Saturday, July 04, 2009

A little bit of few things...

India won the 3rd ODI...yay yay!!! Well I couldn't help starting my new post today without mentioning bout my ecstatic feeling...Believe it or not, but it goes with me like this - If I watch a match which India is playing, India loses!!! oh yes, it happens all the times...whatsoever matches of India I have seen, I have been always disappointed...I didn't see the 1st ODI, so decided to see the 2nd one...both the results are in fornt of you...I know, i am being too superstitious, but it's better to be one than watching India lose right?

My husband is a big West Indies when I switched on the tv in the morning to know the result, I had this big smile on my face and I ask him - so are you happy cos India have won or you are sad cos windies lost? and he didnt reply...and I got another opportunity to tease him..:) I am happy about one thing - at least now we cannot lose the series...I would love India to win it, but a draw won't be as bad as losing it all rite?

another interesting match was men's single wimbledon semi-final between Andy Roddick and Andy Murray...I was supporting Roddick but the crowd was going ballistic everytime Murray scored a point...great support for a local fellow in a sophisticated game like tennis was a treat to watch...

Too much on sports already na...ok, another big event happened On 30th June in Mumbai - the inaugration of the Bandra Worli Sea Link...not too hyped, but it was grand...the purpose of this sea link was to rduce the traffic...but it took more than an hour to pass that 7 and a half minutes route...monsoon is not helping things either...the roads are horrible and i am stuck at home as it is raining continuously since morning...but on a brighter side, after a gap of more than a week, I finally got to update my blog...

PS: Hope India wins tomorrow...... :-)


  1. It was nice to see India win the match...rain was coming n going as which made me go to sleep @ 2:30....was happy to know won. Somehow Dhoni came to form was good news for Team India.

    I was very happy that Roddick won...was simply supporting i just hope he defeats Fedrer and keeps his number to!!!

    Drainage is a prb in mumbai... Bandra Worli Sea Link looks beautiful!!

  2. oh yes, even i want roddick to defeat wil b a delight...the sea link is really very beautiful...

  3. Hey Neha..My first visit to ur blog...was happy to see Dhoni's pic.. :) And really happy India won too..And I have one thing to tell.. Dont watch d 4th ODI..I wanna see India win d series :P ..ha ha jus kidding ya..Keep writing!!

  4. haaa ha ha windies husband and indian girl

  5. @ benny, ...don't worry i m not gonna watch the match...cos even i want india to win :)

    @ gaurav, lolzzzz

  6. Hi, first time on your blog. Yah, it was good to see India win. Was feeling morose ever since that pathetic T-20 ouster.

  7. yes aparna, even i didnt like tht we got out of t20 world cup..thanks for ur comment...keep visiting :)