Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 1st time...

Through out your life, be it at any age, whatsoever you do for the 1st time, is always special. Some of those things you may not even remember. For instance, your first steps, the first time you said "Ma", your first birthday, your first time on bicycle, your 1st day in school, your first time on stage etc. etc. The list goes on and on...

I think that was too emotional to handle for the 1st paragraph of a post...but I mentioned all this as I was reminded of all such memories by a friend of mine sometime back. Her name is Swati, but i fondly call her sweeta or sweetie...We met in our hostel, which happened to be our 1st time in Mumbai...We both were new in this city, very home-sick, scared of living alone in such a big city, hoping for our survival...This I think was one of the reasons we became quite close friends in no time and touchwood, we still are very good friends. She is married now and settled in Dubai. I spoke with her over the phone as its her daughter Ananya's 1st Birthday. So while talking to her, I remembered everything...

Another reason I mentioned this as I got my 1st tattoo done. It's a dolphin and i simply loved it. (the image is of my tattoo which i have uploaded here :)) I have been contemplating to get one done for almost a year, but was scared due to one main reason - the pain. And trust me, I was all wrong. It is not so painful. Rather, for me, it was a wonderful experience..So, either people around me are way too weak to handle such a minor pain, or my tattoo artist was really good...any which ways, I am very happy after getting that. Only the after-care part is difficult as I can't have 2 of my favourite things - Aalo and Rice. God how am I gonna survive for 15 days??? Still, I think I don't mind doing this much for my lifetime treasure.

This 1st time thing reminded me of my 1st day in College. Like any other fresher and 1st timer in Mumbai, I entered my college - Sydenham College premises. I was dead nervous as I had heard lots and lots of stories of ragging and teasing by the seniors. So from my scared expressions, a group of seniors got to know that I am a fresher. So they caught me. They started asking me all the questions one by one. I got so nervous that I started shivering, but somehow kept my cool. One guy, I still remember his name - Tejas, asked me to say A to Z in reverse order or he would not let me enter the premises. God, I couldn't believe I could get this lucky. I had taken up typewriting course in school just for fun sake as my uncle taught it. There I had to Learn typing A to Z in reverse. So I knew that by heart. I just said it in around 5 seconds. They all were amazed and became my good friends from that day onwards.

And when I started my own Law firm in Partnership with Heena, who is a very good friend as well, the feeling of getting the 1st client cannot be expressed in words...

So there goes my few stories of significant 1st time...I would love to know the same from my fellow bloggers as well...


  1. nice. first times are always fun... congrats on ur tattoo :)

  2. yes first time are always memorable! Cute!! Your tattoo is good!!

  3. that tattoo looks nice... first time experience is always exciting no matter wht the result!!

    lol...your a lawyer now so file case against tejas!!

  4. @ swatantra, thanks..

    @ Nazish, lol...i would ve definitely sued tejas if he wasn't a good friend now and the ragging was harmful...but they ragged only to make frds n tht too they used to ask stupid i forgive them all...hahahaha...

  5. Kool sure tatoo doesn't hurt much..I have been contemplating on the idea for months now :s
    And this is this is MY 1st TIME visiting your blog :D

  6. Hi, came to your blog via Nazish rahman. three reasons for visiting your blog
    , my daugher's name is also Neha so special affinity for this name
    Even Neha got tattoo done ( she has 2)
    My husband is a criminal lawyer and i read that you are also one

  7. @ Usha, it was not too painful for me... it hurts little bit, but very much bearable...and the end result is simply, go for it gal if u r very sure about the design...

    @ Anju, thanks ya...these are quite a few co-incidences...i am a corporate lawyer...keep in touch :)

  8. this is my 1st comment on your blog...anyways nice post...

  9. first time to your blog. i read in your profile that you feel that you are not good at writing.
    The fact is that you write really well, atleast better than me for sure.

    You have made me like tattoos. I too thought it was painful. i will give it a serious thought, since so many of my friends have done it.Nice blog.

  10. @ Suree, Thanks :)

    @ Zillionbig, Thanks for the comments...good to knw tht u liked my blog...n yeah, give tattoo a serious is worth getting one done..

  11. thanx for your comments on my post


  13. That was a cute dolphin tattoo Neha :) I am too scared to get a tattoo done. Yeah first times are always special in a way!! :D

  14. Hey Neha, it was really a u said true...we cant remember our all childhood first times..but first day at colg, first job n all make lifetime memories..

    U r a lawyer..?? Ohh... nice to know tht.. :)