission in one of the best colleges of Mumbai - Sydenham College...the college was to start in the month of July, but my coaching classes started early, so I shifted in this city in June 1998...

I was too excited and anxious about the whole new experience...I even lost the count of number of sleepless nights I had passed back home before starting a whole new independent life completely on my own in this big city...Dad accompanied me to my hostel...he was very nervous as for the 1st time in sixteen years, he was going to be staying away from me and leaving me in a completely alien city...even I was feeling very sad about leaving my home, my parents and my school friends behind...but I was equally excited about the hostel life as well...

I went and met Mr. Bhatia, one of the trustees of the hostel...he gave me the keys to my room ...I was informed that i shall be sharing my room with another girl, who would come in July...Dad was not allowed to enter the hostel, so he left from the office only with a nervous look on his face...I took my baggage all the way to the second floor myself (doing something on my own for the first time)...I was allotted Room Number 7...a nice cosy room, not too big (rather, way too smaller than the one I had back home - Neha, welcome to Mumbai.), but big enough for me to stay...alone...There were two study tables, two small size beds, half cupboard, and a window with a beautiful view..I will discuss this beautiful view in detail later in this post...

Initially two girls, Seeta and Hema took care of me when I didn't know anything about Mumbai.. there were 30 girls staying in the hostel, and they all started coming in slowly and of them was my room-mate - Mansi Shah...I don't know what happened, but we never got along well from there started a problem...the room-mate who is going to stay with you for a minimum one year, and you ain't comfortable with her, that's something...then entered Swati Desai or Sweety and we became bestest of friends in no time...sweety was allotted the room next to mine, but she stayed in my room the whole day...and Mansi used to hang out with her group from her home town...and slowly Mansi started staying in our room more often with Ruchi...and somehow we realised that we could also become friends...then the four of us became inseparable...

Then there were other girls like Yesha, Namrata, Chetna, Khyati, Kinjal, Forum, Hetal, Purvi, Alice with whom we all got along well and others as well...ahem, let me not name them but my hostel friends will understand whom I am talking about ;-)...We had awesome time...Our matron, we used to call her auntie (does anybody remember her name? not that it's required, but I am just a bit curious..) tried to give us a bit of hard time, but never succeeded...we all used to make maggie at 3 am, tried to scare our auntie once by knocking her door in the middle of the night with a white sheet covering us, she opened the door, with her all white hair left open, red puffy eyes and missing denture, we got s#!t scared of her and ran away from there...

And again, a gang of girls around and no gossip???tut tut, that is not possible...we all used to think that our auntie had a soft corner for our Maharaj (the cook - Jasraj Maharaj) I yet don't know the truth behind this rumour or who started spreading this first..then there were discussions about our boy-friends, or rather hiding them from others and declaring that we are single..again I don't know why we did that, but that's how it was..then there were beautification activities (right yeshu?), washing our clothes (oh yeah, we all did it - once in a week), exchanging clothes all the time, calling from a GPO PCO, which worked one one simple trick so that you just insert a coin of 1 Re., and talk for hours. Additionally, just dial zero before disconnecting the call, and you are ready for another call - without inserting another coin...there used to be a long queue for making a call na..

Now comes the beautiful view - Sachin...the only little bit good looking guy around staying in the opposite building...the moment we used to get free time, or rather, the moment he used to be home, we were on our windows staring at him and embarrassing him to the core...but somewhere down the line, he enjoyed the attention, that's why without fail he used to be standing near the window all the silly we all were...

then there were times when we all missed our families dearly...but we all had the support of one-another...we were also one big family...we cracked up anytime, laughing at the silliest joke, playing pranks, studying a night before the exams still managing to pass (thank you god for being there), and my last day in hostel...:-(

I still miss all those days...I have not mentioned even 1% of the fun we have had there, if I mention the whole thing, then nobody will be able to read it as it is going to be too long...but one thing I want to say, I love you guys, you all have supported me when I needed it the most...You didn't make me feel alone when I didn't have my family around...So this post is dedicated to all you KKites whether past or present, whether I know you, or I don't...We all KKites Rock!!! :-)


  1. Nice...remembering old days sometimes gives so much was interesting, thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. very hearty and honest post. How similar are our life, when coming to staying out for first time and in hostels.Thanks for sharing this.:)

  3. @ yeah Nazish, it always gives pleasure when u remember the good old days...thanks :)

    @ Zillionbig, you also had a similar experience? I would love to know bout it...thanks :)

  4. Nehaaaaa!!! I dont know what to say!! Shittt this all is sooooo true!! Miss all those fun days yaar.....wat LOVELY days they were!! Neha, u got all the memories back rey :-((

  5. Nehaaaaa!!! I dont know what to say!! Shittt this all is sooooo true!! Miss all those fun days yaar.....wat LOVELY days they were!! Neha, u got all the memories back rey :-((

  6. haa re yesha, me too miss those days...wish we could go back in time...

  7. Ooh oh..someone seems to be going nostalgic here!;)

  8. hostel days are always fun.... memories to be cherished :)