Monday, June 22, 2009

Here I am...

Here I am...
Looking back in life...
when I didn't know the difference between
good or evil; truth or lie,
smiling at everyone, whoever passed by..

I played with sand, made my castle,
and cried when somebody broke it..
a small hug from mom then,
always motivated me to build the castle again..

Here I am...
Looking back in life...
when a small candy was the biggest gift,
and a doll was like a sibling..
the fights with friends lasted for five minutes,
what is ego? I didn't know..

When ambitions in life changed every second,
from doctor, to astronaut and engineer.
When I didn't need a reason to laugh,
One smile solved every problem.

Today things are the same, but i am changed,
I don't laugh without a reason,
Nor i have multiple ambitions..
I no more make castles, nor get anymore candies,
Nor i have any dolls to talk to.

But I still have the power,
Power to love unconditionally,
and live the life that of a kid,
and I have the power to rebuild my castle,
the sand is the same, the motivation is still there..

Here I am...
Looking forward to my life...


  1. Thats a lovely piece of work..well written and very well expressed. Those childhood days were really nice i really miss them...i think we all miss them.

    I dont think people change that much..its the circumstances that we are in...forces us to change. So i would rather say that time has changed not only itself but us too.
    U still make castles...only the form..or layout has changed, but the nature or theme of the content is nearly the same.

    nice post...u write very well....wish i could too, but never even came a percent close to it.
    keep writing!!!

    cheers...take care!!!

  2. thanks nazish...i am an amateur dude...this is jus a random thought tht came to my mind last nite...i dont write such stuff otherwise...

    Thanks again for ur comments..

  3. Very touching post!! Well written Poem!!

    The ambition change the life!! The childhood days are great, i invite you to read my blog. As i write about the childhood of my son. I am sure you will have fun reading it.


  4. @ swatantra, thanks for ur comments n means a lot:)

    @ chandana, a compliment from a poet matters a lot girl...thanks...though I m not as good as u in this genre...

  5. very well expressed... Childhood is the phase of life where we always want to go back... but fail to realise that.. it was "we then"... n it is still "we now... we can always find a similarity in a dissimilarity.. :)

  6. @Neha, good work.

    I had expressed my take on the same subject.
    Khoya mausam

    These are from my old collection. Working on one a new one and should be done in another few days or so..