Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Life is Beautiful...

Teenage Love – The most beautiful and charismatic experience...immaturity is a part of this package deal...very few teenage love stories are most of the cases, it ends up in a break up as soon as we go to a next level of our life...well, I am not writing this post to discuss the reasons behind idea of this post is to pass on a learning to others – the mantra of happiness...this is a story of a very good friend of mine, but in my words...the story is very short and it goes...

I was very upset...I had just had a break up with my guy...we had a huge spat for one and a half hours...most of the time during this spat, I was crying, begging him not to end the relationship or leave me...but he was adamant on having a break up right a kid, I was always told by my parents that you should never end a relationship due to petty reasons as it is too precious to be lost...and I was witnessing it today...the person I love was leaving me...I kept asking him the reason for his such an extreme step...his reply was – Ria, we are two different people and I can’t see any future with you. I was shattered and didn’t know what to do...I have been noticing for few days that he was staying aloof and avoiding me quite a few times...but just to avoid this particular situation, I kept ignoring his behavior...the reason was very selfish...till now I was enjoying all the attention I was getting...the feeling of being loved in a different way, going out on dates, talking on phones for hours, that tickling sensation in stomach just by the mention of his name, receiving and giving gifts, surprises etc. etc...

suddenly I saw everything if my beautiful world was coming to an end...I didn’t want all those things to end ever...for that I was even ignoring the differences between us...but finally, the truth was here...and after I saw that I had lost it all, my helplessness took form of anger and I just walked out of that room...

With a lot of anger visible on my face, bloodshot and puffy eyes and few rude remarks to couple of concerned friends, I rushed to Marine Drive...I went there and sat and again started crying; not bothering about people staring at me, I just kept crying and cursing everything and everyone...I cursed myself, him, the day I met him, the time we spent together, our common friends, every damn thing...after few minutes which I felt like eternity, I found a hand on my shoulder...the grip was so gentle that I couldn’t bring myself to push it was a kind of comfort I was longing for at that moment...slowly I turned around...a guy was standing with curious expressions and concern for me in his eyes...he sat next to me and asked me what was wrong...I had so much stored within me that I just burst out and told him everything...he wasn’t a complete stranger...he was my batch mate, but not associated with my group or any of the common friends circle with my ex I should call him now...

I spoke and cried and cursed for quite some could that guy leave me just like could he just take the decision alone and break all the ties...what did I do to deserve such a treatment from anybody...and then I suddenly realized that I was talking to him for the first time and felt very embarrassed...he realized that and comforted me saying that whatever I was doing was very natural and can happen to anyone...we sat there quietly for some time, then he started talking... He told me that whatever happened to me, I didn’t deserve any of it...but just because I didn’t deserve it, it doesn’t mean I can bind someone in a relationship one doesn’t want...he suddenly asked me to check the time...I said it was 7:10 pm...then he asked me what time I came here? I said it was around an hour back, round about 6 o’clock or he told me one very important thing, something that changed my life...he said that all this while I was crying and upset, I failed to notice one thing – the beauty of marine drive at the time of sunset...

This happens with most of us...we are always too busy crying about other things that we fail to notice the positivity around us which can help us to overcome our problems...the whole world is beautiful...our life is part of this by changing our own point of view about things, we can solve all our problems...


  1. Thats a nice post. I agree with u that we are always too busy crying and we fail to notice the positives, but u see sometimes these tough times overtake matter how hard you try to be positive sometimes its just too hot to handle. We are human beings and if someone pinches us we are bound to get some all depends on how hard the pinch is.

    But its true to always be thankful and change our point of view...we can try that!!!

    Lovely post...thanks for sharing!!!

    take care!!!!!

  2. well nazish, i agree with all depends on the situations...some situations take long to get sorted out, but we can at least speed up this process with our positive attitude...

    thanks again for the lovely comments and encouragement...u appreciate my work even though its too amateurish...

  3. lol...i dont know why u think its too deals with sensitive topics which has been very well handled according to me, n never heard a lawyer coming up such statements..lolz!!

    it was really nice and got some positive vibes from your thanks neha!!!

    take care!!!

  4. thanks nazish...n we lawyers do have emotions ya...lolzzz

  5. God loves you!! To prove it , he's made all the beauties and pleasures of nature for you to enjoy!! is the quote at my work desk!!

    Nice post!!

  6. thanks swatantra for sharing a wonderful quote..:)

  7. really life is so beautyful as it's devine gift.

    Life faces so many phases.. i like ur topic..

    have alook my bolgs...

    please find my blog and do comment also wants ur feed back.

  8. @ amaresh and Vijay, Thanks for visiting...

  9. beautiful post. I am glad that you dropped into my blog and i got a chance to read this post of your.

    Its so true about life, we are so engaged in getting ourselves a life that we forget to live. Its so true for me. i was wondering few months back, when was the last i laughed through my heart. WHen was the last i truly had fun. Infact office had taken so much of me, that i was not living. i was just passing each day, just to work.

    Thats when i started this blog. I also need a long vacation. i reaaly need to take time off to smell roses.Really beautiful post.

  10. @ Zillionbig, thank u for the encouragement...yeah its so true for so many of us because we are so much engrossed in this race of minting money, or just way too occupied with the so called "other stuff" that we forget to enjoy our life, and most important, we do not get time to spend with our own self...hope u get an appropriate break soon...thanks :)

  11. Awesome Neha! U get into someone's shoe very easily and deal the sensitive issues in their lifes so well that even the person who had this real experince would be in awe! Oh yeah...maybe u lawyers r designed to be so!;)

  12. yes benny, its our job to do so...tabhi to, lawyers are very dangerous..;) I am not haan..exception o ths case u see.:)

  13. very true... life is beautiful.... very well expressed n concluded... :)

  14. Yess, apt naming of the post...
    Wonderfully narrated :)

  15. Neha,

    I was silently reading some of your archives, but could not stop myself from commenting on this particular piece.

    Either we are so engrossed in our lives, or we believe we face the most difficult problems on earth, or just plain happy and ignorant in our cocoon; we fail to notice beautiful things that are abound; around us.

    A withered flower....a spider.....a slush of mud.....a shabbily and all dirty kid....if we can see beauty in these things...we would stop cribbing and praying to God asking for this and that...instead count our blessing each day for being given all these good things, in abundance...again and again...

    Loved this post a lot. Thanks for writing it.

  16. That was a nice anecdote girl :) Loved it!

  17. Wow Neha !!this is so beautiful,kahan chuppa ke rakha tha is post ko....

  18. @ Akhil, thanks buddy :)

    @ Guria, thanks girl <3

    @ Insignia, have been reading my archives? that's so wonderful.. :) you put it all so aptly girl :))

    @ Avada, thanks girl :))

    @ Kavita, thanks a tonne buddy..:))